The Five Stones

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There’s a legend about five mystical power stones residing in Earth; blessed by the gods for mankind to behold their powers for goodness sake.





The Water Stone 

The first and basic element of the world to create the planet. Contains memories preserved by the gods.



The Earth Stone

its power coursing through the core of the Earth. Keeping the ground intact, sprouts life from a tiny fiber into a massive forest, its greenish returns dark souls into the light. A gift from the divine.



The Wind Stone 

The final stone of the element. Protector of its vessel. Strong yet deadly, but nonetheless gentle. Medium of the gods’ voices, the messenger for humankind.



These 3 stones created by the good powers of Gods are the sole binders of peace to this world. Yet it won’t be completed without another 2 stones which are presumed to be a mix of both evil and good.


The Fire Stone

The strongest of all stone, the calling of death. Its power balances between life and death. Strong enough to give and take a life. Whoever holds it in their vessels are prone to betray. Yet nobody could deny its power.


And finally…..

The Death Stone

The holder is the Master of Death. Capable of taking life, feared by all the stones’ holders. No mercy in its vessel, only cold and death. The best friend of Fire; the calling of death.



Together all of the five stones created one essential entity of power that ensure life inside this world; The Light. However, in order to obtain such majestic power betrayal must be prevented, death will be your friend and war breaks through the men’s heart.



This is a story of power, sacrifice, love, dark vs light and human who’s desperate for power to save their dying world.






Soldiers of Base 107 Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.


Hyukjae's Team:


Captain Lee Hyukjae 

34 years old



Master Sergeant Kim Heechul

37 years old



Sergeant First Class Choi Siwon

34 years old



Corporal Kim Youngwoon/Kangin

35 years old


Private First Class Lee Donghae

34 years old


Private First Class Henry Lau

18 years old



Private First Class Lee Taemin

21 years old



Private Moon Jun Hwi

17 years old



Private Lee Chan/Dino

17 years old



Kyuhyun's Team:


Captain Cho Kyuhyun

32 years old



Sergeant First Class Peniel

27 years old



Staff Sergeant Kim Ryeowook

20 years old



Staff Sergeant Kangnam

33 years old



Corporal Choi Seung Cheol

25 years old



Corporal Kang Seungyoon

26 years old



Private First Class Song Min Ho

19 years old



Private First Class Kim Bobby

19 years old



Private Lee Seok Min/DK

17 years old

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More will be revealed soon






In order for all the five stones to be activated, a vessel or plainly speaking; human’s body with a soul is needed to be a host to this sacred stones.


The bearer of the Water stone is a healer of any injuries, holds the memories of all the secrets to this universe. From the day the world is created until the possible ends of all mankind. The person is able to return a loss memory; keeping them safe or destroying them for goods.

The bearer of the Earth stone controls the earth, shaking the ground to their own will, turn dry leaves into greenish paradise of green. Only the Earth stone can preserve the dying apocalypse world from turning into grey dust of forgotten time.

Like the freedom of a howling wind, the bearer of the Wind Stone hears things nobody could hear, see what nobody could have seen. They are the eyes and ears of the gods, the messenger that brings good or false hopes.

Burning like fire, this stone’s vessel is the most pitiful and dangerous of all bearers. Withstanding such a great power, using the Fire Stone for such a long time can burn their body into ashes, turn their soul from the light into the dark for the stone is consumed with not just unlimited power but also rage for revenge. The closest to the Death, all possible Fire Stone’s bearer is feared and captured by the government to avoid further apocalypse; as predicted by the Wind Stone bearer,


This world shall end in fire, burned to crisp of an never-ending bitter betrayal and Death is only close to those seeking the lights.


Last but not least, the rarest to find and possibly must-be-avoided bearer; the Death Stone. Though no one should be scared, because only the Fire stone can find the Death Stone—the master of death, controlling every life of humans’ in the world.





In 2036, the world is reaching the end.

The ground shook greatly and the sky alike to collapse down to the floor. Some voices out in a possibility; the gods are angry.

But perhaps the gods sympathize with humans, this they are giving us a chance to mend things back. To make things right for the world, thus everyone is picking up its pace.

Sudden appearance of the legendary mystical Five Stones stir uprising between men. Some wants to obtain the stones for the greater good of the world—the Stone Seekers. On the other hand, some wants to have it; study them. Avoid the stones from killing more people or if possible, destroy them—the government. But is it really only the two? How can such a powerful thing won't attract any attentions........


And this is where Hyukjae and Donghae’s story started, as they are on the journey fulfilling their duties as soldiers in this sick apocalypse world, fate has a different turns to their life.





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