Nothing to Everything

Make You Mine
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So, they did go through the inquiries about our event spaces. Well, that’s nice. My first clients for a special event. I mean, nice as in I’m ed. Let’s put it this way, them picking my hotel as a venue gives me even more times that I could possibly meet him even after Soobin’s graduation which is already in like two days if I’m not mistaken.

“Okay, so they’re checking the event areas now?”

I sit on my office chair as I listen to my assistant give me all the information that I have asked him to find out about. Yes, I’ve been asking my innocent assistant to spy on them. “Yes, Miss Han. They just left the ceremony hall and now I heard they’re at our garden space because they’re choosing between indoor and outdoor which we both offer.” He explained. “I know that, you don’t have to explain to me. I own this hotel, remember?” I lash out on him just because I’m so frustrated. “Sorry, Miss Han.” He bowed lightly before looking down to his iPad. “By the way, one of the staff told me, four more people just checked in today and they seem to be related to them. Two women and two men.” He then added more information to his report.


Possibly their relatives from Jeju City.

Or. . . Kyungsoo’s staffs.

Damn it.

“Alright. You may leave.” I order the man to go as soon as I’ve gathered enough information for the day. Way more than enough as a matter of fact, He politely bowed before walking out of my office. I lean my back more comfortably on my chair as I begin massaging my forehead. “Iseul, relax.” I convince myself over and over again. You know what, I’m going to spy on them myself today. I don’t know, it just randomly came over me. I need to see what’s happening.

So as much as I tried to stop myself, I did leave my office.

Actually, I left with all my stuff just in case happens that will make me go straight home after? I don’t ing know. A part of me. . . wants to talk to Kyungsoo about the things my mom just told me and have the real closure that we need but another part of me thinks it’s too late for everything that there’s no point in bringing it up at all. Sure, what last happened in Jeju should have been our closure but no. . . he had to come here two years ago and try to have me back.

Well, I need a closure for that one. . .

I arrive down to the hall and walk towards the way that leads to our garden. I’m proud to say that my hotel has like the best outdoor space, people can literally have their pre-nuptial photoshoot here too. At one spot, I have a beautiful fountain that’s connected to a mini fish pond. Then there’s a tunnel that’s surrounded by vines around it and is lit up with string lights at night. The space where events can be held is a nice and clean green grass area that has a walk path of flat stones that goes in various ways, there’s also a couple of trees around that’s in random spots. My last favorite thing is this mini garden maze, at the its center there’s a beautiful spot that has a couple of stone tables and benches where people could hang out at. I was there yesterday when I went to take a break from work and had fresh air.

I made it look like a fairytale.

I mean, L’automne Hotel is a dreamland for me, I made it look like so. It isn’t so hard to tell that the owner if a girl, for some reason? I don’t know. I just love it. That’s probably why Soobin wants to hold her wedding here.

Anyway, back to my dilemma. So I’m out and automatically, I see a group of people near the ceremony spot. Well, three people were there, Mr. and Mrs. Do and Soobin. Then, near the fountain was. . . Kyungsoo and Soobin’s supposed fiancé. They seem to be talking really seriously. I sigh. I wonder how hard this is for Kyungsoo. . . to let his once little sister go and get married, have her own family before him. He must be so worried.

I guess this is not the time to take him to have a talk.

I still have more chances, I’ll just do it some other time.

I turn around to get back in when I was blocked by four figures.

I gulp hard as I slowly look up. Oh , I’m right. Taeguk, Junhyung, Anna and Sunhee. No one talked but we all just looked at each other for a good ten seconds before Taeguk finally clapped his hands twice to sort of wake us all up. “Okay, great. Reunion.” He said and tried to laugh it off which the other followed awkwardly. I hesitantly smiled while cautiously checking their every expression. “H-hi. . .” I greet and decide to bow politely since they were still once my co-workers, I’m never going to forget my time with them.

“Iseul-ah.” Anna then finally spoke and without letting me respond anymore, she pulled me in for a tight hug. I didn’t know what to do for a while but for some reasons, my tears started forming? I don’t know. I feel like. . . this means forgiveness from them. Aside from Kyungsoo and his family, these people grew close to me too and I also betrayed them. I glance at Sunhee Unni and she was smiling now while watching us.

I guess time can really let people heal from any kind of wound.

After Anna, they all came to hug me one by one and no one even mentioned anything about the past, we were just like old friends who met after such a long time. And by the way, I have not mentioned yet but. . . my dad is still dating Junhyung’s sister. That’s the reality that I had to accept after all the drama two years ago. “Well, we’re here to see them and also check the venue. This is such a beautiful place, Iseul. Good job.” Sunhee Unni complimented. Hm, they have acknowledged that I own this place. I guess they all just talk about me all the time that the Do family had the time to tell them that when they arrived? I don’t know.

“Thank you. . . anyway, you guys go ahead. I have somewhere to go anyway.” I decide to bid goodbye before things go bad. “Bu

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