My Lucky Strike



Four sales assistants and six males in black followed the young Korean lady, dressed in a black Helmut Lang ribbed crop top and a pair of high waist Gucci embroidered jeans. She had a pair of Linda Farrow sunglasses as she sailed through the high-fashion street of Corso Buenos Aires.

Where to next, madam?

She faced the lady.

I’d like to have all my items sent to my apartment.” She said as she eyed the bags that were being loaded to waiting van.

Will there be anything else, madam?

Yeah, that will be all.” She nodded back, the lady smiled and bowed before instructing the males to load the orange boxes inside the van.

Eunbi walked towards her favorite café and took her usual table by the windows. She leaned back on her seat and looked at her new Vetements sneakers with content.

“You almost got sold out. Thanks for waiting for me.” She mused, then her phone pinged.

She picked it up and smiled at the waiter arrived with her usual coffee.

“Oh, secretary Jin.” She smiled happily as she opened the message, then her eyes widened.

“Wh..What?” She almost dropped her coffee.

“En—Engagement?” Her brows knitted together, she looked around and exhaled.

“How dare he?” She murmured as she took out a wad of bills from her Hermes wallet and rushed out of the café.

She started to dial on her phone frantically as she crossed the street and took out the key of her waiting Koenigsegg and slid inside the vehicle.


“I need the jet.”

“Yes?” The male was shocked from the other line.

“The jet. My jet. I need it to be here. Now.”




Jungkook leaned back against his seat as the server tended to their seafood stew. They were at an old family restaurant in Incheon, having lunch together.

“This is surprising.” Doyoung commented as he set down the newspaper on the table.

“What is?” Jaehyun asked as he set his phone down.

“You didn’t hear? I even got an invitation.” Jungkook leaned forward.

“I just got back from China yesterday, I haven’t checked on anything really.” The young CEO of Jung Banking Group shrugged.

“Eunbi’s father,” Doyoung started, the other male’s brows rose.

“What happened to him?”

“He’s getting married, the engagement party’s next week. The media’s a mess over it, they wanna know who the new madam Lee is.” Doyoung chuckled.

“Why are they a mess over it?” Jaehyun picked up the article.

“Because she’s too young, she just turned thirty last month.” Jungkook nodded, Jaehyun’s eyes landed on the article and the photo above it.

“I bet our Eunbi will not like this.” Doyoung mused, just then they saw a black and gold private jet pass by.

“Di—Did you see that?” Jungkook asked, Jaehyun peeled his eyes away from the article.

“That jet.” Doyoung started to grin, Jaehyun followed their gaze.

“Lee Eunbi’s back?” Jungkook asked.

“Ya, what if she’s back?” Doyoung teased, Jaehyun shook his head.

“She hates it here, I don’t even think she’ll attend her father’s party.” He pointed towards the article, but he stole another glance at the sky.


“I have a feeling she doesn’t like the fact that he’s remarrying. And think about it, how messy it can get if she comes home.” Jaehyun was smiling.

“I’d like to see her crash the party.” Jungkook grinned.

“Don’t pray for it.” Jaehyun shook his head quickly, Doyoung laughed.




Lee Minhyung made a dash for the stairs when he saw the black limousine that was followed by two black Land Rovers roll inside their lot.

He almost tripped on the coffee table on his way, but then the double doors opened.

His eyes widened, looking like a deer caught in headlights or a younger brother trying to flee his older sister’s wrath.

“Lee Minhyung!”

He winced.

“Noona,” He smiled, Lee Eunbi walked into the threshold, maids rushed to welcome her back, Mark looked at his sister. She was dressed in a black ripped shirt, a pair of shorts he couldn’t see and Chanel espadrilles.

“What is this?” She demanded.

Well…I was on my way to school~

I meant that engagement.” She spat, the maids started to step away.

I thought you knew…

“You let them hide this from me?!” She screeched, obviously seething in anger.

“A—ni, appa said he’d take care of it and that he’d call you.”

Oh, when, next week? On Wednesday then? Because that’s when the party’s happening and I live in Milan, which he seems to think is just an hour flight to Seoul!

“Look, noona, please calm down. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but this lady~”

“That lady.” She shook her head, Mark watched as their guards unloaded her luggage from the car.

“…Why are there so many?” He blinked.

“It seems like I have to stay long.” She nodded before mussing his hair and walking to the living room.

“What about your internship?”

Meh. I left the country in a rush. I don’t have time to explain this to them.

“Noona.” Mark chided.

Noona has to check if abeoji’s marrying a gold digger or not. This dragon has to take care of her lair.” She smiled before bopping the tip of his nose and plopping down on the couch.

How could you assume~

Eunbi paused, she looked around the house and balked.

Did you guys redecorate? Oh!” She gasped and suddenly stood up.

Has she been living here?” She stabbed an accusing finger towards her brother’s direction.

Y—yes, she moved in a few months ago.

Oh my god, my home has become tacky as . Get me a flamethrower!




Jaehyun climbed up the stairs and went inside his study, he flexed his neck as he approached his desk.

He looked at the reminders on his iMac. He had two meetings for tomorrow and lunch with a foreign investor.

And then he noticed the box on the lowest part of his shelf, he walked over to the familiar looking box and picked it up.

“Young master,” He looked up just as his family’s butler walked in the room and set his usual cup of tea on his desk.

“This will help you with your insomnia.”

“Thanks, butler So.” He smiled at the man warmly and watched as he left, Jaehyun opened the box and coughed slightly at the dust.

He recognized his old books from his university days.

“Heol.” He murmured and then he sneezed again, causing some of the books to fall.

He bent over to pick it up and saw something slide down from one of the textbooks; he picked it up and flipped the item over.

He paused.

“Mwoya, is this a bad omen?” He said with a small smile as he looked at the old Polaroid photo of him with Eunbi sitting beside him, her cheek was pressed against his arm while smiling.



“I hope it isn’t.” He chuckled before returning it back to the box and cleaning up.



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