Make You Mine
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“Sorry, he was already gone when I came back.”

I stare at the empty lobby while Baekhyun stood beside me with the stroller. “D-did he check in?” I ask while blinking rapidly. “I’m not sure. He was just standing here with a pregnant woman earlier—oh, I forgot to mention that part. He was with a pregnant woman but I couldn’t talk to her cause she was talking to the front desk. I guess they did check in.” Baekhyun explained. A big lump on my throat formed when I heard ‘pregnant woman’ being mentioned.

I guess. . . he has a family now huh?

I compulsively rushed to the receptionist. “Did a Do Kyungsoo just check-in in our hotel?” I ask immediately. I don’t know why I wanted to know because obviously. . . I shouldn’t be seeing him anymore if he has a family. But I just want a proper closure. Something we never officially had. I’m not planning to ruin a family or anything.

All I want is a closure.

I promise that to myself.

No family shall be ruined in this process, Han Iseul. “Ah, yes Miss Han. They just checked in at 11:35AM a couple of minutes ago through. . . Do Kyungsoo’s name. Are they friends of yours? I could give you their room number if you’d like. They checked in in two rooms though, there were four of them, an older and a younger pair.” The receptionist replied in detail.

Older couple I assume is his parents. .

And the younger couple. . .

“M-maybe later.” I stutter as I turn away from the front desk. Baekhyun looked at me in obvious concern. “Maybe. . . it’s his surrogate?” Baekhyun tried to cheer me up but instead of laughing, I just glared back at him in response. “Hey, just trying to cheer you up. I feel bad for lashing out on you earlier. I-I’m sorry, I should have just pretended I didn’t see them.” He apologized. “Come here one sec.” He then dragged me to the empty corridor beside the elevator. He made me lean on the wall as he held my shoulders. “Listen. . . It’s been like, what. Two years? Iseul, people move on. If he has, maybe it means you can too. Right?” He tried to encourage me to have a positive mindset.

“I just want a closure.”

He sighed and shook his head. “What last happened was the closure. Trying to ask for another chance or start afresh is not called closure and I know that’s what you’re hoping for.” He caught me right there. “I know he’s your first love and believe me, it took me awhile to get over my first love too but. . . eventually, there’s going to be someone who will make it easy to move on. Someone whom you’ll love more than the first person you’ve loved. It’s all a cycle, you’ll feel it for someone else all over again and it will feel like the first time.” Being the older one, he gave me such a beautiful advice. “I know. . . but I just want to see. . . what will happen.” I try to explain myself. At this point I’m not even crying anymore. Maybe when I see him, that’s when I’ll burst out of tears.

He’s right. . .

I have no chance at all. And even asking for a closure might caught trouble in his new family and I can’t hurt him one more time because of my selfishness.

Baekhyun tapped my cheeks. “I know you must have some workload waiting for you but how about we go on a date? A friendly date. We’re both depressed today, we need food.” He invited making me smile a little bit. “Well, I’ve been trying to finish my food for the past hour but keeps happening.” I reply making him laugh. “ a.k.a. me?” He said and I nod sarcastically. We both head towards the exit while Baekhyun push the stroller. Taerin is fast asleep inside, that’s good. “Yah, since your surrogate is gone. Single dad life now huh? I don’t know why the hell that idea is a good thing for you. Being a single parent is not easy. I saw my dad suffer when I was younger. He didn’t know .” I mutter to him.

“Well, I can’t seem to find the right girl. I’m getting older and I want to have a child. Who will get all my wealth when I die, right?” I nudge him. “You can give it to me, you know. I can open up five more hotels with your wealth.” I joke making him roll his eyes. “Also. . . I know Yuna was just a surrogate but hey, you hang out a lot while she was carrying Taerin and until her first birthday. So I guess. . . her contract is only until her first birthday, is that it?” I then change back the topic about him cause I didn’t want to think about Kyungsoo at this point.

“The only contract was the surrogating. There was no. . . time limit per se. She just. . . decided to leave and what hurts is that. . . she doesn’t look like she wanted to leave. She already loves Taerin, I know that. And I blame myself for. . . using her for my benefit during a tough time in her life. She really needed money so she took the offer. But now. . . there was really no point in staying, she said.” He explained and I see his eyes twinkle with pain as he explained.

Did he actually. . . grow feelings for her?

Cause that’s ed up.

“Where the hell did you even get her? I’ve always wondered, is there an agency or something?” I ask. Baekhyun looked away while clearing his throat. “You don’t need to know.” He mumbled. “Yah, reacting like that just makes me even more curious, can you just tell me? We’ve been friends for years. I won’t tell anyone, not even my parents.” I promised. He stopped walking and sighed heavily before facing me.

“She was my ex-girlfriend back in high school.”

My eyes bulge out and I cover my mouth to tone down my loud gasp after what I just heard. “Wai—yah—seriously?” I ask while lightly punching him lightly on the arm. “Aw—can you stop abusing me physically? Yes, I’m serious. Just one day, fate made us meet again and we both needed something so badly and it all worked out. Are you happy now?” He replied before walking ahead again. I’m still very shocked. What the ? “Why’d you break up before?” I ask, my voice turning even more and more curious with each question.

He glared at me and responded, “Yah, I answered one question and that’s enough for you for today—”

“Iseul Unni?”

Baekhyun and both turned around hearing the call. It was. . . Do Soobin. I look down to her and saw a big bump on her mid-section—SHE’S PREGNANT? She’s like what. . . twenty-one?! And that made a big snap on me. Is she the pregnant woman Baekhyun was talking about? Oh my ing god, this child. “Oh, S-soobin.” I mutter while glancing at Baekhyun who looked clueless, I don’t think he has ever met Soobin when he was in vacation in Jeju so I get it. Soobin looked at me awkwardly, as if she didn’t know how to approach me.

“You’re—uh. . .” I look down to her tummy again.

That finally made her smile shyly while rubbing it. “Yeah, I’m. . . pregnant.” She answered the question in my head. “Wow, that’s. . . that’s great! When’s the due date?” I beam to make the younger one smile; I don’t want her to think I’m judging her cause I’m not. “Mid-September. So, about two months from now. It’s pretty close huh? I’ll actually having my graduation next week so my uh. . . family’s visiting me from the province. I’ve been living here alone for university so I’m giving them a tour around and we’re going to places too. We chose this hotel cause it’s close to my university.” She answered while giggling. “Aww, that’s nice. Well, I’ll make sure my staff will treat you nicely, okay? I’ll have them bring a nice lunch meal for you, it’s on me don’t worry.” I offer since she was very nice when I was in their vacation house anyway.

Past is past.


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