My Lucky Strike


Eunbi eyed the salad in disdain.

“You need to eat.” Jennie pointed out.

“Greens? I’m not a cow.” She said darkly before pushing the tray away, Mark just shook his head.

“So, nobody’s going to talk about it? I saw the news.” Eunbi stated, she gestured towards the TV screen, Johnny scrunched his nose.

“I didn’t know snakes could drive.” Eunbi said darkly, she took hold of her phone.

“Eunbi, what~”

“I’m not going to do anything, Jaehyun’s done enough. And I know that Kyungsoo oppa pitched in, like seriously guys,”

Mark stood up and handed her a slice of pizza, she beamed at him.

“How could you let those two just “handle” things?” She sighed before chewing.

“Do you even know how frightening your sweet angel Jung Jaehyun was?” Jennie stated.

“Still, he~”

“Na Jinhee’s court hearing has been scheduled. The police managed to catch her at an old warehouse.” Johnny suddenly stood up, his eyes on the screen of his laptop.

She’s going to jail? Not the zoo?” Jennie muttered, and then the doors opened.

Eunbi looked up.

“Time to go.” Johnny pulled Jennie from her chair; Mark placed a glass of water in front of his sister before leaving the room.

“You’re awake.” Jaehyun said with a small smile as he walked towards her. She nodded back before opening her arms to him.



Mark sat down and pressed his forehead against the glass table.

He had been requested to be at HanShin’s main office to attend the BOD meeting, he sat up and looked at the pile of folders before him.

All the audits have been finished and it showed more discrepancies and it all led to Na Jinhee. He looked at the flat screen mounted on the wall.

He saw Na Jinhee being escorted by officials to the precinct; even the chief of police had appeared to check on the proceedings.

“Need some help with that?”

Mark paused, his brows met briefly.

“How is she? I heard she already woke up.” Mr. Lee walked in the room.

“She’s fine.” He quipped; the elder took the seat across him.

“Don’t worry about the audit results, your noona already prepared a team from her office who would take care of it.”

“I know that.” Mark replied.

“Look, son,”

“To be honest with you, abeoji, I don’t want to hear it.” He stood up.

“It was..It was just too much, and now, I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to hear you explain what you did.”


“You can go see her if you want, just don’t talk to me.” Mark picked up his coat and left the office.



Kyungsoo smiled as he watched the news, HanShin had filed multiple cases against her after evidence of her stealing from the company has been published.

Plus, the police have pressed charges against her and released all the details of her crimes to the public. She had killed her husband, switched her names and escaped the police too many times.

And what she did to the Lee heiress was also televised.

The most amazing thing happened too, her trial was sped up. She was already sentenced to lifetime imprisonment before her lawyer could even try to bargain.

“Jung Jaehyun is a scary man after all.” He murmured.

His phone started to ring.

“Please tell me you didn’t do that,” Johnny stated from the other line.

“I didn’t, it was our Jung boy,” He chuckled.

“You mean, revealing footage of Na Jinhee making out with another man at some bar two weeks ago?”

Kyungsoo blinked.


“It’s all over Facebook, hyung. Woman who seduced HanShin CEO was actually cheating on him during their engagement.”

“Jaehyun, I guess?” Kyungsoo murmured.

“It was me!” Another voice chimed, Kyungsoo was confused.

“Jennie?” Johnny blinked, the girl had joined him in the room.

“You all did things for her, I felt empty handed so, that’s my gift for her. Proof that Nagini really is a snake!” She said cheerfully.

Kyungsoo chuckled before setting down his phone, his eyes went to the screen, a photo Eunbi flashed briefly.

“He deserves you, he always has.” He smiled to himself before leaving the office.



Jaehyun kissed the side of her head as Eunbi wrapped her arms around his neck briefly.

“You seem busy.” She said lightly as he sat down across her.

“I had some things to take care of, how are you feeling?” He asked while tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear.

“Better. But, you don’t look so good, have you been getting any sleep?” Eunbi touched the skin under his right eye briefly.

“I heard about what you did, bb.” She said quietly, Jaehyun’s brows met briefly.

“Thank you for doing that.” She placed her hand over his.

“And that is enough. She’s been handed over to the police now, justice has been served.” She smiled at him.

“Eunbi, she tried to kill you.” His tone was a little cold.

“I know, but you already did enough. If it weren’t for you, I would have died. If it weren’t for you, she would have escaped.”


She just scooted over and made some space for him.


“Your leg~”

“It’s okay, just lie down.” She urged, Jaehyun lay on the bed and fluffed the pillows behind him, Eunbi smiled before snuggling towards him and placing her head on his chest.

“What if your cast~”

“It’s fine, just let me sleep and you should relax. Dark Jung Jaehyun needs to go away now.” She mumbled before pressing her nose against the fabric of his shirt briefly.

“Doctor Park will definitely drag me out later.” He chuckled deeply before carefully pulling her closer to him; Eunbi smiled and just closed her eyes.



“I won't let him.” She mumbled before letting sleep consume her, Jaehyun kissed the top of her head before closing his eyes.




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