My Lucky Strike

“Does that make any sense?” Eunbi asked as she set her chopsticks down loudly, Johnny sighed and just looked at her.

“You wanted have late lunch on a Sunday. This is your second bibimbap, should I be worried?”

“Seo Youngho! I have just been told off.” She whined.

“It does, Eunbi. I mean, if she’s being paired with him, naturally, she’d feel a little awkward around you, I mean, you’re the ex.”

“I’m his friend.” Eunbi said adamantly.

“Bonnie, things aren’t like the way they were before, of course, we understand that you and Jaehyun were always so close, but now, there’s another girl and you’re not the girlfriend anymore.” Johnny said calmly.

“Did I say I was the girlfriend? I just…” She shook her head before taking another spoonful.

“So, what happened last night? Did you and your father really fight?” Johnny decided to change the topic.

“He won’t believe me. In his eyes, Nagini is all white and pure.” She rolled her eyes dramatically.

“But those emails I sent, it contains a criminal record, Eunbi, she has a criminal record.”

“What can I do? He won’t believe me; it looks like I have to do this myself.” She murmured.

“What’s your first move then?”

“I already have her evicted out of HanShin, which was easy.” She nodded proudly.

“Next is the house. I want her out of the house.”



Jaehyun looked at his phone again, Eunbi was not picking up. His mother had already scolded him yesterday at lunch when she didn’t come join them.

And now the girl wasn’t picking up again, his brows met briefly.

He stood up from his seat and stepped out of his office.

“Sir, your meeting is in ten minutes.” His secretary stood up and followed him to the elevator.

“I know, did we hear anything from Jinguk Construction?” He asked as they stepped inside the machine.

“Yes. They will be sending a representative this afternoon.”

“Ah, and, director,”

Jaehyun glanced at him.

“Miss Jisoo called earlier, she asked if you could accompany her later.”

Jaehyun slowly nodded.

“I’ll give her a call. Did Eunbi call?”

“Aniyo, but her calls usually go straight to you, sir.”

Jaehyun didn’t reply, the doors opened and he stepped out.



Eunbi leaned back on her seat with a smile.

“How was it? I heard you visited some of our branches last week, director.”

“I did, I hope I didn’t disturb anyone.”

“Of course not, it’s nice to know that you like moving around, some of the new managers are too lax now, so they must have been surprised when you suddenly dropped by.”

Then the doors opened, Eunbi looked up, her father had walked in, she didn’t stand up to greet him unlike the rest of the directors.

“I’m here to announce that with the addition of Eunbi as new CEO, Jinhee will be assigned to one department.”

Eunbi watched as walked in the room, tackily dressed in a sequined blouse and leather skinny jeans.

“Is she thirteen?” Eunbi muttered.

“My fiancé is now assigned to HanShin Oil, I hope no one will try to interfere again.”

Eunbi crossed her arms.

“President, director Lee has suggested a total audit on all departments and the subsidiaries.”

Eunbi sat up and met her father’s gaze.

“In the middle of the year? That’s impossible.” Her father met her gaze evenly.

“It’s not totally impossible. I can do it.” Eunbi’s voice was calm, she met Jinhee’s gaze briefly.

“It will take time, Eunbi. Just stick to your own duties.” Her father sent her a look.

“President, why won’t you believe me? There are discrepancies.” She stated, the other directors looked at her.

“What are you talking about?” He demanded, Eunbi looked at her secretary, he nodded and a graph appeared on the LCD monitor.

“This is a report HanShin Housing submitted last month.” She spoke, her voice calm and measured, she saw how Jinhee fidget on her seat slightly.

“And this,” Another graph flashed on the screen followed by a columnar sheet.

There was a soft murmur from the rest of the directors; Eunbi looked at her nail beds before speaking again.

“The numbers don’t add up, right?”

“What are you trying to say? That Jinhee has been stealing? Didn’t I warn you already to shut that mouth of yours?” Her father lost his cool, the room turned quiet.

“No, I’m just saying there are discrepancies. Now, I would like be excused, I have meeting with HanShin Malls’ managers.” She stood up and bowed politely before stepping out of this room, Jinhee’s fists curled under the table as she watched the girl leave.

“Your daughter really is something.” One of the directors smiled.



Eunbi slung her Givenchy purse over one shoulder as she walked to the lobby, she smiled back as employees greeted her.

“Eunbi, wait,”

She halted and glanced behind her, Jinhee closed the distance between them.

“I’m sure you can spare me a few minutes before you start working again,” She said dryly, Eunbi smirked.


“I know we got on a rough start, but I’m trying to make things work here.” She stated.

“Me too, I’m just keeping track of my family’s company.”

“But what you did earlier put me on a bad spot, Eunbi, and I know you don’t trust me yet,”

“Yet? Who said I had plans to trust you?” Eunbi chuckled, Jinhee’s jaw clenched.

“This is my warning, stop doing this.” Her voice turned cold.

“Oh, how scary.” Eunbi said blandly.

“Little girl, you have no idea who you’re messing with. I am going to be your father’s wife in a matter of weeks and there’s nothing you can do about it.” She threatened her.

“Wow, so this is how gold diggers look like in real life,” She looked at her from head to toe; the lady was about to raise her hand.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” A masculine voice made her halt, Eunbi looked behind them.

Jaehyun had his hands in his pockets as he walked towards them, his brows met briefly as he reached them.

“Oh, J-Jaehyun-ah,” Jinhee was flustered; she immediately dropped her hand to her side.

“You said you wanted to step out for a bit?” He asked as he reached them, Eunbi felt his palm on her back.

“Y-yeah.” Eunbi faced Jinhee again.

“You’ve misunderstood us, Jaehyun, I was just speaking with Eunbi here regarding~”

“He won’t ever take your side. So, don’t try, you’re wasting your time.” Eunbi said.

“Eunbi-ah, just please stop this, okay? Your father and I~”

Eunbi raised one hand; her secretary came rushing to her.

“Will you please ask my father’s pet to move away from me? I can’t stand reptiles, you know that.” She patted the male’s arm.

“Ah, yes, director. Then, Miss Na, this way please.” He directed for her to move back.

“You, Lee Eunbi, you better stop this, I can make your father toss you away.” Jinhee warned, Jaehyun just gently steered Eunbi away.

“Don’t forget, he can always change wives!” She said loud enough for the other employees to hear and stuck her tongue out.

“Eunbi,” Jaehyun said lowly, they walked towards the exit doors.

“See? She’s a snake. A total Nagini. That was enough proof and you were witness to it.” She said as they stepped out of the building.

“But wait, I didn’t say I wanted to step out. Why are you here?” She blinked at him, Jaehyun just faced her.

“I’ve been trying to call you, why aren’t you picking up? And yesterday at lunch, my parents were expecting you.” He said, his tone a little demanding.

“Well,..I...I’ve been busy, and don’t you think it’s awkward? Lunch with your parents, plus your current girl and your past girl? It sounds weird.” She asked, Jaehyun just looked at her.

“What are you talking about? It’s just lunch.” Jaehyun said as his car was being brought around.

“Oh! It’s Mr. Sun.” She smiled as his yellow Lamborghini rolled in. The valet stepped down from the vehicle and returned the key to Jaehyun.

“Let’s grab lunch, you’re driving us there. And it’s your treat.” He said before tossing the key to her, Eunbi caught it before it could hit the floor.

“Ya, you~”



Jaehyun just opened the driver’s door for her, Eunbi made a face at him before sliding in.





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