Not Broken


Just a typical high school tutor love story.



Except it isn’t typical because the person in need of tutoring doesn’t actually want his tutor, he wants his best friend


[I really couldn't wait to write this I'm just so excited >< I honestly kinda don't know how I got this idea. Like I was reading PastelWolf88's story Ighruška and if you actually go read her story you'll realize how random this thought was because it has nothing to do with hers. Idk but yeah I got it while reading her story XD then I saw a video called 10 People Who Became Real Life Barbie and Ken Dolls because I was bored and that's where I got the idea for Baekhyun's illness. I tell you it later on in the story but knowing how smart you all are you can probably guess it ^^ Also I don't have this illness and from what I know no one in my family has it either so even though I'm researching it, it's not going to be 100% accurate representation of what people of this illness go through.]


The first time Luhan saw Baekhyun it was in his sophomore year, the other was a freshmen. He caught Luhan’s eyes easily, he looked bubbly and energetic, always having a smile on his face, but something about him was off. Luhan didn’t know it was but he knew something about the younger was different. He wanted to get to know him so badly, it wasn’t until his senior year that he finally got an opportunity. Sure they talked before but he wanted a full conversation, he wanted to know what it was. Luhan wasn’t sure if he liked the younger or not he just knew something always pulled him towards him.   


When Xiumin saw Sehun he also knew something was different, the boy looked just slightly more mature for his age. He always seemed to have an expressionless look on his face as if nothing in this world could make him happy. Well actually, he did know one thing, or more appropriately, person that made a wonderful smile bloom on his face. Byun Baekhyun.  

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Feliciachristabel #1
Chapter 10: Please update author-nim
bethelgaea #2
Chapter 9: My LuLu is so sweet!, BaekHan fever!
ameliability #3
Chapter 9: This was so sweet! The words Luhan said just melted my heart
fienyeol #4
Chapter 8: Next please......
Zozozo #5
Chapter 8: Kyungsoo is so harsh. It's not like Baekhyun wish to have that kind of disease •︹•
Luhan is such a good man. Just kiss already ˊ▽ˋ
Zozozo #6
Chapter 7: I just want to know everything T︵T
ameliability #7
This got me curious to find out what baekhyun's illness is!
Zozozo #8
Chapter 6: Although I really want to know about Baekhyun sickness but I am way to lazy to search.
And why cant Luhan speak to Chanyeol?
Zozozo #9
Chapter 5: Love love this update. I just love understanding luhan. He respects baekhyun so much. I wish I can have someone like that too.