###5.3: Lovers; Past & Future, It's Us - Part 3

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Hanbin yawns for the seventh times but he still won’t stop drawing. The next deadline will be in another 3 days, and although he has mostly finished the chapter, he can’t rest still. His paranoia and perfectionist kicking him making him feeling like he has to redo everything from scratch only that he doesn’t. Erasing the last sketch, he grabs the pen back and draws more, too absorbed in his own work till he doesn’t realize the person entering his room.


“You’re not sleeping yet?” He turns behind to see none other than Chanwoo standing over there. Hanbin smiles as he takes the younger by the waist and pulls him to sit on his laps. He likes to do that nowadays, feel like holding his world right in his embrace.


“I still got 2 more pages.” Chanwoo’s face lit up hearing that. “But I need to check it all over again. Can’t let it be messy.”


“Hyung you’ve been working all nights long.” Chanwoo coaxes him, his hand rubbing Hanbin’s shoulder gently. “Besides, your editor will check on it right? So what’s the fuss?”


“I know, it’s just…” he trails off, hand rubbing his eyes to get rid of the lethargy or working continuously. “I want them to be perfect. What happens if I drew it wrong?” Hanbin frustratingly says, hand still holding onto the pen, the light from the tablet shining through his eyes. The sketch is for the last chapter of the story he’s working for; the story about Chanwoo and him. Perfection is a must, he wants everything to be perfect, for the world to know the devastating and beautiful love story that is thorn with fate.


Just as when he wants to start, a pair of strong and delicate arms surround his neck. Chanwoo hugs him tightly, planting soft kisses at the back of Hanbin’s neck. Gesture always manages to calm Hanbin down. “When will you realize nothing is perfect in this world?” As he said then, Hanbin pats on his back softly, Chanwoo understands the signal, loosens the hug and he is met with his lover’s dark raven orbs staring at his lovingly. A hand playing with his bang.


“You are perfect.” Hanbin remarks making Chanwoo laughs. They share a kiss then, Hanbin no longer minding the work in front of him.





Chanwoo silently stares at the document in his hand. Finally, after almost a month working hard on his research, it’s time for him to return to Guangzhou. Chanwoo’s time in Korea is almost nearing its end, for now of course. He walks slowly to Hanbin’s apartment, both of them promise to have lunch together and spending time with each other for one whole day. Hanbin has just finished his draft and he said he wants to show something to Chanwoo; the ending to his manhwa, their story. Chanwoo can’t wait to read it, his steps are light as feather as he walks through the pedestrians in joy.


He notices the light is green thus he crosses over the road. But he doesn’t realize a car speeding towards him, unheeding of the street light. Before Chanwoo could run, the loud screeching sound of tires hitting the road is the last thing he heard.





He rushes to the emergency, eyes scanning the place furiously whilst his legs won’t stop running around the place. He asks the nurse in the counter for help, searching for his name. When he’s brought to a cubicle with the curtains closed, his heart prays for the younger to be just fine. As when the curtain is pulled over, he’s ushered inside to meet a man sitting on a chair right beside the bed. Chanwoo lifts his head up to meet his visitor, his hand holding a towel pressed on the side of his head. He seems fine.


Hanbin could feel his 10 years of living is stored back. Not even waiting for the nurse to leave, he dashes forward to take the younger into his embrace. Chanwoo has his face fully engulfed by Hanbin’s broad chest, he has to push a little bit to allow some air for himself. As when the older releases him, his hands frantically roaming through Chanwoo’s body, the action causing him to yelp in surprise.


“A—Are you alright? Do you hurt anywhere?” Then Hanbin’s eyes fall on the small wound on the younger’s side of head, just an inch above his right eyebrow. His fingers quickly touching it gently, “what’s this? Are you bleeding badly?” Chanwoo feels flustered by the shot of many questions. He smiles warmly towards the worried older but Hanbin can’t even bring himself to find anything funny. He’s all frown and worried.


“Hyung, I’m fine. Don’t worry, it’s just a scratch.” Chanwoo says, bringing the small icepack to the wound to stop the bleeding and swelling.


“Are you sure? H—How are you feeling now? Dizzy?” Hanbin moves the blanket on top of the bed. “Come lay down.” Chanwoo has to stop him.


“Hyung, please. I’m alright.” Hanbin can’t stop fumbling with the blanket. Only by then Chanwoo notices how his fingers and hands tremble badly. “Hanbinnie.” The nickname gets the older to stop at last, he stands there stiff like rock. Only both his hands keep trembling. Chanwoo feels bad watching him like that so he eventually stands up and takes him in his embrace tight. By the moment he did that, Hanbin whole body shaken. “I’m sorry I made you worry.” Chanwoo mutters, putting his head right behind Hanbin’s neck as he gives him a back hug from his side, both his arms locking the older neck securely. Chanwoo can’t see his lover face but he knows the older already has his whole face turning red. Few droplets fall on his sleeve.


Chanwoo secures the hug tighter as he feels Hanbin’s hand pulling on his arm slowly but he doesn’t mean to let go. He just let it hanging there as Hanbin silently sobs. “I—I can’t do this anymore.” Canwoo’s eyebrows furrowed close hearing that. “I can’t go through this again.” At that the hand tugging his arm pulls on it as Chanwoo’s hug is broken. The older faces him, only then Chanwoo sees how puffy and red Hanbin face is. But that’s not his concern. The thing catching his attention is how hurtful the older look. How his eyes scream to him about something, even beg. Chanwoo couldn’t catch on it but he knows whatever Hanbin wants, he won’t like it.


He watches the older sniffling and sobbing, having quite a hard time to make out words in his crying state. “We can’t do this anymore, Chanwoo-ah.” He says. “You can’t be with me. Or else you…..” He stops, more hot tears leaving his orbs down to his flawless cheeks. Chanwoo starts to breathe heavily listening to Hanbin’s words. “H—Hyung, wh—what are you saying?” he inquires, eyes big and trance defensive. Hanbin closes his eyes, gulping down and then opens his eyes again to face him.


“We have to stop seeing each other. One of us will get hurt if we are together.” He utters, the meaning slowly sinking into Chanwoo’s brain.


Huffing in anger and perplexities he demands answer, “What are you talking about?! It’s just an accident. Anyone could have that!” but Hanbin won’t listen.


“You don’t get it! If you’re with me, you’ll die!” Shouts him to Chanwoo, his whole body wrecking in tremble as he gets that out from his mouth. Hanbin’s face is beef red as he stares at his lover with desperation. “I can’t go through that again. Do you know how hard it is to live without you?! I can’t go on living like that…”


“Then you think it’s any way easier for me?” Chanwoo spat, eyes sharp and face blank. His words laced with malice but truth. One that both of them know so well.


Hanbin clicks his tongue, both hands wiping the continuous flowing tears by his palm. “Of course not. It scarred both of us badly.” Sighing out loud he takes a last stare right into Chanwoo’s eyes. “Which is why we should stop, before one of us got hurt badly.” Chanwoo gaps widely, can’t believe what his ears are hearing. “We have to break up, you go back to China, and we’ll never meet each other again.”


Chanwoo starts to huff up loudly, his arms flailing up like birds raging its wings furiously against the harsh wind. He can’t believe it all. “Are you mad?! I won’t leave you again, no! You’re insane!” He screams, not even caring the fact that they are in a damn hospital. He takes a step closer to Hanbin. “I need you, hyung.” A tear escape his eyes, staring

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