#1: Back Off, He’s MY Fiancé. ~ Parte 1

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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I made this into two parts because 1: this first part takes 14 pages and 2: the inspiration for this is just too much haha. xP But don't worry allz~ especially koojung, I will finish this in this week. There is just a little bit more to write. ^^


First prompt guys!~ Enjoys ;)
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A/N: The Italics one is Chanwoo's thought. And tell me if I should delete the spacing. Who knows it might be troublesome on phone.




  Chanwoo starts working at Hanbin's family company & everything is all good except for Hanbin's little brother, Junhoe who keeps hitting on Chanwoo.

- koojung





It is a new day for Chanwoo, a new beginning that he needs to venture on, a new job that he has to fulfill whole-heartedly and of course, a new trouble –Though he has no premonition on it yet. –



                After 5 years struggling hard with books, assignments and an isolation from the world, finally he has graduated from SNU with an honor. Today he is accepted working in a prestigious and highly known pre tech company in Geoma-ro, Seoul. Of course he gets to work there on his own effort but definitely there are some strings been pulled, and Chanwoo has all the entire ideas in the universe that his assumption is indeed true alongside the perpetrator behind it all.



                The company where Chanwoo will start on working is a family company inherited from generations to generations that has been operating for years; that is a thing that he is absolutely certain. How did he know that, don’t ask. However, working in such a noted company has never been his intention but somehow, fate brings him there. –In which fate got its own name but, let’s not dwell on it too much for now. –



                Well, basically nothing much to say about himself. He is just an ordinary man, born in an ordinary family with his father as a businessman with a fashion company in New York at hand and his mother working in the entertainment industry. Besides, as a bit of introduction, he got involved in acting too once when he was still a child. Alright, enough with his background. About his new workplace, there is also nothing much to say about the company. It is a very big, notorious and progressive company.



                Except that it belongs to his future father-in-law with his fiancé working as the Vice President of the company and soon to inherit the same building and all that involves with it. Yeah, basically nothing much to say on that.    



“Here I am.”



                He mutters out under his breath, eyes on the tall building in front of him. He has his head facing upwards and heart beating loudly in anxiety. He doesn’t know why he has to feel nervous. As much as he can remember, –all memories go down the drains already he can’t recall it correctly– this is not the first time he steps his feet in the place. He has been there countless of times before when he was still a child with his father when he took him to visit his old friend for a cup of tea; wealthy people ways of hanging out, Chanwoo will never understand it though he is raised that way.



                Right leg stepping first, and then he walks his way to the receptionist desk before the kind young lady takes him to the top floor of the building. After minutes feeling like a thousand year, he is now standing in front of the President’s office. Cold sweats form on his forehead when a small but audible voice of a man calling for them to enter. He steps inside the huge room after the lady and is met with a middle-aged man around the same age as his father tentatively signing papers and documents on the table. When he lifts his head, a small smile breaks on his old features seeing the person he has been waiting for.



                “Ah finally, our new member of the family.” Chanwoo knows that the word ‘family’ is referring to the company but, he can’t help but for his heart to skip a happy beat hearing it. Although it’s on a different topic, he will be a family of the man soon. Hopefully. “Welcome aboard, Jung Chanwoo-shii. We have been waiting for you since ages!”



                His future father-in-law comes forward and gathers him into a hug. The man pats his back affectionately, the smile on his face grows much bigger. Laughter escapes his mouth and Chanwoo has his arm patted a bit harder by the old man. But it doesn’t feel hurt, not at all. If there is one word to describe the situation, he chooses it as welcomed. He feels welcomed there.



                The truth is, he shouldn’t be seeing the President directly. His position in the company is not that big for him to have a direct encounter with the owner of the company himself but after he reported himself at the receptionist desk earlier, the lady told him that she had received an order directly by the President to bring him to his office right after he walked through the main door. And now here he is, with his documents been checked thoroughly by his father’s best friend, his boss –that if he is accepted to work here– though he’s not even looking at them. He is too busy talking to Chanwoo asking ‘how is his father doing’ and ‘is there anyone bullying him in the dorm or something’. It feels annoying but the warmness couldn’t be avoided.



                Of course he is accepted to work there. Chanwoo couldn’t describe how happy he is to hear that but he is all aware that the strings are not pulled by his future father-in–okay enough with that Chanwoo, let’s just call him ‘uncle’. You call him that all the time! The old man has been seriously thinking on taking him in for work and not because of their families’ relationship status. When he thinks about it again, he just knows exactly who is the person who is pulling him in to the company.



                Before he realizes it, that exact person has been waiting outside. With a knock on the wooden door, he enters and the striking scent of a man’s perfume engulfs the whole room hurting his nose receptors but his heart blooms instead. He recognizes that scent anywhere he goes. After the person closes his distance with the President and Chanwoo, bows respectively to his uncle, he comes closer to take the young man into his arms and squeezes the air out from him entirely with ecstatic shouts resembling a 7-years-old kid.



“Chanu-ah! I miss you soooooo much!!!”



                The laughs that come out from Hanbin are a pleasant melody to his ears. He misses his voice so much, his scent and the warmth of his body makes Chanwoo’s heart wavers with the longing slowly melting. The strong arms of the man that is tightly holding him make him feels like he is being protected from all the evil things in this world. How he misses all of these things.



                When the hug is broken, Chanwoo is met with the silly goofy smile belongs to the man he has been wanting to see after all these past 5 years. His fiancé, the Vice President of the company; Kim Hanbin.



“Alright, I know that you guys haven’t been seeing each other for a long time already but, Hanbin-ah, he needs to start working right now. Let him go.”



                There come the orders from the President, his dearest uncle, the father of his dearest fiancé. His voice sounds firm, but it’s not that bewildering for Chanwoo. He always hears this tone of voice of his uncle whenever he speaks to his son. The simple thought that he can still hear it again makes his heart flutters in happiness nostalgically.



                “Appa please, Chanwoo just got here. And by the way,” Hanbin pauses his words to turn his attention back to his fiancé. There is a familiar glint in his eyes that Chanwoo knows the meaning behind it. He can recognize it anywhere and anytime. It’s the same longing that mirrors his own. Hanbin missing him too is just so overwhelming for Chanwoo to accept.



                “Why are you getting so thin?! Your baby fats are all gone. You are not my cute Chanu anymore~” The pinch on his cheeks, the whine and the voice has Chanwoo laughing harder than he should, harder than he has been for years. The unexpected and cringe aegyo of Hanbin is overboard. But Chanwoo just takes it for the day. It’s been a long time after all since he has this.



                   By the time Hanbin couldn’t stop pinching and assaulting the younger, another knocks on the door catch their attentions. The door opens and a young man, around the same age as Chanwoo, or perhaps even older enters the room. He wears a yellow shirt tucks in to his black dark pants, tie neatly placed around his neck and face serious as hell. Chanwoo has to say that he looks smart, and good looking too, but still yeah he can’t beat my fiancé for sure. However, his face, he has a feeling that he has seen that face before.



                   “Why did you call me for?” It takes a while for him to realize that the words are not for him, nor for his fiancé but to the President himself. The lack of honorifics in the sentence make Chanwoo frowns, his eyebrows knitted together in utter confusion. Why is this man so rude?



                   Realizing how tense he has become, the President says, “Chanwoo-ah, do you know him?” He asks the younger, voice sounds light. Chanwoo doesn’t know how to answer that thus he just keeps quiet while eyes darting around the room in awkwardness trying to dig through his memory box about the man’s identity.



                 “Well, from the look of it, it seems like he doesn’t.” Now it intrigues his interest hearing the tone in his fiancé’s voice. Is Hanbin… mocking? Why? What’s the matter? Is the mock meant for the man?



                 “Love, don’t you remember this brat over here?” Hanbin asks him, hand ghosting behind his back lovingly. If only the situation is less confusing, he could just enjoy the skin ship given, enjoy the pet name that Hanbin always loves to use whenever they are together. He misses it so much but the situation at hand is forcing him to drop it entirely. He tries harder to remember the man though he can’t. But he knows that he has met him before. The face looks so familiar to him.



                 It makes all his senses died when the said man gives him a smirk. It seems cold and Chanwoo is suddenly struck with fear. Or perhaps he is intimidated? He decides to choose the latter. There is no way he will be afraid of a mere stranger. Or is he really a stranger?



                    “After all of these years, how could you just forget this beauty standing before you?” Chanwoo hears he said, and he swears with his mother’s life that his uncle is trying to stifle his laughter and Hanbin is practically scoffing hard. “Have you forgotten about me already, Jung Chanwoo?”



                    That voice, the way his name is pronounced by the stranger. The vibe in his deep voice sends a chill down his spine and a few sparks to his head. Now he is deadly certain that he has met this man before. He knows him, so well like he knows his fiancé. Like he knows himself. No way.



                       “Oh my God, could you be…” He breaks away from Hanbin’s hold, the scoff from the latter is ignored. “Junhoe? You are him, right? Our Ju-ne?”



                       Finally, he remembers him. His childhood friend, his brother, Hanbin’s younger brother, Junhoe. And when the latter smiles at him, this time warmly he knows that he is right. It is him, after all these years the said sassy maknae of Hanbin has grown up so well. Chanwoo can’t help but to be mesmerized by the whole ordeal. With that small reunion after years, he thoughts that it will be a good time.




                        Apparently it’s just the starting of the massive World War III.







“Hanbin, please stop it already.”



                       Counting the times he has been saying that, it’s been 10th time already but still Hanbin refuses to leave Chanwoo alone. The older gives him excuses saying that his fiancé is new to the company and hasn’t been able to blend in well which Chanwoo thinks of it as a big bulls– okay no, no cursing. Be strong Jung Chanwoo. You can handle this. Well, it definitely can’t be avoided not to say that he has been repeating the same words over and over again in his head, trying to cool his anger and annoyance down towards Hanbin who is now sitting on the deskwork full of files and documents, facing Chanwoo that is trying so hard not to punch the photocopy machine to pieces. –He can’t punch Hanbin, he loves that idiot too much. –



                       As a record, it is just 10 in the morning, and 2 hours since Chanwoo reported himself to the company. Yet he has 2 files to inspect through, a meeting at 1 and a very much annoying and overprotective plus undeniably over caring fiancé to handle with.




                        Remember when Chanwoo said he enjoyed and missed all the attentions Hanbin gave him, he takes it back.




“But I haven’t seen you for 5 years. 5 years! Don’t you know how hard it was for me to live my life without you? I missed you so much that I could just die!”



                       Yeah there he goes. When it comes to over exaggeration, give it to Kim Hanbin. He deserves all the awards in the world. Don’t forget how big his eyes become and how he purposely stretches his neck like a giraffe just to express how genuine his words are. It takes all of Chanwoo’s willpower to not cackle out in laughter because at this rate, Hanbin can just live together with the giraffes in the zoo.



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