Haunted Dorm?!

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Donghyuk is online


Donghyuk: hyung


Jinhwan is online


Yunhyeong is online


Jinhwan: what is it donghyukkie


June is online


Bobby is online


Donghyuk: I just want to ask


Donghyuk: did anyone go to the bathroom last night?


Donghyuk: around 3-4 am like that?


Jinhwan: not me


Bobby: no I slept like log


June: nope


Donghyuk: oh… ok


Yunhyeong: what happened donghyuk ah?


Donghyuk: no it’s just


Hanbin is online


Chanwoo is online


Donghyuk: I don’t want to tell this actually


Donghyuk: but it has been happening for 3 nights already


Hanbin: what is it


Hanbin: what’s wrong


Donghyuk: I’m trying to properly type it up. to tell you guys properly


Donghyuk: coz I don’t want anyone to freak out


Chanwoo: wae yo? Did your house got some ghost lurking around, hyung? ⌐.⌐


Donghyuk: actually ………………………..


June: ……………………….


Jinhwan: ………………………


Bobby: Yah


Hanbin: ………………………..??? O.O


Bobby: no way


Donghyuk: PLEASE I’M SCARED T_____T




Hanbin: Jinjja?!


Hanbin: did you saw one?


Donghyuk: NO!!!!




June: yah are you serious?!


Jinhwan: Yah kim hanbin don’t say that


Jinhwan: you’re scaring the kids


Chanwoo: you are scared too hyung


Jinhwan: exactly


Chanwoo: so you’re a kid too then hehehehehe ^^


Jinhwan: yah yunhyeong ah control your kid


Yunhyeong: aigoo chanwoo ah stop it don’t bully the kids~~~~


Jinhwan: !!!


Hanbin: hahahahahhaahahahha nice yunhyeong hyung ^^b


Yunhyeong: ^^b


Donghyuk: guys serious


Donghyuk: I’m not kidding


Yunhyeong: okay2 serious


Donghyuk: I’ve been hearing it at night


Donghyuk: at first it just some footsteps


Donghyuk: I thought it’s one of you guys going to the bathroom


Donghyuk: but then there’s like sound of somebody scrubbing the floor


Bobby: the floor?


Donghyuk: the living room floor


Jinhwan: what?


Donghyuk: then a tap on the floor. Many times


Donghyuk: it’s not stopping


Donghyuk: all night long


Chanwoo: okay that’s scary


Yunhyeong: and worrisome


Yunhyeong: when you guys wake up is there anything unusual?


Bobby: nothing. Same like always


June: I don’t see anything weird when waking up


Hanbin: did you guys lock the door? Could it be the managers?


Donghyuk: if it’s the manager hyung for sure they will call first before coming right?


Donghyuk: and in the middle of 3-4 morning? Why would they come at that hour?


Jinhwan: yeah you’re right


Jinhwan: definitely not the manager hyung


Chanwoo: definitely not a human~~~~


Jinhwan: yah jung chanwoo


Bobby: chanwoo ah what the hell


Yunhyeong: hanbin ah get this kid to behave


Hanbin: baby~ let’s stop it okay?~~~


Hanbin: before I smack you for real ^^/


June: that sounds so dirty


Hanbin: it’s not like that!


Donghyuk: okay that’s funny Xd


Chanwoo: so dirty hanbin hyung -.-


Hanbin: Yunhyeong hyung~~~~


Bobby: who’s the kid now ^^


Hanbin: :P


Yunhyeong: okay back to the point


Yunhyeong: so it’s been like this for 3 days?


Donghyuk: yeah


Chanwoo: and you’re just happen to be the only one hearing it?


Bobby: actually he’s not


Bobby: I’ve been hearing them too


Bobby: but I thought it’s just my imagination because I’m too sleepy or something


Donghyuk: see


Bobby: never thought it’s real


Donghyuk: it’s real


Donghyuk: it’s something


June: let’s try locking up the window this time


Jinhwan: and don’t put things on the floor


Jinhwan: or anything that could be tapped on the floor


Donghyuk: alright hyung


Chanwoo: that’s worrisome somehow


Chanwoo: you guys should properly lock the door


Yunhyeong: lock your rooms too okay?





3:12 AM


Donghyuk is online


Donghyuk: is anyone awake?


Donghyuk: jinan hyung


Donghyuk: bobby hyung


Donghyuk: there’s something outside my door T.T


Jinhwan is online


Jinhwan: I thought I’m the only one being delusional hearing it


Donghyuk: HYUNG!!!




Jinhwan: don’t panic


Jinhwan: coz I’m panic too!


Jinhwan: that’s so loud what’s that sound




Donghyuk: IT’S MY DOOR!!!


Jinhwan: ah that’s your door?!


Jinhwan: God, what the hell is tapping on it like that. It’s too loud T.T


Donghyuk: hyung how to do this


Donghyuk: can I call bobby hyung?


Jinhwan: no no, if it’s someone, and we call the others


Jinhwan: they will know we make a call because of the sound


Donghyuk: what if it’s not someone?!


Jinhwan: then that’s big no no! T.T


Donghyuk: T.T


Donghyuk: somebody please be online


Donghyuk: somebody with enough balls to help us out


Donghyuk: Hanbin hyung T.T


Jinhwan: Donghyukkie what’s that?!


Jinhwan: is it moving?!




Jinhwan: wait that isn’t tapping


Jinhwan: yah what’s that screeching sound?


Jinhwan: omg this is much scarier T.T






7:35 AM


Yunhyeong is online


Yunhyeong: Jinhwan hyung, donghyukkie bobby june


Yunhyeong: are you guys alright?


Hanbin is online


Hanbin: whoa 100+ noti in one night?!


Hanbin: are you guys alright?


Yunhyeong: they are still sleeping maybe


Yunhyeong: Hanbin ah we go down first before jog, can we?


Donghyuk is online


Hanbin: something at the door? What is it donghyuk ah


Hanbin: sure hyung. I’m worried too


Donghyuk: yunhyeong hyung


Donghyuk: Hanbin hyung


Yunhyeong: donghyuk ah!


Yunhyeong: what happened?


Donghyuk: …… help us


Yunhyeong: ?!



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