Us, Never Happened

Make You Mine
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Looking at everyone’s eyes isn’t the wisest idea right now. I could barely hold it together just seeing how confused they all are. I look at Kyungsoo one more time. It’s obvious that he doesn’t like this at all, everything. “Uhm. . . I’m finally going to say this. Something that I thought Kyungsoo would tell everyone when he found out.” I begin with my confession while holding my hands tight together in front of me. I feel like I’m about to be sentenced to death with how nerve-wrecking this is.

“Actually, the real reason why I came here months ago is that I wanted to ha—”

I was held by Kyungsoo on the wrist which stopped me from going further into my confession. He moved and stood right in front of me as if protecting me. Seriously, this man. . . I can’t see his face but I could feel him trembling a little bit. “She’s a businesswoman. She’s been very interested in my west-side lot that’s empty. She wanted to have it but I didn’t want to sell it. So, she came here to try to get close to me and eventually lure me into selling it, if we get really involved personally. She pretended to be someone else for her to be able to do that.” To my surprise, he exposed me himself.

I could see some staff gasping in shock while his family looked at me in complete disbelief. Honestly, he’s making it sound less bad than it actually is.

“And I’m okay. . . in case everyone’s worried about me. Please just—there’s no need to attack her. She’s not trying to do anything anymore. We’re. . . nothing.” He then added before letting go of my wrist. He faced my parents then. “Ma’am, Sir. . . I’m very sorry for what had happened. Whatever the situation was, I don’t have the right to do anything like that and I have disrespected your daughter and took advantage of our condition last night. It’s all my fault and I take full responsibility of everything, please don’t blame her. I’m so sorry, it’s not going to happen again, I assure you that. I hope we could all move on from this and start our year fresh. Have a good day everyone.” He bowed to everyone apologetically including the staff before walking away from the scene.

Tears begin falling from my eyes once he was gone. Mr. Do and Soobin immediately followed Kyungsoo but Mrs. Do stayed and went close to me. “Why my son? Oh?” She asked, crying. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Do. . . I’m regretting everything.” I cry while bowing couple times.

“If it was just to get close and convince him, I wouldn’t be as hurt because it’s all just a stupid idea that I know wouldn’t have worked. . . but you made my son love you. And it’s the worst thing for me. . . to see him hurt because of love. That’s the last thing that should be causing anyone pain. But my son seems to love you dearly and so I will not say or do anything. . . and keep my respect to you as he requested. Han Iseul. . . I really liked you and I wish things didn’t turn out this way.” Mrs. Do replied one last time before walking away. The staff, including everyone I knew personally just walked away from the scene with their very disappointed faces. All that’s left were my family and Juyeon – and I’m sure she’s only there because of my father.

My mom looked at my father and slapped him lightly on the arm. “Look at what you did. . .” She muffled but I could hear it well. “What do you want me to do? Whatever our daughter did, I still have the right to protect her from any man.” Abeoji defended himself while frowning hard at my mother. “Eomma, Abeoji. . . don’t fight. It’s okay.” I hush while trying to wipe all of my tears, I’m not doing a very good job thought because they continued to fall.

“I think. . . we should get going. It’s not appropriate for us to stay any long. Hm?” Haru suggested and everyone agreed.

And I ruined my first family trip too. Nice one, Han Iseul.

But I guess. . . it’s all for the better that the truth came out to everyone now. We can all just move on from the past and move forward. . . in separate ways.

Like us never happened.




| T I M E  H O P |


I get off the car and remove my glasses. I smile proudly to myself. “Good job, Iseul. Finally. . .” I just came back from a business trip slash class yesterday. Yup, I took a special class regarding business because why not? I’d like to keep learning you know. I stare at the building. . . my building. My hotel. Different from my plan, I eventually ended up having an actual 10-story hotel instead of a smaller one that I wanted since I found a spot in the big city. I’m still happy about it, it took us almost two years to build it.

Yup, it’s been nearly two years.

I can’t believe how fast time flies; I still feel the same. I still feel like the mindless and pathetic twenty-four-year-old Han Iseul who likes to get what she wants. Except. . . she doesn’t actually get to have everything she wants.

So, okay. . . I was here at the grand opening of the hotel of course, I had to do the ribbon-cutting but because of the class that I had signed in for month prior, I had to leave the scene right away. I couldn’t really enjoy or tour the whole place while it’s officially operating so I’m quite excited.

Two of my assistants follow behind me as I get in. I feel so alive

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