My Lucky Strike



Mark exhaled and looked at the adultier adults around him. It happened so fast, the spot Eunbi had just vacated was handed to him and now the BOD was voting to out his father.

And his older sister could not be reached.

“I’m sorry, president, but in light with all the recent scandals, we have to do this.”

Mark’s eyes went to Na Jinhee who was just stripped off her title as director of HanShin Group.

“Go on.” Mr. Lee’s answer surprised everyone.

“Abeoji~” He was silenced by one of the directors; Mark leaned back on his seat.

“Voting will start now, there has been a move to assign miss Eunbi as temporary president until the board has decided on who to assign as HanShin’s new leader.”

Mark looked up, confused.

“Good choice, I’m sure my daughter will know what to do.”

Mark chewed on his lower lip, confused at his father’s words.

“Yeobo, what are you saying?” Na Jinhee spoke, her shoulders tensed.

“I need to stop doing this, my children…should be here.” He murmured as he stood up and left the room, Na Jinhee stood up and ran after him.

“Then, effective as of today, Lee Eunbi is now HanShin’s president.”

Oh my god.” Mark murmured to himself.



“Wow, I feel underdressed.” Eunbi commented as the valet took the car, Jaehyun just smiled and stretched one hand to her.

“I received a sermon from eomma earlier.” He said lightly as they entered the hotel’s lobby.

“Really? Why?” She asked as she placed her hand in his, Jaehyun shook his head.

“Something about me leading Jisoo on, and I’m being indecisive this and that.”

“I really am unhealthy for you, huh?” She asked, Jaehyun just chuckled shook his head.

“My favorite headache.”

“I’m sorry I can’t give you an answer.” She said softly.

“It’s fine, just….stay where I can see you, alright?” He gave her hand a squeeze as they stepped in the elevator.

“But, how are you holding up, bb?” Jaehyun asked with a smile.

“Jennie moved in the penthouse, there’s been talks about me dating a Do Group heir, and I’m still being linked to you, oh and did mention, ”

Jaehyun chuckled as she started to rant.

“Everybody already knows about my exile? HanShin heiress exiled from company due to not getting along with pet snake.”

“What happens now, Jung? I feel clueless, she’s got two names and a strong hold on my father.”

The doors pinged open, she was about to move forward, but Jaehyun tugged her back, he gently cupped both of her cheeks.

“You got this, Eunbi. HanShin will be safe and everything will be back to normal.” He stated firmly, Eunbi bit her lip.

“I hope so.” She murmured, Jaehyun smiled.

“Can I?” He asked.


Jaehyun just pressed his lips against her forehead briefly.

“That. I hope you feel better now.”

“Wow, so just a kiss from you will make me feel better? What are we, five?” She argued as Jaehyun pulled her out of the elevator.

“Just moments ago you were so down and worried now, you want to lecture me too?” He chuckled as they were led to their table.

“This is technically our first date, nobody kisses on first dates.” She said dryly, but she was smiling as she sat down.

“We’re on a different speed then.” Jaehyun mused as he picked up the menu, Eunbi smiled to herself and looked at the window.

Yeah, you still make me feel nervous, you pabo.



Jennie was browsing through the documents on her desk when her phone pinged, it was a message from Johnny.

Check the news. –Johnny

She opened her laptop and started typing, and then she halted.

“Heol.” Jennie chuckled as she went through the article.

“The seat is hers.”

She chuckled before closing laptop and standing from her seat, she was about to call her friend when an article suddenly popped on her phone’s screen.

HanShin’s new president seen with another man!

“Another man? It’s Jaehyun. Oh, puh-lease.” She murmured, and then she saw the photos.

Eunbi looked so relaxed as she slid down from the car, she was smiling as Jaehyun and her walked into the hotel lobby.

“She looks better.” Jennie nodded approvingly.



“It does feel dry to the touch, but it makes me feel better.” She said as they stepped out of the elevator.

“Can we get ice cream on the way back?” She asked, and let go of her hair.

“Yeah, we can.” He nodded while tugging down the hem of her shorts slightly, she snorted at him. Jaehyun just rolled his eyes at her.

“But Jaehyun-ah, about…” She trailed off; Jaehyun stopped walking and faced her.

“Agasshi!” Men in dark suits suddenly approached them, Jaehyun paused.

“Oh..you..hyungnim-deul.” She blinked.

“We grew worried when you suddenly disappeared.”

“Ah, I was just…I decided to drop by Jaehyun’s office and~”

“Why? Does she have to ask permission from you? Do you always have to have your eyes on her?” Jaehyun’s tone was flat, Eunbi turned to him.


“She’s her own person, its your job to protect her not to tell her what to do.” His tone had gone cold.

“Relax. It was my instructions.” Kyungsoo joined them, Jaehyun’s brows met.

“Oh, oppa, what brings you here~”

“Didn’t you hear?” Kyungsoo said as he walked towards her.

“What?” She blinked.

“I guess you’ll be going with him?” Jaehyun asked as he took the car key from her hand.

“Uhm, well, I~”

“You’ve been given a promotion.” Kyungsoo smiled, Jaehyun just stepped back and walked towards the exit doors.

“Huh?” Eunbi paused, her eyes went to Jaehyun’s retreating figure.

“Eunbi-yah, you’re president of HanShin now.”

Eunbi watched as they yellow Lamborghini sped away from the building.

“Eunbi, you’re president.” Kyungsoo repeated, her eyes finally went to the male.




“Oh. But I wanted ice cream.”



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