My Lucky Strike



Mark was inside the mansion’s library when he heard the door open, he looked up and found his father quietly making an effort to walk without sound.

He snorted.

“Are you actually…sneaking in your own house?”

“Is she asleep?” The Lee elder asked and stood straightly.

“Yes, jetlag knocked her out. But, abeoji, how could you not tell her?” Mark sighed as his father walked to the table and took a seat.

“I wanted to…but, you know your sister, she can be very~”

Mark followed his father’s gaze.

“Yeah, she threw out the vases Jinhee bought and all those little trinkets were…burned.”

The elder just shook his head.

“Jinhee’s out of town. Do you think we can have dinner together tomorrow when she arrives?”

“Do you want her to die?” Mark shook his head.

“I have to properly introduce them.”

“You wouldn’t have to deal with this difficult situation if only you told noona sooner.”

“Finally, you said something right, my baby brother.”

Mark glanced at the doors, Eunbi was standing there, dressed in her silk pajamas, and the youngest Lee smiled to himself when he saw his father tense in his seat.



“D—daughter,” Mr. Lee hesitated as dinner was served before them, the butler gave Eunbi a warm smile before setting her favorite dish before her.

“Start explaining.” Eunbi said as she picked up her knife and glanced at him briefly.

Mark just grew amused.

“We met about..two years ago,”

“Two.” Eunbi snorted.

“It was at a convention in Guam, and..things just~”

“Started to hit off?” She asked dryly without looking up from her plate, she continued on slicing the beef.

“Yes, when you meet her, you’ll realize that she’s a charming and mature woman, and~”

Eunbi suddenly looked up, the steak knife went flying towards the portrait hanging on the wall.

“Mature?” She questioned, the knife had landed on the face of her father’s fiancé.

“She’s just a couple of years older than me.”

“Eunbi, I love this lady. She makes me happy and, I know I lack so much, especially in raising you and your brother.”

“I..dont think so, abeoji. We’re perfect kids, you did a great job.” She said, Mark and his father eyed the knife on the lady’s forehead again. The butler walked around the table and handed Eunbi a new steak knife.

“I’m just asking that you give her a chance, okay? I know you’ll like her.” Mr. Lee smiled.

“Hmmm.” Mark nodded dubiously.

“We never asked for a mom. We don’t need one.”

“Eunbi, do this for appa, okay?” He asked and reached for her hand.

“What we do need now is the interior designer we hired a few years back, who decided to put lace in my room?” She sighed.

Mark just grinned while his father just shook his head.

Lee Eunbi, the most hardheaded child has returned.



“No, you have to help me.” Eunbi argued as she slid inside the white Bentley.

“Eunbi, you’re not~”

“I’m in town, you brat.”

There was a long pause from the other end, a triumphant smile appeared on her face.

“I’ll drop by your house later. Where are you off to now?”

“Lunch, probably. Well, after I drop Mark at his uni.” She said as Mark slid inside the car beside her.

“Hyung, noona just threw a knife at~”

“Shut up, you betrayer.” She spat, Mark closed his mouth and rolled his eyes, the male from the other line chuckled.

“I’ll be there soon, Bonnie. Don’t kill anyone yet, okay? Wait for me to help you with the mess.”

“Of course.” She chuckled.

“But, noona, what are you going to do? Abeoji wont just simply stop dating this woman.”

“Ya, you can always change wives, but there can only be one daughter and one son.” She smirked.

“Okay, you’re scary.” Mark shook his head.

Awwe, you know I love you, baby bro.



Jaehyun ed his coat and sat down, his secretary and PR representatives form their company was speaking with the restaurant’s owner. Jung Banking Group was hosting a banquet in a few days and they had to make sure the food was going to match everyone’s taste.

“What do you think, chairman?” His secretary turned to her.

“The president, my father, isn’t allowed to have too much meat, can you prepare as separate meal for him?” He asked with a smile, the chef nodded.

“Of course, chairman. The president has always been so generous when we were just starting out.”

Jaehyun smiled and walked towards the glass windows, the busy streets of Gangnam laid before him.

“And, did you hear? We will also be cooking for president Lee’s engagement’s party. Aren’t they a family friend of yours? What a lovely couple, really.” The owner spoke, Jaehyun nodded.

“Yes, I’ve known uncle Jiwook since I was a child.”

And then he glanced back when he heard the doors open, Jaehyun’s eyes widened.

“Miss, this is a private room,” One of the waiters tried to stop her.

“This place is so hot! Where’s the owner? Is he trying to advertise the oven or mimic the environment of an oven?” The girl quipped.

And then she halted, her eyes went to the good looking male before her.

“Jung Jaehyun!” Eunbi smiled.



The room turned quiet when the girl, clad in a black mini dress and a pair of hot pink thigh high boots walked, more like stormed in the room while complaining.

“That…” Jaehyun’s secretary balked.

“Jung Jaehyun!” She smiled and all the other males in the room seemed to stop moving and just stared at her.

“Eun—Eunbi-ah.” The Jung CEO was surprised to see her.

“Aren’t you feeling hot? I’m sweating.” She went on complaining again, secretary So smiled to himself.

Some things just don’t change.

“It’s fine, how are you? Weren’t you in…Milan?” Jaehyun smiled as he walked to her.

“Do I look fine to you? My father’s getting engaged or so next week, and I have a few days to stop it from happening~”

Jaehyun’s hand flew to ; the restaurant owner and chef were staring at her.

“Is this your way of saying that you miss me? Because I sure as hell don’t.” Her voice was muffled.

“They’re holding the party here.” Jaehyun murmured, she glared at him. He put his hand down.

“Who cares? I have to stop that before that alien looking lady gets~”

“Have you eaten?” Jaehyun tried to divert her attention.

“This lady is…?” The restaurant owner approached them, Eunbi glanced at her briefly.

“This is the daughter of president~”

“I’m his ex-girlfriend and HanShin Group’s daughter. And, if you’re hosting my father’s engagement party, will it be possible for you to drop some Motilium tablets in his girlfriend’s food? ” Eunbi extended one hand to the male, the PR representatives from Jung Banking Group immediately looked at them.

Jaehyun just shook his head.

“Y—yes?” The owner was confused and also, stunned.

“So, are we going to eat? We’re not awkward with each other, right? Because I’m not awkward with you and I’m really hungry, so probably awkwardness doesn’t bother me~”

“Yes, we’re eating. Come on.” Jaehyun nodded at her, she smiled before following him out of the room.

“You know her, sir?” One of PR staff asked secretary So.




“Yes, Lee Eunbi agasshi, HanShin’s heir and our CEO’s…ex-girlfriend.”




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