My Lucky Strike

Mark slammed his books down on the table. Johnny exhaled.

“I’m moving in the penthouse tonight. That can be our new headquarters.” Jennie smiled, Kyungsoo leaned back on the couch.

“Jaehyun wanted to talk, why?”

They heard the door open; Jaehyun walked in and loosened his tie.

“You mentioned something about Na Jinhee before.” He started, Johnny looked at him.

“That when you tried digging up on her past, another name kept on popping up.” Jaehyun continued, Kyungsoo looked at the two.

“Right! A certain Hong Jihye.” Johnny nodded, Jaehyun paused.

“Are..you sure?”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Jennie asked, Mark crossed his arms.

“I’ve heard of that name too, initially it was a Hong Jihye who was trying to hire hit men.” Kyungsoo stated.

“Those photos of Eunbi and I, it came from a Hong Jihye.” Jaehyun stated flatly.

“So, who is this is person?” Mark asked, Jennie chewed on her lower lip.

“It’s time we find out.” Johnny nodded, Jaehyun glanced at Kyungsoo briefly before standing up and getting himself a drink.





Eunbi slid down from the car and stared at the high-rise building, she put on her sunglasses and walked towards the entrance.


She paused and turned, there were six men clad in dark suits standing before her, her eyes went to the familiar pin on the lapels of their coat.

“Hyungnim-deul!” She grinned, the leader smiled back and bowed politely.

“Then, does this mean oppa’s in town?” She asked them.

“Yes, he wants to know if you’re free this evening~”

“I’ll call him myself, Mark and I are going out tonight, but~”

“We were assigned to protect you, agasshi, please don’t resist.” He added quickly.

“Protect from what~”

“Then, please, go on up, agasshi.”

She followed his gaze; one guard was already waiting for her with the elevator doors open behind. Eunbi made a face at him before walking towards the machine.



Jaehyun looked up as he heard the door open, Eunbi was talking on the phone.

“Dinner, join us, oppa.” She was smiling as she walked in the unit; she placed her bag down and took off her shoes.

“You don’t need to pick me up, I’m going with Mark. Yes, yes,” Her eyes landed on Jaehyun, who was seated on the couch.

“I’ll see you later, mafia prince.” She grinned before ending the call, Jaehyun’s brows rose briefly.

“How was your day?” He asked with a smile, Eunbi exhaled and plopped down next to him.

“How did you know?”

“I had a feeling.” He said softly, Eunbi leaned back on the seat.

“To think that my father really did choose a stranger over me, it’s….it’s….suffocating.” She murmured, Jaehyun just took her hand in his.

“I…I don’t know what to do, a part of me, wants to protect HanShin, but a part of me wants to just let him be and watch as everything fall apart.” She frowned.

“Was that Kyungsoo hyung?” Jaehyun asked.

Eunbi blinked but she nodded.

“We’re having dinner later, want to join~”

“No, I have to talk to my parents.” Jaehyun stated.

“Uhmm okay, thanks for letting me crash here. And the credit card.” She said, Jaehyun just smiled and nodded.

“I stocked the fridge with all the unhealthy things you like.” He added lightly as he stood up.

“Even Lucky Charms and pickled radish?” She asked, Jaehyun nodded, he picked up his coat.

“Are you leaving? Already?” She asked, her forehead creasing a little.

“Yeah, and, about brunch earlier~”

“I know, I shouldn’t have come, it was..super awkward, and I didn’t..”

“It’s fine, Eunbi, I just wanted to say thanks for coming, eomma really wanted to see you.” Jaehyun said before kissing the side of her head.

“I’m going then.” He said before walking towards the door.

“Ya, wait,” She jogged after him, Jaehyun stopped and turned to her.

“I mean it, thank you.” She said.

“Anytime.” He mussed her hair before opening the door and stepping out, Eunbi let out a breath and pressed her forehead against the wall.



Eunbi paused when she saw the purple Lamborghini pulled to a stop before her, her brows met briefly.

“I’m mad at you.” Mark warned as he went down and tossed the key to her.

“Hi.” She smiled sheepishly before taking his hand.

“Noona, what were you thinking? How could you leave me alone at that house?” He whined.

“I had no choice, he…wasn’t going to let it pass. I don’t even think I’m worth anything in his eyes.” Eunbi shook her head as they walked towards the restaurant.


“It was a mess, Mark. I don’t want to talk about it. All I need you to do is stay put. I know it’s difficult being at home, but that house cannot be left without a Lee, okay?”

Mark just nodded.

“Noona is sorry too, for leaving you like that. But I had to do it, I need to be away from them to fix this thing.”

“I can come over at the pent house, right?” Mark smiled.

“Of course, eggbun.” She squeezed his hand before they entered the building.



Jaehyun stepped inside his father’s study, his mother looked up in curiosity.

“Is something wrong, son?” She asked, Mr. Jung set down the documents he was reading.

“I…just wanted to talk about this thing…you two are doing,”

“It’s just your mother, not me.” Mr. Jung nodded, his wife just sent him a look. Jaehyun sat down.

“I want you to stop, I…I wasn’t comfortable about it even from the start. I just didn’t want her to feel awkward because she’s living with us, but eomma, her apartment in Apgujeong is already livable, the repairs are also done.”

“Then, tell us why,” Mrs. Jung asked.

“Why?” Jaehyun paused.

“It’s just…it doesn’t seem right, forcing us to be together and I only see her as a friend, I don’t think that’s going to change.” He nodded.

“And?” Mrs. Jung pressed.

“Is it Eunbi?”

Jaehyun nodded.

“Yes, it’s Eunbi.” He said squarely, Mr. Jung smiled.

“It’s always been her, eomma.”

The elders smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll talk to Jisoo’s parents, while you, work hard on winning her back. You dummy, why did you even break up?” Mrs. Jung mumbled before stepping out of the room.



“Do Kyungsoo!” Eunbi was smiling as she rushed to hug the older male, he smiled and wrapped his arms around her briefly.

“How is it that I saw your guards first before seeing you?” She sent him a dry look before taking her seat.

“I had a few things to check on first, how are you? I heard you’re staying at Cheongdam.”

“Yeah, at the pent house. But, oppa, what brings you home? I mean, not that I don’t want you here, but you’re rarely~”

“Hyung came home because something doesn’t seem right.” Mark said, she paused. Do leaned back on his seat.

“You know, my men..they heard that a lady with high status has been trying to hire a few hit men and some goons.” Do start as he gestured for the waiter to take Eunbi’s order first.

“Really? Someone from our circle?”

“It’s your father’s fiancé.” Do stated, Eunbi halted.

“Hit men? Goons?!”

“Eunbi, it’s~”

“That snake wants an army? Heol.” She spat.

“This is where it gets confusing, at first I didn’t know it was her because another name kept on showing up, not Na Jinhee.”

“Let me guess, Nagini?” She rolled her eyes, Mark just nudged her.

“No, Hong Jihye.”

“Hong Jihye? Oppa I don’t get it, is this person her..sidekick?”

“It’s her.” Kyungsoo stated.


“Na Jinhee and Hong Jihye, they’re one person. It’s her old name.”

Mark shook his head.

“That’s why you couldn’t get anything about her past, she changed names, Eunbi.” Do said carefully.

“And she’s hired men to do dirty works for her, so please, don’t leave the house without your guards, okay?” Kyungsoo reached for her hand, Eunbi just exhaled.

“I…I need to call Jaehyun, oppa. Excuse me.”

Kyungsoo smiled and nodded, Eunbi picked up her phone and stepped away from the table.

“Hyung,” Mark spoke.

“Help me out.”

“On?” Do asked.

“Jaehyun hyung only loses his calm composure when you’re around, because he thinks you still have feelings for noona, but we both know you already have someone.”

Kyungsoo chuckled.

“Oh, you knew.”

Mark nodded before taking a sip from his juice.

“Make him lose his cool.”

Kyungsoo chuckled.



“Okay. I’ll add that on my list.”




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