Good Karma

Make You Mine
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How do I deal with this? Keeping my cool after Kyungsoo agreed to take Seul along was enough stress for me but this?! I awkwardly look at my fingers clasped around the car door handle while Seul holds it as well. Are we seriously going to fight over the front seat? “Uhm. . . d-do you want to take the front seat?” I ask as much as I don’t want to talk to her at all. “I have bad motion sickness and I get dizzy really easily at the backseat.” Seul explained while pouting innocently. I blink rapidly while trying to process her excuse. I collect a couple of words in my head to make up a sentence as response to that, it’s really hard to argue on something you didn’t even understand in the first place.

“Well, the grocery store is just ten minutes away, it’s not going to be a long drive, Seul-ah. Iseul and I need to decide on our grocery list anyway so it’s better if she stays on my side.”

My heart skipped a few beats when Kyungsoo spoke up. I didn’t want to dance in celebration so I held it in and looked at Seul with my sorry face. “O-oh, of course. Shouldn’t be too bad, huh?” Seul finally let go of the door handle and went to the back seat instead. I turn to Kyungsoo and he gave me a meaningful smile before getting into the car. I followed in and the car started. It was silent in the first few minutes until Seul started speaking.

“Oppa, are we going to Sunny Market? That’s the closest store I could remember that’s open twenty-four-seven.”

I keep my mouth shut as I hug my purse on my lap. “Yes, Sunny Market.” Kyungsoo answered with a smile. “Do you remember, we used to randomly go there in the middle of the night and go over the tasting booths for fun?” Seul giggled and I swear to god, I wanted to shove my purse into . I know she sounds so lovely and kind but it makes me even more insecure. “Ah, yes.” Kyungsoo casually chuckled while nodding. My expression softened as I look at him. He really doesn’t seem interested to have this chat with her. “When I was in Japan, I became a housewife and the most fun place I could be in is the grocery store. . . I felt in control in there at least, although the money was still of course. . . handled by him really well, so yeah.” Seul continued talking.

That’s when Kyungsoo’s expression changed into a compassionate frown. I look down while biting my bottom lip. That was. . . kind of sad to hear. Her ex-husband must have made her feel so useless back there. “Well, get everything you need when we get there. I’ll take care of it.” Kyungsoo offered. My grip on the purse tightened a little hearing what he said. He’s just being the kind person that he is, Iseul. It doesn’t mean anything.

But. . . why does it seem like he’s starting to do what he used to do for her back then, according to the stories?

Do I stop him or do I just. . . I don’t even know what to think.

I feel sad for her too but it doesn’t mean she deserves all these help that easily? She still did him wrong in the past. . .


We arrived at the grocery store and before I could even skip to walk beside Kyungsoo, Seul already beat me into it and stride towards him as soon as he got out of the car. I just look down to the ground while putting the strap of my purse on my shoulder. “I really missed this kind of night breeze, I mean it’s pretty good in Japan too but I didn’t get to go out this late back there. This is fun, Oppa.” She chuckled while looking up at Kyungsoo. I just follow behind my constantly clearing my throat. “Oh, right.” Kyungso suddenly walked backwards and met my pace leaving Seul at the front. “Iseul-ah, so I’m going to guess you’re going for beef, right? You don’t get to decide, my stomach does.” He asked me with his growing smile. The sides of my lips immediately climbed back up while nodding. I sneakily glanced at Seul and saw her looking at me.

I can’t explain the way she looked at me though. She wasn’t smiling nor frowning.

I don’t know what’s in her mind.

Anyway, so we went in and I start listing the stuff I want in my head. All those basic s that I might need to cook, of course. “Hey, don’t cook anything that will take you too much work and time. You can cook anything for me, honestly. I’ll love it.” Kyungsoo softly reminded me while smiling. Well, I was actually thinking of cooking Galbi-jjim and that would take me hours to prepare, I was originally already horrified just thinking about it but at the same time, I wanted to cook him a really good dish. “Well then, I am just going to cook you a mediocre Bulgogi Rice bowl.” I announce making him smile in delight. “Bring it on.” He chuckled while nodding.

“I’m going to pick the meat now.” I begin as I look around to search for the meat section. “Okay, I’ll help you. I know the ingredients for that, I’ll grab them for you so we can leave right away. You know, for tomorrow, just don’t make it too complicated anymore because I don’t mind however you make it. So, let’s just get a Bulgogi sauce so it’s less work for you, okay? I’ll look for it. It’s getting pretty late.” Kyungsoo patted me on the arm affectionately before walking to a different direction.

Wait—, I forgot Lee Seul still exists.

And she’s still here with me.

Where to hide? “So, why do you live with Oppa again?” She started a conversation as we walk together. Why is she walking to the meat section too? I thought she’s going to get some essentials, probably female and bathroom necessities? Why is she coming with me then?! “Err, that time when I came, the vacation house was very busy and all rooms were always occupied, there were no extra spaces in the workers’ houses either so he just let me stay in Soobin’s room after being hired.” I try to explain as kindly as possible. “Oh. . . well, it doesn’t seem too busy now.” She replied.

Uhm. . . what does she want me to say then?

Okay, this is just plain awkward.

Does she want me to say that I will move out just because she noticed it?

Han Iseul, collect yourself. Don’t beat this woman up. It’s for your own good. “And you’re speaking like you already know his family well. Have you met them?” She then asked again, a smile on her face. However, I couldn’t seem to trust that smile. “Yeah, once. I heard they usually visit often but lately there was something going on with his father’s store in the city so they haven’t visited again and also, Soobin’s pretty busy with studying for the entrance exam so. . . but I think they’re trying to visit either this weekend or the next.” I answer her question clearly to avoid any misunderstanding, not that I care.

“So how long have you been working for him?”

Ugh, she’s not ending it yet?! We arrive at the meat section and I try to focus myself more on picking the meat. “Err, I think I’m approaching three months if I’m not counting it wrong. Somewhere between two or three, didn’t even realize it. Work is keeping us all busy.” I casually answer while faking a smile. “Oh, so it’s not that long yet.” She muttered. I move my eyes left to right before nodding. What’s that suppose to mean? “Anyway, you seem to be not that curious about me. He has probably told you about us already or maybe the other employees did? We used to be in a long-term relationship.” She then began trying to open up about HER and Kyungsoo.

Ugh, do I really need this right now?


“Oh, heard little bits of it. So, why’d you break up again?” I ask facing her this time. I look at her with my curious eyes just to act innocent. “It’s pretty hard to explain cause our relationship was really deep. But let’s just say. . . he loved me too much and a point came where I got a little too suffocated. I needed

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