My Lucky Strike




Imagine being invited to your father's engagement accident.

Imagine finding out that you were going to have a new accident.

Imagine having to fly back home in a rush because nobody told you your father is getting married.

Well, at least she had time to put together an outfit and apply makeup on.



She's back.

The girl he had to let go not because he wanted to.

The only girl who could rattle him and throw him off.

That one girl who could change everything for him.


“Daddy’s getting married?!”

“We never asked for a mom. We don’t need one.”

“Who gave you permission to remarry? The gods?”

“Do I look like I care? I am going to get what I want.”




“Miss me?”

“I’m here, well, I didn’t come back for you. There are things that need fixing.”

“That girl is one in a million. My lucky strike and my favorite headache.”

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