My Lucky Strike



The Lee patriarch entered his office, his secretary rushed to him.

“What happened, sir?”

“Do you think I made the right decision?” He asked him.

“Sir, I respect your decision but it seems so sudden, what could have made you…approve of this?”

“That young man, Jaehyun.”

The male paused.

“Director Jung?”

“He came to me the other day, first he apologized for having his bodyguards block my way, second, he warned me.”


“That if I didn’t listen to my eldest, bad things might happen.”

He then gestured towards the folder on his desk.

“Jinhee…has another name, she changed names around six years ago. And,”

“Her arson cause, the house that she burned down was her first husband’s.”

“He knew about this?” The secretary picked up the files.

“And just minutes before the meeting, I received a call from an old friend who works at the prosecutor’s office,”

“My fiancé, Na Jinhee or Hong Jihye, is still wanted for murder.”

“Does…agasshi know?”

“By now, I’m guessing she does. But, that young man can keep her safe. I..will have to clean this up. I started this, my children will not suffer from this.”



“Ya, where were you?” Johnny groaned as Eunbi walked in the room with Jaehyun behind her.

“I was..out, duh?” Eunbi was confused, she shook off her sneakers and walked to the living room only to find Mark and Jennie, casually chatting.

Her eyes went to the four men dressed in suits standing in the corners of the room.

“What is this?” She asked. Johnny sent Jaehyun a pleading look.

“Is something wrong?” Eunbi asked again before taking a seat, Jaehyun approached her.

“Do you want something to drink?” He asked her, his hand on her shoulder.

“Just..water.” Eunbi nodded, still confused.

Jaehyun nodded and stepped away, Eunbi looked at her brother.

“What happened? Why are we all here? Is it someone’s birthday?” She blinked, Jennie chewed on her lip worriedly.

“No, noona. It’ just...something came up.” Mark stuttered.

Yeah, something sure did come up, director Lee.” She said blandly, Mark just gave her an unsure smile.

“Who’s going to tell her?” Jennie mumbled, Jaehyun walked in.

“He will.” Johnny nodded.

“You two~”

“Noona, hyung has something to tell you!” Mark bolted up from his seat, Eunbi looked at Jaehyun, he set down a glass of water before her. Her younger brother had disappeared.

“But we were just~”

“Eunbi-ah, something came up with our background check on Na Jinhee.”

Jennie and Johnny rushed to the kitchen.

“Hong Jihye, yeah. So?”

Jaehyun met her gaze evenly.

“We found this.” He placed the folder on her lap, Eunbi picked it up and read the contents, then the girl tensed.

“What?!” She balked.

“M—Murder? ”

Jaehyun nodded.

“He let a murderer into our home?!” She screeched.


“The police..do they know?” Eunbi spoke, Jaehyun shook his head.

“Not yet, we wanted to ask you. What do you want to do?”

Eunbi dropped the files and stood up.

“I..I....I let this murderer..take away all of her memories...her..paintings..eomma...she..” Her fists curled tightly.

“This person....this dirty person..” She spat.

“Eunbi,” Jaehyun’s fingers curled around her fists.

“Ani, you all have to stop telling me it’s going to be fine, because I know it isn’t and it will never be.”

Jaehyun looked away.

“Arasso, I won’t. Just calm down first.” He said softly, Eunbi looked at him.

“What a joke. Our family has turned into a joke.” She exhaled, Jaehyun just took both of her hands in his.

“No. You’re the president now. You can control everything. And, Na Jinhee is still within your reach, you can do whatever you want with her.”

Eunbi looked at him.

“Jaehyun, you were never one for revenge.” She spoke.

“If it’s for you then it’s fine, just tell me what you want.” He stated before kissing her cheek and standing up.

“The police...I dont want them to know yet. I....need her to suffer first.”



Na Jinhee walked in the study, she tossed her purse on the table rashly. She exhaled shakily before sitting down, her fists curled as her eyes landed on the portrait hanging on the wall. It was a photo of the Lee siblings in their younger years.

“Samonim.” A male walked in the room, he bowed politely.

“What happened?” She snapped.

“We didn’t see that happening, samonim.”

“That brat…That brat managed to be president.” She spat.

“Samonim, the young miss might be a little difficult to bring down.” The male spoke, Na Jinhee smirked.

“The reporters we hired have all been fired from their jobs.” The male stated.

“I have to admit, that kid has powerful friends.” Her eyes went to the photo again.

“But, we’re going to find a loophole. That girl has her weaknesses too.”



Eunbi stepped out of her room, her Johnny and Jennie were staying over, they refused to leave her and Mark alone.

She looked at the mess they left in the living room.

“When did things get so complicated?” She mumbled as she picked up the empty packets of chips and boxes of pizza.

“Why are you still up?”

She paused, Jaehyun was standing by the doorway.

“I…I couldn’t sleep.” She said softly, Jaehyun smiled and nodded.

“You? Are you staying over too?” She asked him as he walked towards her.

“I am thinking about it. How are you feeling?” He asked as he reached her, Eunbi’s brows met briefly.

“I feel numb. I mean, having two names and now, this, murder.” She whispered, her voice cracking.


“It feels…as if I’m walking on thin ice, you know. I don’t even know what she’ll do tonight, that snake still lives under the same roof as my father.” She stated.

“I’ve sent some guards to watch over the house, there are two men stationed just outside your father’s study.”

Eunbi just closed her eyes briefly.

“Your father’s safe, Eunbi.” Jaehyun said calmly.

“No, you..you shouldn’t be here.” Eunbi suddenly said.


“What if she tries to hurt you too? Jaehyun, you’re also my weakness, what if she uses~” She started to panic, but he shook his head and squeezed her shoulders.

“Eunbi, she won’t.”

She halted, she met his gaze evenly.

“This will probably break a few dating rules.” She muttered.

“Eunbi, what~”

She stood on her toes before pressing her lips against his cheek briefly.

“Thanks. For not giving up on me when I tried pushing you away.” She stated.

“Square one, remember?” Jaehyun said before pulling her to his chest.

“Things will be okay, right? I…can still restore everything to the way it was, right?” She whispered.

“We can fix this, Eunbi.”

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, I know I do…I always do.” She murmured.


“I know I’ve been a little too self-centered lately, with all…this family drama, putting you in a difficult position with Jisoo and your parents, telling you that I can’t give you an answer and saying straight to your face that I need you…that was just too much.” She recounted.

“Eunbi, it’s not~”

“I never even got to ask how you day was, or how you’re feeling,” She pulled away from him and gave him a small sad smile.

“I’m back to square one too, Jung.”

“As in, it’s your first day as president tomorrow.” Jaehyun said.

“You’re being awkward with me right now.” She said with a chuckle.

“Eunbi, I~”

“I do care about you, ex-boyfriend, more than you think.” She cupped his cheek gently.

Jaehyun paused, his brows rose for a moment.

“Can I?” He asked, Eunbi just gave him a small nod.



And then Jaehyun pressed his lips against hers.



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