The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Hello~ It's time to announce the pair for the new shop's theme~~

First of all, thank you for all that votes, your help is much appreciated by me ^^


The pair chosen by YOU is:




 *insert drum roll lol*



JunChan 13 votes ChanBin 10 votes YunChan 6 votes ChanHwan 5 votes



Now, here's the deal: I will open up the request starting from NOW. The theme will me SHORT STORY. Follow the instruction:


PM me your request following THIS FORM I will choose the best prompt sent and write it only based on the TOP 4 above. Others will be rejected Make sure to write the prompt properly or else it will be rejected Make sure to send your prompt before 15/12 Thank you~ I'll be waiting ^^



I'm anticipating great ideas from all of you~~~ :)


Penguin. [/CONTEN

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Last prompt is posted and shop is closed. ^^ See you guys in a few months to come. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE ❤️
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