My Lucky Strike



Eunbi crossed her arms as she stood in the veranda, she watched as her father and Jinhee step out of the house and got inside the waiting Bentley. She exhaled and shook her head.

She walked back to her laptop and looked at the emails Johnny has sent her, her phone started to ring.

Hi, I just got them. Thank you.

It’s nothing, but Eunbi-ah, you’re right. I mean, I had a feeling you were, but….

“Slush funds, huh?” She asked, she glanced at the windows again, she noticed two white trucks arrive.

“It’s not just that,”

Eunbi paused, she stepped out of her room and went down.

“Three years ago, she was arrested for arson, but somehow she pleaded not guilty and she was set free.”


“And,…it’s something’s not right,”

“What do you mean?”

“Another name keeps on popping up when my men check on her, anyway, I’ll call you for updates. Enjoy your Sunday, Bonnie.”

“Thank you, I’ll buy you Krispy Kreme later.”



Mark was about to step out for a bit when he noticed the trucks, he let go of his skateboard and started to approach the vehicles, and then he halted when he noticed the load they were carrying.

“Those..tiles,” He stuttered, and then he saw his sister walk towards them.

“Agasshi, these men were sent by the young master Jung, they’re here to fix the swimming pool.” One of the security men spoke.

“Ah, really?” Eunbi’s smile appeared.

“Good morning, miss Lee.”

Mark recognized one of Jaehyun’s staff.

“Oh, ahjussi, you’re working on a Sunday too?” Eunbi frowned.

“It’s fine, the young master was worried you’d feel bad about it, so that’s why he asked if I could supervise.”

Eunbi nodded, then she looked around.

“Ah, the young master is out having lunch with his parents. He sends his regards and samonim said you should come by and visit sometime.”

Mark just shook his head as he watched the men prepare the equipment.

“Then, I’ll leave this in your hands, ahjussi. Don’t hesitate to call on our kitchen staff if you and the others get hungry.” Eunbi said.

“Yes, thank you, young miss.”

Eunbi nodded at Mark before walking towards her i8 and speeding away from the house.

“Jaehyun hyung sent them?” Mark asked the male.

“Yes, young master.” The male replied, Mark watched as the i8 sped away from the gates and shook his head.

What are they really?” He murmured before heading back to the house.



“Jung Jaehyun.” Na Jinhee murmured as she looked at her phone.

“What do you want to do? Lee Eunbi has been trying to snoop around your details.”

She looked at the younger male, they were standing outside dining hall.

“She wont find anything, that brat.” She snorted.

“But, that agasshi has some really strong connections.”

Jinhee smiled to herself.

“I already have something on her.”

“It’s him, huh? That Jung boy.”

The male nodded, the lady smirked.

“We don’t have to worry anything about it for now, she may have gotten more powerful, but I got her father in palm of my hand.”



“You…You are going to get us in trouble.” Jungkook stated as Mark plopped down, Johnny grinned at Doyoung.

“I mean, come on, why did they break up?” Doyoung asked.

“Because noona wanted to leave for Milan, Jaehyun hyung didn’t want her to go.”


“See what?” Jungkook asked.

“It’s a small thing, I mean, they didn’t even argue~”

“It was a big fight.” Mark pointed out.

“Think about it, that wasn’t a valid reason. Sure, they had other problems, but…the reason of their breakup is just…” Doyoung shook his head.

“So, what’s your plan?” Jennie chimed in.

“Jaehyun had no choice but to let her go, I mean, I doubt if he ever stopped loving her.”

“He has Jisoo now.” Johnny added.

“I have a feeling something will happen. Haven’t you noticed? They act like nothing’s changed. They still act like a couple.” Doyoung stated.

“Right, Jaehyun hyung sent his men to fix the pool at home.” Mark nodded.

“All because Eunbi was crying over it.” Johnny blinked, Doyoung nodded.

“It’s confusing then, what are they really?” Jungkook echoed.

“Exactly!” Mark pointed out.



Eunbi looked at the Gucci tracksuit briefly, she nodded at the lady before moving forward, and she somehow ended up at a sneaker display by Balenciaga.

“He just wants me to let it go.” She murmured as she absentmindedly picked up a leather sneaker.

“It’s impossible, her accounts suddenly started to double in amount and~”

“Whom are you talking to?”

She almost dropped the shoe, Jaehyun grinned and took it from her.

“Now you look better, did you finally get to catch some sleep?” Jaehyun’s smile was warm as he brushed her hair away from her shoulder.

“I did, you? You’re shopping?” She balked.

“I came with Jisoo, she’s trying on some shoes.” He replied, Eunbi paused.

“The people you sent, they already started with the pool. Thank you, Jung.”

Jaehyun just steered her away from the display and started to walk.

“If you’re really thankful,” Jaehyun started, Eunbi looked at him.

“Join us for lunch. Jisoo and I, plus my parents.”

“Are you crazy?” She halted.

“She seems a little uneasy about you, bb. I mean, I just want her to understand that right now, we’re just friends. Our situation is not really common, you know.” He nudged her.

“But, are you really serious about her? Is this some sort of…some relationship?” She asked quietly.

Some?” He echoed.

“You know when two people….” She started to explain, but she sighed.

“Where we ever in a some, then?” He asked, Eunbi shook her head.

“Eunbi-ssi,” Jisoo was making her way towards them.

“Are you done shopping? Did you find what you need?” Jaehyun walked to her and took her shopping bags from her.

Eunbi smiled back.

“I did, auntie just called. They’re waiting at the resto.” Jisoo said, Eunbi watched as the girl brushed off the imaginary lint from Jaehyun’s sleeve.

“You know what, I’ll get going. I still have to get Mark those Fendi~”

“Aniya, you said you’d join us.” Jaehyun’s smile made her pause, she narrowed her eyes at him.

“Jaehyun-ah, it’s a Sunday, enjoy it with~”

“Lee Eunbi.” Jaehyun looked at her squarely.

“Fine. I’ll be there. Go get the car,” She mumbled, Jaehyun chuckled before leaving the two girls.

Jisoo bit her lip before facing Eunbi.


Eunbi faced the girl.

“I know it may seem very rude of me, but I’d really like it if you try to keep a distance.”




“I…I really like Jaehyun, but with you always appearing, it’s a little…awkward for me. I mean, you tend to…just distract him. I know you two already broke up, and I’d like for it to remain that way.”




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