Too Much Blush

Make You Mine
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I wake up feeling light taps on my arm. I open my eyes and look over to Soobin who’s lying down beside me. Just like what we both have agreed upon, we shared the room last night instead of me sleeping on the couch. The young lady still had her eyes closed as she tapped me awake. Just then that I noticed the light knocks on the door and Kyungsoo’s voice calling my name outside. I immediately get up and look over to the clock on the bedside table. , I’m supposed to go with Mrs. Do to the market today. It’s already nine in the morning. Ugh, Soobin kept me up late last night. She was watching this drama and she kept on trying to get me to watch it.

I just couldn’t afford to be disliked by her so I just watched it as well, although I found the story very cringey.

A ghost possessing this stupid timid girl who has this crush on her boss who’s a chef and owns a restaurant. And this ghost apparently needed a man to get her ity so she can go to the light, and for her to be able to do this she possessed this girl.

Ugh, it’s dumb!

Soobin’s not done with it yet so I don’t know if this stupid ghost inside this stupid girl lost their ities already or what.

I don’t even want to know.

Anyway, back to waking up, I get off the bed as soon as I could and rush to the door. I open it and see Kyungsoo standing there already freshened up and all. “I’m sorry, has your mom been waiting for me this whole time? I went to watch something with Soobin last night.” I defend myself right away before I could get in trouble. Kyungsoo moved his head to look inside the room. “Yah, Soobin. What did I say about staying up too late? Even dragging our employee.” He scolded.

I just stood there awkwardly while trying to fight the urge to smile.

No malice. Just. . . it’s just fun to see this side of him.

He’s always so nice to us employees and then he gets all grumpy and strict towards his little sister. It’s humorous. “Shut up.” I hear Soobin’s faint groans in the pillow as she covered her whole body with the blanket. “Aish, you’re getting more and more bratty as you grow older.” Kyungsoo muttered while shaking his head before turning to me. I stand up straight again and looked at him dead in the eyes. “Anyway, eomma’s suddenly having a migraine. She has really bad migraines, she can’t usually get out of the room when she has it. So, I’m just going to get what she wants myself. That special market isn’t always open and they’re going back to Jeju city tonight too.  You can just go to work. I’ll spare you cause it’s Soobin’s fault that you got up late.” He informed me before turning around ready to leave.

“Uh—Oppa.” I call causing him to face me once again.

Reason A – I really don’t want to work today even if it’s just a half-day work. It’s Sunday for Pete’s sake. During weekends, we still work but only with hospitality towards the tourists and guests, no actual farm works. The way the schedule works during weekends is hard to explain even for me but it’s not something tiring at all, it’s just that the business runs even on weekends so the houses and farm need to have people around them no matter what? The farm is only open until eleven in the morning during weekends and that’s where I’m supposed to work today. On the other hand, the vacation house need to keep running twenty-four-seven but the place is under-staffed. Ugh, Do Kyungsoo.

Reason B – I am so interested in markets and I’m wondering if this is the kind of market that sells very nice and cheap things? I have all kinds of imaginations in my head of what it would look like and everything excites me. I like walking around flea markets on my days off back in the city. I don’t buy anything, I just walk around and entertain my eyes with the variety of stores.

Last but definitely not the least, Reason C – It’s another chance for me to attack my prey aka Do Kyungsoo.

“Can I still come? I really want to see the market.” I plead while making light hops to emphasize my excitement. I see him looking through the open door of the house, seemingly peeking at the field to check how much tourists are coming. Ugh, I really want to go to the market today. Besides, berry-picking is so lame. I pretty much just really have to watch over the young tourists more. The adult tourists don’t need much guidance in all honestly.

I see that familiar defeated expression of his as he let out a smug chuckle. I win again. “Be thankful it’s Sunday.” He replied before walking to the door first. “Get ready, I’ll wait for you at the parking lot.” He said before leaving. “Yes!” I muffle in victory before rushing out of the room to wash up in the bathroom.

When I came back to the bedroom all freshened up, Soobin was already awake. But as I have expected, she remained lying on the bed while playing with her phone. Ugh, kids. She looked at me with a smile as I skip to the closet to get some fresh clothes, I’m just wearing a robe right now. It’s my long fleecy pink robe that I like wearing all the time; not a wee-bit y at all unlike what you would usually imagine when you hear the word robe.

Since Soobin was wearing earphones, I didn’t bother to make a conversation any more and just proceeded to picking up my clothes. Since I’m not working today, I’m dressing up well!

Be prepared, Do Kyungsoo.

My eyes lit up as I decide on what to wear for today. I immediately pick up the set of clothes in the closet that I want to combine for today.

I’m going girly today – well, I think I always am girly. Whatever.

Once I was done changing, I look at myself on the mirror beside the closet. I smile in satisfaction, I’m so good at picking clothes it hurts. “Aw! Unni, you look gorgeous! You look like those heiresses on dramas.” Soobin spoke really loudly making me turn immediately like there’s a burglar or something. Jesus Christ, this girl! As I face her, I remember that she had earphones on that’s why her voice was so loud. “Ahh, thank you.” I force a chuckle as I look down to myself. Soobin finally drops the freaking earphones and got off the bed. “You look like you’re going on a fancy date, it’s just my mom.” She laughed while walking around me in circles.

“Actually, your mom’s having a migraine so it’s just going to be me and your brother buying her yarns today.” I inform the clueless girl. “Oh—really?” She asked and turned to the door briefly before looking at me once again. I hold the purse that I will be using today in front of me while tucking some strands of hair behind my ear. I want to show her a tad-bit of emotion and hint that I have hots for her brother – I think this will help me boost my plans if someone in his family actually knows. “Yeah, I’m pretty excited.” I giggle a bit while biting on my bottom lip and making light tip-toes. “Woah, wait.” Soobin took a step back while putting her hands up, a wide grin forming on her face. Yup, that’s right. Oh god, kids are so easy to fool nowadays. Young girls like her are very interested in such things, crushes, first kisses and all that crap. I know she will join in. “Do you like my brother?” She whispered as if we’re already best friends sharing a secret together.

“Ssh. . .” I put my pointer finger against my lips to gesture her to keep shut. She covered while hopping. “Oh my god, I don’t know what you saw in him. He’s awful but oh my god~” She squealed softly while nodding. “I started having this crush on your brother shortly after I got hired. He’s just so nice and sincere. . . and obviously, he has helped me a lot so far. He’s pretty cute too.” I add the last one while giggling. “Eak!” Soobin did the puking motion while putting her finger in out of disgust but later on giggled along with me.

“Maybe I could help you, I know exactly what my brother’s style. I know her type of girl.” She offered to help herself, bingo. “R-really? Oh. . . actually, I think he knows that I like him.” I timidly answer just to look sincerer. “Oh wow, really? Well, that’s Oppa. My brother is really good in reading people by their actions to be honest, it’s hard to lie to him so I get that.” Soobin replies while shrugging her shoulders. Tch, uhm no? My whole existence in this farm is a lie and obviously, I haven’t been caught yet so what she just said isn’t really true. “But anyway, my brother’s type is very simple.” She proceeded on telling me about Kyungsoo’s style in women.

“Okay what is it, I’m listening.” I nod and gesture her to reveal it. “What do you mean what is it? That’s it. Simple. I think that’s pretty obvious, he likes simplicity in everything including people.” She grinned back. Oh, wow I expected too much on that revelation. “Oh so. . . this outfit is too much?” I ask while looking down to myself in front of the mirror. “It’s honestly very pretty and he would find it pretty too but it’s not something that would attract him romantically, you know what I mean? You can still weara dress but something a little simpler.” Soobin spoke as if she’s an expert in romance, tch. Kids.

“Can I dig into your side of closet? I’ll choose for you.” She asked and went through it without even waiting for me to allow her. Ugh, I’ll let her of

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