Japan - Graphics shop (Ft. Yuzuru Hanyu) | batch closed

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                           welcome to japan
よろしく  お ね が い し ま す。
welcome my dudes
Yoohoo, my names melon and I make posters :D i had literally no idea what to name my shop and just went with 'Japan' cus im such a weeb. featuring yuzuru hanyu bc he is beautiful and japanese.
cant believe i finally get to use this layout omg
please follow the rules :)
hey bros come read this 
1. Subscribe gotta get that promo lmaoo

2. Request using the request form, this is an opportunity for you to tell me how you'd like the poster to look.

3. Comment after you request so I know to check the request form.

4. Waiting time: 1 to 5 days - i will message you if there are any delays. usually i start making the poster the moment i recieve the request bc i have nothing to do lmao
5. Comment so that i know you've
recieved the poster. let me know if you have any feedback :D please try picking up poster within 2 weeks of me uploading it. *if you are unhappy with your poster or want to change something, i accept redos just dm me 
6. Credit me using this banner and a link to the shop (you could place it at the bottom in the 'foreward' section).
7. Use poster for at least a week ><
8. This is optional but if you really liked your poster, an upvote would be cool too :'D
Thank you.
ありがとう ございます。

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frequently asked questions
Q. I have a question?
A. Comment below or message me :)

Q. Can I cancel my request?
A. Yes within 24 hours of requesting but please message me asap D;

Q. Is this free?
A. Hell ye 

Q. Do you accept drafted stories?
A. Yes, as long as you will eventually publish it, using my poster for at least a week.

Q. Can I ask for a redo/ can you fix something on the poster ?
A. Yes message me and we can discuss it :)

Q. How long do I have to wait?
A. A week at most, I will alert you if there are any problems.

Q. How do I make a suggestion?
A. Message me or comment below B)

Q. Are you hiring?
A. Possibly in the future but not now.

Q. Are there any restrictions when requesting?
A. Very likely none, but I will alert you if I can't accept your request :)
do i even need to use this lolol 
request list 
username: deedee101

username: psyche_

username: velvid

username: dinjin
in progress

username: deepestground
in progress

username: elsyianwonders
in progress

username: venelle
in progress

username: deedee101
in progress

comment below to become affilates

credits to
open now to take 5 requests :D
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