###5.2: Lovers; Past & Future, It's US - Part 2

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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As much as crazy as it sounds like, Chanwoo is getting addicted to the story. In fact, among the chapters that have written so far, among half of it is 90% similar to his dreams, and Chanwoo is damn sure of it. Which also means, the artist drawing them is definitely someone who shares the same past life as he is; his past lover.


Chanwoo knows the initial of Han Kim is. It stands for Kim Hanbin, and the name is very familiar to him as Chanwoo’s partner sometimes bear that name in the past. He is deadly certain of it to be the same Kim Hanbin of his and the one he sees that day. It is true, Chanwoo has never been wrong.


In gratitude to the sponsors of his presentation day, he manages to track down the Kim Hanbin, and the man with the said name is the exact man who’s likely starting a fight with him that day. He is the Kim Hanbin, a comic-artist under the name of Han Kim although that information is maybe known to specific people.


So he comes searching for him, being famous himself isn’t make it harder to search for another famous person. He obtains Hanbin’s address and Chanwoo drives all the way to his apartment. Chanwoo asks the security man about the floor Hanbin’s lived but he can’t get up that easily. Thus he waits for the time when he can go up. Fortunately, the security tells Hanbin through the phone that he is the artist’s friend and Hanbin believes it. Chanwoo makes his way all up to see Hanbin, until he is standing right in front of his door. The door opened, and Hanbin falls into silence watching him there.


Both of them didn’t speak.





His slender fingers tap on the I Pad screen, scrolling through the pages of manhwa but his eyes isn’t exactly reading them. Chanwoo has read all of it already, down to the latest chapter. Thus there’s no need for him to read them anymore, to let his heart falls into another turmoil of emotion looking at the scenery that he can only behold in his dream drew so nicely and detailed on a piece of white paper virtually.


Hanbin is seated before him on the couch. Both of them are inside Hanbin’s living room, the artist invites him over after minutes standing outside staring at each other. The surrounding is dead silence, the only noise-breaking is the tapping of Chanwoo’s tips on the screen.


“This is actually good.” He voices out first, hands still holding the I Pad. The end of his orbs eyeing Hanbin who’s watching him quite sharp.


“Thank you.” Hanbin says although his face shows no emotion. “How did you know I live here?”


Chanwoo puts the I Pad down on his lap, sitting up straight as he speaks. “I got it from my sponsorship members. I’m sorry, I know it’s rude of me.” He bows down, feeling quite guilty for invading someone’s privacy. Hanbin nods his head, accepting it. “That’s fine. I don’t mind. It’s not everyday finding a fan barging into my house.”


Chanwoo couldn’t help but to let out a small chuckle hearing that. “I am not your fan.”


“Are you sure? Because your way of finding my house and me say quite the opposite.” Said Hanbin, giving his another mocking smile.


Chanwoo wants to fight back, as the gears inside his brain functioning well for that. “You don’t like it?” He watches the man before him with a playful glint in his eyes, but the one in Hanbin’s tell another story. The reflection of his orbs is the same like the day they met at Chanwoo’s presentation day, longing and lonesome. It makes Chanwoo’s smile drop down.


He takes notice of the man’s posture, how laidback he is sitting down with one arm slings over the back of the couch, one leg crosses the other. Yet his aura doesn’t give any confidence, as if he’s scared, vulnerable; weak. To what? “No, I like it.” Chanwoo’s brows furrow hearing it. Without him knowing, his eyes is locked with Hanbin’s. No one wanting to break away, a tranquility too calm to drive away from. Suddenly Chanwoo notices Hanbin’s hand shaking, light tremor but visible enough to see effortlessly.


“Are you alright?” He has to ask nonetheless, still not breaking away his eye contact with the man.


“Yes.” Hanbin answers. “I’m just tired. Been staying up all night for work.”


“Ah, I’m sorry. I should leave then and you should rest.” Chanwoo puts down the tablet on the coffee table right beside his cup of coffee before standing up. But then his hand is grabbed by Hanbin, the touch is tight yet not hurtful. Chanwoo is taken aback as his eyes stick close to Hanbin’s face. Their faces are so close until he can feel the other’s breath on him. It drives his heart crazy somehow.


“P—Please stay.” Voice Hanbin in whisper, his deep tone surprising Chanwoo. The hand on his is still holding him down, Chanwoo can feel the touch burns into his skin. A sensation he will never forget yet one he feels he has always been remembering them.


Chanwoo wants to cry. He doesn’t know why. “O—Okay.” And Chanwoo takes his seat back, the touch untangled by then.


“I—I’m sorry. I—It’s just….” Hanbin trails off as he stands up straight, his face no longer holding the emotionless nor stoic expression yet a very shameful and sad one. It tugs at Chanwoo’s hea

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