My Lucky Strike

Mark took his seat and looked around him, his father had arrived and beside him sat his pet snake. He leaned back on his seat; he saw Johnny and Jaehyun walk in the room followed by Jennie and Taeyong.

He smiled to himself.

“Your noona will be a good president, HanShin needs someone like her.” Director Jin spoke to him.

“Really? I thought some directors weren’t very warm to the idea of her taking over.”

“Yes, some, but no one can deny, your sister, not only is she smart and beautiful, she’s well connected too.”

“So, try learning from her”

“Samchon,” Eunbi smiled as he approached the Samsung magnate.

“Eunbi, look at you!” The elder smiled before Eunbi looped one arm around his.

“I’m glad you decided to let Youngho tag along today.” She mused; Johnny just rolled his eyes at her.

“Oh, he begged that I take him with me, how are you? This is a big step, young lady.” He said warmly before patting her hand.

“It’s a little scary, but I think it’s going g to be worth it, you’ll watch over me, right, samchon?” She nudged him.

“Hey, hey, no trying to win over my future daughter-in-law,” Mr. Jung walked to them, Jaehyun balked at his father.

“Let’s be adults.” Jaehyun murmured, Johnny grinned and just pulled Eunbi to them.

“What’s the plan, Bonnie?” He asked softly.

News and proof of her stealing from HanShin will be released in a few minutes, and, I’ve already reached HanShin’s legal team to take charge as soon as this issue blows up.”

“How about her...other identity? Are you going to release it too?” Johnny asked, she looked up and saw Jaehyun and his father take their seats. He greeted the other elders beside him before meeting her gaze.


“President, it’s time we begin.” Her secretary approached her.

Eunbi stood before the group, she smiled before bowing politely.

“I’d like to introduce to myself, I’m Lee Eunbi, president of HanShin Group. Thank you for welcoming me warmly.” She stated.

“I’m sure there are a lot of questions as to why I suddenly became president and, with my behavior lately, I know most of you will doubt me.” She said calmly.

“HanShin will be safe with me, don’t worry.”

“The reason for my rash actions lately is,”

The LCD screen was activated, there was a soft murmur from the group, Eunbi smirked to herself when she saw Na Jinhee step out.

“I showed this to the board, but I was kicked out by the previous president, so this was kept under the wraps.” She explained as tables, graphs and ledgers appeared on the screen.

“It appears that three of HanShin’s major subsidiaries were being dry.” She said pointedly.

“I have proof that it was all done by director Na Jinhee.”

“And I know you are informed regarding her, she was arrested for arson, stole from the company, created fake subsidiaries with ghost payrolls, too.”

The crowd grew silent, stunned.

“And did I mention, she has another name too. Hong Jihye.”

“And no, we’re not going to talk about her further, I just want every stockholder to know that HanShin is still in danger, as of now, that lady is still my father’s fiancé, she’s still affiliated with us. So, I will let you all be the judge, what shall we do?” She leaned over the desk with a smile.



Mark chuckled as the room grew empty, he walked to his sister and opened his arms.

“Job well done, noona.” He smiled before letting go.

“They decided to declare a persona non grata on her, and HanShin’s legal team will be pressing charges, not bad for my first day of reform.” She shrugged and united her hair.

“And, HanShin’s books will be reviewed, it will be a migraine, but at least it’s done cleanly.” She nodded as they walked out of the room, she blinked when she saw Taeyong and Jaehyun chatting.

“Tiyongie.” She chuckled before walking towards the male.

“Jennie told me I should watch the show, you were lethal, Eunbi.” He nodded as he hugged the girl.

“But, don’t forget who you’re up against. She seems really dangerous.” He chided before letting go.

“I remind her everyday, hyung.” Jaehyun nodded, Eunbi rolled her eyes at him.

“So what’s the plan now?” Jaehyun asked as they walked towards the elevator, Mark and Taeyong were talking behind them.

“The pent house. Sell it to me.” She said as they got in the machine, Mark and Taeyong refused to enter and just got in the other elevator.

“What? Why?”

“Jaehyun-ah, there are rumors that HanShin’s president is currently residing at a pent house owned by a JBG CEO.”

“So? If you want it, you can take it.”

“Okay, that’s every Christian Grey, and weird because we’re in an elevator now. But, take me seriously, please.” She groaned, Jaehyun smiled.

“I’m serious. If it bothers you~”

“Jung Jaehyun.” She eyed him warily.


“Name your price.” She said as they doors opened, Jaehyun took her hand as they stepped out.

“Ten thousand.”

“Dollars? Okay, I’ll~”

“Won.” He chuckled before playfully running towards Jennie who was across the lobby to hide behind her.

“Heol. He’s a CEO but he’s a child too.” Eunbi muttered darkly before following her other friends.



Lee Jiwook crossed his arms and watched as Eunbi and Mark walked out of the building. He had his secretary search for Jinhee, but she had disappeared and that bothered him.

She left the building so quick that the guards didn’t even get to trail her.


He glanced up as his secretary jogged towards him.

“She…We can’t find her. She had thrown her phone outside and took one of the cars. What shall we do?”

He saw Eunbi laughing before getting inside her purple car, Mark slid in the passenger seat, and one by one they all sped away.

“Coordinate with the police. Tell them that she stole one of our cars and, about her murder case.”

He faced the male.

“Tell them who she really is.”



“Okay, so for just one night, let’s forget that there’s a murderer on the lost who will most likely want revenge on Bonnie and Mark soon.” Jennie said as the food was served, they were at the Jung mansion.

“I don’t think that’s something we can just forget.” Taeyong said as he glanced at the windows, guards were roaming around the property.

“Don’t start, oppa.” Jennie glared at him, they gathered at the dining hall.

“It smells good.” Mark grinned as he took his seat, Haechan followed.

“So, how’s everything? Where did Nagini disappear to?” Johnny asked, Eunbi was walking behind him.

“Azkaban? Who cares, really?” Eunbi rolled her eyes before, placing herself on Jaehyun’s lap.

The table grew quiet, Mark looked at his sister.

Eunbi blinked back.

“What? You don’t where Azkaban is? Oh my god, did you guys even have a childhood?

“I’m confused now. Are you two back together?” Jennie spoke bluntly; Jaehyun smiled and just patted Eunbi’s shoulder.

I didn’t tell you?” She blinked again.

“You didn’t tell us.” Johnny replied.

Taeyong chuckled and just started eating.

“We’re back together.” Jaehyun was the one who spoke; Eunbi just started eyeing the dishes.

Finally!” Jennie exhaled in relief.

“Is she happy because she finally got rid of me?” Eunbi murmured before going to her seat, Jaehyun chuckled and just placed some pasta on her plate.

“Noona, after this we’re going out with Jeno. Bowling.” Mark spoke before eating.

“Sure, you boys have fun. Don’t get injured. Call me when you’re home.” Eunbi replied.

“Our president is very strict with rules.” Johnny chuckled.

“And stay safe, eggbun.” She nodded with a grin before playfully punching Johnny by the arm.

Jaehyun just glanced at her and smiled, Eunbi blinked at him.

“You look better now. Keep on smiling, bb.” He fixed the strap of her off-shoulder top.

“Still not raising ten thousand won to a reasonable price?” She asked lowly.



“It’s yours if you want it.” Jaehyun winked at her before picking up his fork again.





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