###5.1: Lovers; Past & Future, It's US - Part 1

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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  Chanwoo keeps getting those dreams; where he lives in different era, different places, different person.   And in those dreams that keep changing, there is only one thing that is constant.   A person; and now in reality, he eventually meets him. Someone who he hold dear yet has no recognition of him.




One time, he has a dream about himself in an old shabby horse stable, him grooming the creatures diligently. The creatures bear no fear to him, like they are used to his presence, to his attention. Then out of nowhere, sometimes, his stable would be visited by a company. A young man, wearing a fancy clothes yet the humbleness screaming right through his dark orbs straight to him, a gaze he longs for. The man would touch him and he’s at the eternal bliss. No one could destroy his little dream.


Except it does when the country is on fire, the blaze coming from the war takes everything he ever loved. Including the young man; the son of a noble lord fighting the war to save his people. He died right in the stable boy’s embrace at the early dawn when the trumpet of victory is heard, yet many lives come at stake.


That time, Chanwoo is a stable boy; a commoner working for the noble house for a living. While Hanbin is the noble’s son, died protecting his land. They are lovers separated by death.





There’s other time too where he dreams of himself lying on the bed, squirming and stretching his body for comfort. His body is wrapped by white furs, smooth and shiny like pearl in the ocean. Eyes big and rounded black that could trap you for eternity with its adorable and cute antics. He’s a cat, a Persian species that is loved dearly by his master. Every evening his master would return home from a long day of working, gives him food and pets him. It’s a wonderful and comfortable life being a cat. He loves his master dearly, the person who takes care of him ever since he’s found in the street scratching for food to live with his tiny paws. His life hasn’t been much better since coming into the house.


But a feline’s lifespan and humans’ are different for he died when his time has come. His master holding his cold and stilled body, there are tears stricken down his face. But what’s is done cannot be undone. The dead remains dead; that has always it been.


In that moment, Chanwoo is the white Persian cat while its master is Hanbin. They are a cat and its owner who lived in a different lifespan.





For when he thoughts the dreams would be over, it isn’t. The next one he dreams of himself as a prince; an heir to the throne of a kingdom blessed with prosperity and peace. He’s forced in an arranged marriage with a princess from a neighbor country for a political reason. Without the knowledge of the king and the queen, the crown prince is already courted in secret by one of the knights. Their meeting at nights is secretive, the sweet nothing promises and subtle touches are thing they deem precious. But fate is crueler than their forbidden love.


The crown prince married the princess despite the countless begs of the knight. The night before the marriage takes place, the palace is attacked. The king is sacrificed, the queen, the prince and half of the kingdom’s people flee for sanctuary. They are protected by the knights stopping the enemy from approaching further. For when they’ve reached the sanctuary far in the mountain, the crown prince comes back to the palace searching for his lover. He has found him, lying on the ground outside the garden with blood pooling around his body. The prince takes him into his hold, his hand searching for the knight’s heartbeat.


It is still there; his heart is still beating. He’s alive and that’s all that matters to the prince. When the knight opens his eyes, he searches for the prince’s. His bloodied hand takes hold of the prince’s face, cupping it gently. Tears fall down from the prince’s big brown eyes.


“Y—You have to live.” The knight mutters. “That’s all that matters....” His body feels so numb. His vision becomes blurry but the sight of his loved one remains not ceasing. A smile returns to his lips as his hand wipes the tears falling down the prince’s face. The small gesture grabs the prince’s attention. “Please stop crying. You are most beautiful with smiles on your face, my prince.”


But the tears remain falling, the prince’s hold onto the knight body becomes tighter. He knows the time will come. “P—Please don’t l—leave me.” He says. “I need you.”


The eyes of the knight watches him with so much affection in his eyes. The longing and admiration are shining in his orbs. He’s weakening but the hand cupping the prince’s face keeps steady. “No, it’s me who needs you the most. And so do your people.” His hand slowly loses its grip, but he prince holds it for him in his hand, not letting go just yet. He still won’t let the knight go. The bloodied man couldn’t keep his eyes open much longer, his gaze diverts to the sky above him. The clouds are turning a shade of orange and yellow, it’s nearing dawn. What a beautiful sight for him to die he thoughts.


Feeling the life draining out of him, he takes a one last glance to the prince above him, the smile unfaltering as he mutters his confession. Then his eyes remain shut, not opening again and the sun rises. The prince wails for the lost of his lover as he hugs the body close to himself, tears falling onto the pool of red crimson blood.


“I love you, my prince. I’ll be missing you.”



In that cruel lifetime filled with unfairness and death, Chanwoo is a crown prince while Hanbin is the fallen knight falling to the doom of his death to save his beloved prince. Fate and death separating them again.







He dreams of more of course. There’s a time when he’s a barber while Hanbin is a farmer, a teacher and a student, siblings and the list goes on. He has always seen the same man with different names living as a different person all over again but it has always been the two of them together. A mystery he is dread to solve just yet. Chanwoo is haunted by the dreams when he’s barely 9, at first the dreams are very vivid, almost unseen but he knows it is there. He tells his parents once about it but they dismiss it off claiming it to be just a mere dream. He believes in that. But after years dreaming the same dreams with the same person over and over again, he knows it means something. Yet at that time he’s only 16, what much he can do?


And now he’s already 23 but the dreams are still haunting him. Every single night and it drives Chanwoo crazy. He wishes he can know the reason of it, but he got nowhere to start looking. He did some research about past life; an encounter with a psychology professor in Australia gives him some head start yet it’s all in vain. No solid evidence to backup his research and Chanwoo is once again left in dark. Thus he comes back to China, his hometown with a messed up mind and feeling dispirited.


However, giving up is not in his book. So Chanwoo continues on with his research. His focus on the specific psychological aspect of past life that subsides through the sub-conscious state inside one’s mind and soul gained attention of experts among Asia. Even his professors back at the university praise him for his excellency in researching and studies of Psychology Hypnosis. It’s an honor to himself and all his efforts for years in studying, at last, his effort is paid off when he’s invited to South Korea to present about his research in public with attendance of many experts around the globe.


He flies all the way from Guangzhou to Seoul, arrived at the said place yet the first thing he does is setting up an appointment with one of psychologist in the country. Chanwoo eventually met Gong Youngil, a colleague of his professor and he will be helping him for some materials regarding the research. As he’s about to enter the office, he’s bumped against someone. Chanwoo almost loses his balance but fortunately he doesn’t fall down. The other way around for the other person. Feeling bad—although the stranger is the one pushing him, Chanwoo lends a hand to help him up. But before their hands touched, Chanwoo gets to see the face of the person.


He’s stunned, all system falling down and hands turning numb. At the exact moment his eyes locked with the stranger’s, Chanwoo is petrified. He couldn’t move especially when the stranger’s face caught his utmost attention. He has seen it before, countless, hundreds, thousands of time endlessly repeating inside his mind in a loop. It’s the same man in his dreams, the one he keeps dreaming about in various scenarios, various lives. Chanwoo can’t describe his emotion at the moment, for the subject of his devotion to his studies in these indispensable 5 years of hard work is right in front of him.


The unspoken feeling budding inside his heart for when Chanwoo wishes to call for his name, he’s taken aback. For the man goes by many names in his dreams. He couldn’t make up which one is the right one or the one suited the man standing there in this lifetime—oh, he’s standing already and great, he doesn’t even take his hand. Figures?


“I apologize for that.” The man said, whilst his hands busy roaming his clothes to get rid of the imaginary dust. Chanwoo could only watch him in silent. “I’m in a hurry, I didn’t see you.” He continues on, eyes not looking at him. Chanwoo might starting to think that his shirt is far more precious than his attitude.


“It’s alright.” But Chanwoo intends to let it just pass. “I hope you’re alright. Are you okay? You fell down just now.” He meant well as Chanwoo slowly reaches his hand forward but the man slaps it away. The harsh and sudden treatment surprise Chanwoo as he looks the man looking at him coldly. His face, one that Chanwoo has seen so many times make the latter feels like crying. He’s still the same. Nothing changes on his flawless, well-sculpted and defined face. It tugs on his heartstring at how lucky he is to finally meet him in real life, no longer requiring closed eyes and dark room in the night to sleep for inviting the dreams of his past life knocking on his door.


The stranger must have felt his creepiness for his face scrunches up in annoyance and he said, “If there’s anything else can I go now?” Chanwoo breaking away from his trance wants to ask for his number but the man already walking away leaving him. Chanwoo feels his heart sinks. When he has just met his past life lover he messes it up badly. Now he wonders if there will be any chances for them to meet again.


Despite the disappointment, he couldn’t stop the butterflies in his stomach. It feels so surreal, that the fate gives him another chance to meet his beloved someone again. A chance he wouldn’t let it be in waste. Chanwoo hopes their paths will cross way again.

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