BamLisa Drabbles


I don't really know, just a bunch of drabbles about Bambam and Lisa because I ship them and no one writes about them TT^^TT

Also it's not really like a story but I mean I guess kinda? They're drabbles so they can be read by themselves but at the same time they're gonna be linked together. Does that make sense? I hope so. 


[Also I know some of you might even be mentally slapping, screaming, abusing, me cause my other two stories aren't being updated orz I'm really sorry but school is really starting to be busy and I don't want to put out halfassed chapters you guys deserve more you know? And these dribbles are just easier like I seriously wrote three today with the few minutes of free time in P.E. But don't be worried as I will still continue my other two stories definitely because their like my babies and even though there's so many typos I'm so proud of them :" So again they will still be updated just slowly okay? I'm really sorry but I seriously wanna make sure I'm proud of my work and I keep getting new ideas and yeah- sorry but I hope you like these small little drabbles! ❤]


*Also I'm marking this story as complete but I WILL update it* 

As you can see I changed my cover picture XD mine was so obnoxiously big and I dunno about you guys but I hated it. Anyway as you can see I didn't make this it was made by PEARL.MOONLIGHT I found it on weheartit



Also before anyone says "Oh you only ship them because they're the same nationality" NO I DON'T!!
Okay trust me those types of people irritate me too, just because two people are the same nationality doesn't mean they automatically know each like for example so many people ship Lisa and Ten [why i dunno x.x] even though they never even met and to my knowledge know of each other. Bambam and Lisa on the other hand DO KNOW EACH OTHER! So to explain this beforehand I will tell you:


They are childhood friends


They were also in a dance crew called wezaacool

A couple years ago they had a reunion (Lisa is the one with stickers on her face since she asked her friends to do so) and you can even see Bambam's older brother (Beer I think) take a picture with her.

Speaking of his siblings Baby (his younger sister) posted a photo with Lisa when she debuted 

So there that's why I ship Bambam and Lisa now if you have questions you may ask I guess~ 


Sorry I haven't updated in a while guys, I won't give a date but I definitely haven't stopped this series so don't worry orz


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bishwithwifi #1
Chapter 38: So I clocked "True Love" during one of the stories and I had my suspicions but now that I found "Too close" in here as well there is no way your not an arianator because I feel like only arianators know that song ?
but if you just happened to stumble upon those songs good on you but I think it's an unspoken rule that if you are/were an arianator you will get into kpop if given the opportunity
daniela98 #2
Chapter 9: read this while listening chasing cars by snow patrol and i got depressed.
Chapter 43: Yeah!!
Jazmin8Sarina #4
Chapter 42: Oh wow that will be interesting. Please update your story soon:)
Chapter 42: Oooooh interesting ;) can't wait till the continuation of this part
got7blackpink #6
Chapter 40: I hope this one gets a continuation of them dating and stuff like that cuz awww <3
Chapter 39: I'm so emo, THIS ONE IS BEAUTIFUL
Chapter 25: these drabbles are so cute! love it <3
Chapter 40: I really get hooked with this story and i finished all the 40 chapters in one day