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So........some of you who know me might be like BUT WHY, listen..........I just need a break before I start writing Not Broken again, especially after I actually start fixing all the chapters from each and redoing the bio. Also I will start updating my other BamLisa and Top 3 High drabbles along with this one but those will come later.





*Just like my other ones I will mark this complete but I WILL update*

Why am I not putting this into the other BamLisa story? The answer is simple, I was going too but then the folder I used to save some zodiac posts was getting too big and I realized if I added this to my other BamLisa story it would end up overpowering it [for lack of a better word, i can't think rn x.x] so I just decided to make it into it's own story. Also because some of these are coming straight from zodiac posts they will be a bit short, like shorter than any of my other drabbles, and they might not represent that person accurately since I'm literally just gonna be switching out the zodiac name with the person that corresponds with it. Only with the ones that actually have the zodiac name and then go on to explain like their feelings or something will I actually write out a scenario.


Oh and this time around I actually made the cover page and background, I hope you guys like it >< 


So yeah I hope guys like this~~ 

I've really been wanting to make this for a long time >< 



Also just to explain a tad bit more the drabbles that are just gonna require me to switch names out are obviously gonna be super short, shorter than anything else I've written XD and then ya know I guess the scenario ones will look like my usual drabbles ♡


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got7blackpink #1
i love bamlisa!! ^^ cant wait for more ~~ <3
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