Secret Project

Make You Mine
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“A-assistant. How about assistant?”

I force the best smile I could get out of my system after I heard that ridiculous offer. There is no way I’m going to waste my time on a bunch of hyper-active kids or even land my hands on the filthy ground and plants in the farm. “Iseul-ssi, I’m not looking for an assistant and I don’t need an assistant.” Kyungsoo replied to me while chuckling. “Now, I’m trying to help you here given that you said you really need a place to stay in and a job. Hearing your very sad story, I don’t think you’ll be very picky as long as there’s a job, right?” He added.

It hasn’t even been an hour since I officially met him and he’s already getting on my nerves.

I generally hate men but my growing dislike over this particular man is on a different level.

Why? Of course, I need something from him and he’s not making it easy for me!

“K-kyungsoo-ssi, do you not believe me? Because you look like you don’t believe my story at all.” I frowned, showing him a very hurt expression. He waved his hands ‘no’ while chuckling. “No, it’s not like that, Iseul-ssi. But I must say, some parts of your story are not that convincing and I want you to know you can be honest with me. Especially if I’m going to hire you, right?” He said while taking his phone out. What the , his phone is a flip-phone. Is he human? Has he ever heard of a smart phone before.  “W-what are you doing?” I ask while glancing at his fingers moving along the keypads as if dialing a number.

“Let’s get this straight first and foremost, alright?” he nicely asked while showing me the small screen of his phone. “Are you or are you not escaping from a crime that you have done in Seoul?” He suddenly asked, his expression turning serious. My eyes bulge out in surprise when those words came out of his mouth. WHY IS EVERYBODY ACCUSING ME OF COMMITING CRIMES LATELY? “If you are, this is the number of the cops and I will call them now. If you are not, you will tell me the truth why you came all the way from Seoul just to find a place to stay in and a new life, as you just said.” He gave me two options while giving such comforting smile.

That’s it, I want to murder him for real.

I sigh came out a long with my chuckle. “Kyungsoo-ssi, I’m not convicted or anything like that. O-okay, I’ll tell you the truth. . .” I reply and reach for his hand and phone to put them down myself. “Alright, that’s very good to know. Now, you can tell me anything and I promise I’ll never tell anyone whatever it might be. I used to be a social worker, you can trust me.” His voice suddenly turned very soft and comforting for some reasons.

Wow, he’s very straightforward yet. . . kind? I can’t even explain his personality.

“Okay, uh. . .” I clear my throat as I come up with a new and more realistic story in my head. “I a-actually ran away from home.” I reveal and look down to my lap. Sounds more like it since I technically really ran away from home anyway and my father must be freaking out real bad right now even though he knew about my plan. I move my eyes up to gaze at the man and saw him nodding gently. “Alright, I understand. How old are you, Iseul-ssi?” He asked while putting his disgustingly old phone down the table. “I’m t-twenty-four. I h-haven’t moved out from my parents despite my age and t-they’ve always had control over my life. A-and I want. . . I want to learn how to. . . live my life alone without them for a while. I felt like this is the only way I could.” I finish a very simple yet very convincing story, at least from my perspective.

“Alright, I understand.” He softly replied and suddenly pressed my arm for comfort. Eak—that felt weird. I had the urge to push him down. I don’t like people, especially men, touching me in such way. “You should have just been honest with me from the start, your story isn’t embarrassing. Don’t worry, everyone goes through that phase especially at your age.”  He added and let go of my arm—thank god.

I gaze at him. “H-how old are you, Kyungsoo-ssi?” I ask, of course I want to know how old my project is. From now on, I will call him my secret project. That’s the best way to call him because he gets on my nerves and I don’t like to call him human names. “Twenty-nine. You can call me, Oppa. Alright? Just for you to be comfortable. Especially if this will be your home for a while.” He replied before standing up. Oh, shut up, there is no way I will call you or anyone Oppa. That’s the cringiest word in the universe, alright? Girls make the word sound like they’re a bunch of twelve-year-old’s asking for candies. Also, I cannot believe he’s twenty-nine! Earlier, I honestly thought he’s around my age or even younger! For Christ’s sake, I even thought he was a young boy. I grin while shyly nodding. “Alright, Oppa. K-kyungsoo Oppa.” I answer nevertheless before mentally stabbing myself in the gut.

I just said that.

“So, have you chosen what job you would like to do throughout your stay here?” He brought up the topic I’ve been dying to get out of his system for the past five minutes. I fiddle with my fingers anxiously and this time, my actions are sincere. I’m really very anxious right now because neither one of the choices is something I’d like to do. “The job experience part of my story is true. I’ve only had job experiences in offices and you know. . . clerical jobs. I d-don’t know how to take care of kids nor do I know how to work in farms.” I honestly answer this time.

“Well then, you’ll have a job experience in either both of my options now, more for your resume, right?” He casually replied with a smile before walking towards the door first. “Follow me, I’ll introduce you to some of my staff and then we’ll decide where to let you stay for the mean time.” He gestured me to follow him.

Is he ing serious? Did he not hear what I just said? I don’t have any plans on picking anything from his options! He’s pushing my limits.

I follow behind him. “Uh, wait—maybe you can try me as your assistant first, hm? Maybe you do need one, y-you just haven’t realized yet?” I try to convince him while trying to pick up his pace. He’s like brisk walking—what the hell, I’m wearing heels here, duh?! Fine, he’s fit and stuff because he works in a farm but it’s not very polite to walk so fast like this when you’re telling a girl who’s wearing this three-inch stilettos to follow you. Does he expect me to sprint with this kind of shoes?!

“The sun has gone down a bit, now you’re going enjoy Jeju’s breeze, it’s the best.” He started tour-guiding me which I did not ask for, obviously. “You really looked like you were struggling with the heat earlier. Buildings in Seoul probably blocked all of the sun for you to enjoy much of it.” He laughed while shaking his head. “Yeah, the sun here is right on my face, I felt roasted.” I answer kindly but I think it

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