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Make You Mine
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I try my very best to stay composed as soon as our eyes met. Never have I ever thought we would still meet after our last interaction. It’s been so long that I have forgotten that it felt like this, heart-fluttering. He still looked exactly the same except that his built got a bit bigger, I think. Still those same genuine eyes, plump lips and strong eyebrows that outline his every expression. Oh, cut the crap, Han Iseul. You’re freaking out right now cause your first love is right in front of you and he’s still as handsome as ever, you’re still crazy about him, I get it.

I run my fingers through my hair and pulled off a surprised and delighted expression. I could do so many things right now; burst out of tears, kneel down and beg for one more chance or run away like a convict. “W-wow, Do Kyungsoo. Long time no see—how are you?” I asked and subconsciously moved closer but I was torn between shaking his hand or giving him a friendly hug.

He seemed to have attempted the same thing and failed too so we just stood there a couple of inches apart. Awkward.

“Yeah, I know. You look great. Didn’t expect to uh. . . check-in in your hotel.” He responds casually while nodding. Oh , it’s mentioned. “Uhm, yeah! Soobin must have told you, we met earlier at the lobby. You met Baekhyun too, right? He’s still inside, we’re leaving soon too. He needs to get his daughter home. I need to get back to work too. We just had lunch since he paid me a visit but I didn’t have much time right now so, yeah. . .” I spoke – probably way way way more than I have intended to. Darn it, I need to relax.

“So, uh.” He glanced down while clearing his throat. “We were actually just discussing Soobin’s wedding that’s probably going to be held here very soon, the boy lives here. It’s uhm, it’s quite rushed. You know. . . shot-gun.” He begins explaining their family affair to me but he seem quite unsure about this whole thing. Not the wedding but. . . talking to me. “Oh, she didn’t mention that. I thought you guys are here for her graduation.” I genuinely respond cause I am quite shocked for real.

“Yes, we are. Her and the boy is graduating. But. . . for the wedding too. I wanted the guy to do it as soon as they both graduate. It’s not going to be anything fancy but. . . decent.”

That made me quite sad. He looks. . . very disappointed at this situation and I can’t blame him. I hope his relationship with Soobin is all right. The girl is very nice and for me personally, they might have done it earlier than expected and when they’re not done school yet but I’m quite impressed and proud of Soobin for still going through university and now finishing it. Some girls completely stop either from embarrassment or just over-all stress, which I understand too.

“Uh, that’s good.” I nod and glance at the baby in the stroller. Still sleeping, we’re good. And for Byun Baekhyun, I have a feeling he saw us here talking and so he stayed inside, if not then his bladder must have been carrying three months’ worth of pissing. There was silence for a while until Kyungsoo coughed once again as if signaling me that he’s about to speak once more. “And since we’re kind of trying to wrap up everything in a short period of time, Soobin was wondering. . . if your hotel can hold ceremonies and receptions. I don’t know—she was insisting since she met you. She really liked your hotel, that’s why. She also thought, since we kind of personally know you, the process might be. . . quicker. You know, gives us more time to do other things aside from the location.” He finished his sentence and I realized that that might have been the reason why he’s here in front of me right now.

Kind of personally know you.

Ugh, I wish he didn’t add the ‘kind of’ right there.

He then put his hands up in defense. “But, it’s really up to you. Like I’m not insisting at all, it’s the couple’s decision, they just really like this area because it’s close to their university and I don’t know. . . they know every corners of this town so they want to do it around here too. But if it’s not possible, there’s no problem.” He assures me almost seemingly trying to get away from it too. “Oh wow. Well, my hotel is fairly new and so far we haven’t really gotten any inquiries about events and such yet but we definitely have our own space for those things, of course.” I explain as professionally as possible.

He gave me a small smile and shook his head. “Yeah, of course. No problem, I completely understand. Sorry for bothering you, Soobin was really stubborn about it and so I came to follow you Well. . .” He took a couple of steps backwards. “It was nice to see you anyway, uh. . . goodbye.” He casually bid goodbye before turning around to walk away. I clear my throat before calling his attention again.

“I was saying yes, silly.”

Just as Kyungsoo turned around again, I finally realized Baekhyun’s presence right behind us while covering his mouth seemingly hiding a big grin of his face? What the . “Oh, Baekhyun Oppa.” I call making Kyungsoo glance at him, he probably saw him there already when he turned. “Oh my god, finally.” Baekhyun grinned at the two of us. “Huh?” I ask and Kyungsoo looked at him the same way. “I cannot believe it took the two of you two years to become a couple.” He then chanted.

My eyes got wide as I repeat Baekhyun’s sentence in my head a couple times.


“W-we’re. . . we’re not.” Kyungsoo hesitantly answered while looking at Baekhyun, still baffled by the guy’s claims. Don’t worry, same. “Oh, but she said yes. . .” Baekhyun mumbled before he got quiet for a good five seconds. “You guys a-are talking about something else, weren’t you?” He then asked and I could see him gulping hard. Kyungsoo lightly nodded before glancing at me. “Uh, well then. . . we’ll do the inquiry regarding the ceremony later and hopefully coupld take a look at your event space. Thank you. See you guys around.” He then bid goodbye for the second time before walking back into the restaurant.

Baekhyun then looked at me and covered his mouth again.

“I’m sorry, I just got the YES part and I got excited.” He muttered in his palm and that’s when I slapped him hard on the arm. He then started silent laughing so hard while bending down his

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