Make You Mine
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Calm down Han Iseul. . . there is no need to handle this through anger.

I grab the facial mist I always keep from my office table drawer and sprayed some on my face. Once I feel satisfied and refreshed enough, I put it down gently and looked up at my father and his assistant who were both standing in front of me, waiting for my reaction. “So, you’re saying. . . ten attempts and six different strategies didn’t work? Abeoji, are you really trying your best here? You know how much I want that area, hm?” I ask as smoothly as I could be also showing him a tinge of persuasion. “Dear.” I watch my father take a seat while patting the table gently. “The owner’s lawyers are very good at what they do and also, this man seems very influential in the town, there’s no point even if we seek back-up from the town’s government, it’s not going to work plus it’s going to go over our limit no matter what, we’ll lose so much more than we gain. Also, his properties in Seongsan is no joke, Iseul-ah.” He explained sounding a wee-bit terrified.

Apparently, my father is also terrified of me.

I’m not that scary, I just know what I like and don’t like.

And I don’t like this situation at all.

“That’s the thing, Abeoji. I’m only wishing to have like what—a third of what this man has? Probably not even a third, smaller than that. It’s not a hotel for Christ’s sake. Just a boutique hotel with around thirty to fifty rooms, is that so much to ask for?” I push through.

Once I decide on something, I never change my mind.

This will not be an exception.

My father sighed while scratching his neck. “My dear, we can build your dream boutique hotel anywhere here in the city. I don’t know why you want to do it in such a small town in Jeju. I mean, I get it that there’s a lot of tourist spots around that area but there’s so many hotels there already, you’ll have too many rivals.” He tried to shift my mind. He should be aware that there’s no chance of me changing my mind at all, I don’t understand why he’s doing this to me. “Let me rephrase you, Abeoji. There’s a lot of hotels but there’s not a lot of boutique hotels in that particular area. Nowadays, people need to realize that comfort and coziness like my boutique hotel will be able to offer is so much better than the luxury and size of hotels have. People like to travel but still feel at home, don’t they?” I clarify myself and I think I have already explained the same damn thing to him for the hundredth time.

“Okay, look. Aside from his farms, I heard Mr. Do also owns some vacation houses and camps for kids around the area and wouldn’t it be redundant if you still decide to put up a hotel there anyway?”

Amazing. He has not faltered yet, hasn’t he? It’s like he’s not hearing a word I say. “I don’t care whatever he owns in that town. That small portion of land I wanted is empty and it’s been empty for what? Three or four years, you say? Clearly, this old man doesn’t have any plans for this wonderful spot and this spot is aching for my boutique hotel.” I point out while tapping my hands on the table to emphasize my every word.

My father grinned stupidly. “Actually, he’s not that old I heard. Probably just a few years older than y—”

“I don’t care, okay? Abeoji, have you given up on me? Have you given up on my dreams?” I ask with a big frown, trying to make him feel as guilty as possible. “Han Iseul, it isn’t like that. You can open up your first business here in the city, right? I didn’t pass you the obligation of this company for you to make hasty decisions like this.” he asked.

I clear my throat as I spray another round of facial mist on my face. No matter how difficult my father is, I still love him and I don’t want to burst at him or whatsoever. I have a very gentle and let’s say weak father. He’s way too nice. That’s why my mother left us, probably for a stronger man. That’s one thing I hate about him. Nice people like him gets taken for granted and more frequently are taken advantage of by selfish people.

And that’s one thing I promised myself I will never be.

But he’s not making it easy for me. Can’t he see? I’m broadening our business here. I don’t want to settle for the city. I want to take over even on the smallest of towns.

“Mr. Hong, will you give us privacy.” I look over to his assistant and gesture him to go out. Once he was gone, I look back to my father. “I’ve

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