My Lucky Strike

Doyoung was smiling like a proud father as he read the news; Jennie sat across him, amused.

“You know, ten years ago, we used to be left outside the offices to play, now we’re the ones inside here.” Johnny said as he entered the conference room.

The three were inside one of Samsung’s conference halls, they were to attend the monthly meeting of major stockholders.

“Look,” Jennie said to him, Johnny followed her gaze.

“HanShin’s new CEO Lee Eunbi has been gaining a lot of attention, positive ones too. She’s been photographed all over the place, visiting their uptown locations and also downtown locations. Daebak.”

“Eunbi doesn’t use a driver too, so they’re pretty amazed by her.” Doyoung nodded.

“But, I am going to bet on it.” Doyoung spoke, Johnny looked at him questioningly.

“Jaehyun, things will start to change for him. Eunbi has that hold over him, you know. I feel bad for Jisoo.” Doyoung continued.

“So, he still likes her?”

“I don’t know, but Eunbi….she’ll always be his Eunbi.”



Eunbi glanced at Jaehyun briefly before easing on the gas, he had closed his eyes and leaned back on his seat.

“Is something wrong?” She asked.

“I had back to back meetings and I have to be in Busan tomorrow.” Jaehyun murmured and pinched the bridge of his nose briefly.

“Wow, our lives .” She smiled but she reached over to pat his palm quickly.

“What happened yesterday? We waited for you.” He said without opening his eyes.

“Ah..S—something came up.”

“On a Sunday? Stop lying to me, bb.” He opened his eyes and looked at her.

“Yeah, really, I had…I had to pick out a dress.” She fibbed.

“A dress?..Turn left here.” He said, Eunbi nodded.

“You know, the party this Wednesday.”

“Your father’s engagement party? You’re going?” Jaehyun , Eunbi sent him a look.

“I am, let’s get you a matching suit.” She snapped back, he chuckled.

“Do you want me to come pick you up on Wednesday then?” He asked as they reached a three story building that was full of different restaurants.

“You already have a date, bb.” She mused as they went down, then Jaehyun paused.

“Miss Jisoo called earlier, she asked if you could accompany her later.”

“What are we having today? Mexican? American? Or Japanese?” She asked excitedly as she looked at the restaurants, she was tugging on the sleeve of his jacket as she spoke.

“I would kill for a burrito right now.” She murmured, Jaehyun smiled.

“You can go ahead then, I just need to make a few calls.”

“Chicken fajitas, for you? Mild?” She asked before walking away.


“Cheese. Extra cheese.” She nodded at him before walking towards the building, Jaehyun took out his phone.

“Can you give Jisoo a call for me? I wont be able to make it to lunch.”



Na Jinhee stepped inside her office; she picked up the glass vase on her table and threw it across the room.


The male entered the room, she faced him.

“Dirt.” She muttered.

“We need to dig dirt on her. The board is blindingly in love with that girl!”

“They like her? But….she’s too young to be even in office.”

“Who cares? They all like her because she’s the eldest child. It’s useless trying to persuade the others to kick her out.” She snapped.

“What shall we do, samonim?”

“Her past. I want you to dig up her past, and whatever we can find to deter her, let’s publish it.”



“I have a secret to tell and a favor to ask.” Eunbi said as Jaehyun sat down across her.

“Favor first,” Jaehyun nodded and gestured for her to pull her blouse upwards.

“But, the function of this neckline is to make my~”

“Please pull it up, those guys were staring at you.” He turned his gaze slightly.


Eunbi looked at the three males across their table.

She pulled her blouse back; Jaehyun shook off his coat and handed it to her.

“What’s the favor?” He asked as Eunbi put on his coat.

“I need to audit HanShin in secret.”

“What?” Jaehyun blinked.

“It appears…that Nagini may have touched more…things.”

Jaehyun’s brows met briefly.

“I know it’s wrong, and unethical, but abeoji will never listen to me. I had to use the BOD against him earlier.”

“I’ll see what I can do, I can send a small team for auditing, but you have put them in an office.” Jaehyun said, she smiled at him.

“I sense another favor.” Jaehyun said just as the waitress arrived with their food, Eunbi pulled his plate away from him, she forked out bits of jalapenos and the onions before returning it to him.

“Your vote.” She said as she poured the cheese over the nachos.

“Vote? Where?”

“I might need to make myself president to secure HanShin, I mean, this is only if appa successfully marries her.”

“I thought that wasn’t going to happen.” Jaehyun said.

“Haven’t you heard? My father doesn’t listen to me at all. He’s so enamored by that…ugh,” She shuddered, Jaehyun smiled and leaned forward.

“If you don’t want that wedding to happen, then it wont.” He stated.

“Easy for you to say~”

“You have Samsung backing you up, Kim Industries and me. We got your back, Bonnie.” He mussed her hair before eating.

“Well…yeah, thanks.” She murmured before picking up her fork.

“And the secret?” Jaehyun asked.

“Na Jinhee used to work for JBG. I need her details. I’m sure your offices have copies of~”

“I’ll have someone send it over.” Jaehyun replied before chewing.

“You’re the best, Jung.” She beamed at him.

“But Eunbi-ah,” He put his burrito down to face her.

“If it gets too difficult,”

Eunbi blinked and picked up a napkin, she unthinkingly dabbed it on his chin.

You cheese monster.” She murmured, then she met his gaze.


“If things get too much for you, tell me. Okay? I know it’s a family issue and it’s delicate, but you can always come to me for help. I’ll be there.”

“Is this your way of making it up to me, after breaking my heart almost two years ago?” She mused before taking a nacho and popped it in .

“Oops, I didn’t know you had a heart.” Jaehyun said playfully, she laughed.

“Between the two of us, you have a higher chance of being an ice prince, Jung.”

“You kept on rejecting girls in high school, turning them down on a daily basis~”

“Because you didn’t confess to me.” He pointed out childishly.

“Heol, I have to do the confessing? No way.” She pointed out.

“I am way too busy for boys, even back then.” She made a face at him before chewing, Jaehyun snorted.



“But, for real, I’m glad you’re back, Eunbi. This time, try staying for a long while, okay?” He nudged the tip of his shoe against hers, Eunbi just smiled.




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