##6: Unconfessed Confession [SPECIAL CHAPTER]

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED, FINISHING REQUEST)
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Writing this out of stressed between too much study and not studying at all (well only a bit studying which is a big no no)

Lol. First time writing with phone.




Your Color Ring....

It's Killing Me....


And Everything Of Us That Ever Existed.







Hanbin: Good morning 


Hanbin: What are you doing? Are you alright? 


Hanbin: i hope you're doing well




iKON Chatroom


Jinhwan: Is everyone already in the practice room?


Bobby: Minus the leader, Yunhyeong and me


Jinhwan: Where are you Jiwon?


Bobby: Handling the mess up leader and a crazily mad Yunhyeong 


Jinhwan: Where


Bobby: Recording room


Jinhwan: don't tell me


Bobby: like usual 


Bobby: they are fighting 


Jinhwan: oh God


Jinhwan: You got them?


Bobby: barely


Bobby: Yunhyeong has just walked out from the room. His expression is not a good one. And so does his attitude right now


Bobby: he's angry


Jinhwan: Hanbin?


Bobby: what do you expect hyung


Donghyuk is online


Bobby: For sure it's not a good one


Junhoe is online


Donghyuk: is everything okay?


Junhoe: has anything ever been okay this few weeks?


Jinhwan: June yah


Donghyuk: what's your problem I'm just asking.


Bobby: I'll try to talk with Hanbin.


Bobby: Will be there in a few minutes


Bobby: hopefully


Jinhwan: I'll get Yunhyeong 


Bobby is offline


Jinhwan is offline


Junhoe: there's no talking with him


Junhoe: won't give any difference. 


Donghyuk: just let hyung tries it out


Junhoe: you know there is only one person who can talk some s into that thick headed leader of ours.




Donghyuk: June


Donghyuk: please 


Donghyuk: don't do this to me. To all of us. 


Junhoe: whatever. I'm only saying the truth 


Donghyuk is offline


Junhoe: i hope he's still here with us....... 




Hanbin: Have you eaten anything? 


Hanbin: it's the rice cake season now. You must have liked them a lot. I remembered that you asked (even pleaded perhaps) me to buy them for you


Hanbin: I put condition only if you could nail the 'Kiss Goodbye' stage.


Hanbin: and you did. It was awesome. 


Hanbin: when it was with you, everything was awesome. 




Hanbin: i hope you're here with me. 




iKON Chatroom


Yunhyeong: please


Yunhyeong: somebody just please stop all of this


Yunhyeong: I'm tired of it. Everyday when practicing instead of working as a team, we are just looking at our own reflection without giving a single damn care about others.


Yunhyeong: none of the practice ends well. It would only finished with a scream and shout then somebody crying and lastly the door is slammed shut to our faces by either one of you.


Yunhyeong: no more recordings, our dances and steps are all over the places, our teamwork is ruined.....


Yunhyeong: seriously, i have nothing more to say


Yunhyeong: Kim Hanbin


Yunhyeong: you are sad and mourning. We know that


Yunhyeong: all of us are doing exactly that.


Yunhyeong: i only have one request for you. Stop stop and STOP acting like you are the only one hurting bcoz of all of this


Bobby: Yunhyeong 


Yunhyeong: I'm so sick of you and your stupid attitude! Yes, you want to cry, you want to scream. Go ahead! None of us are stopping you


Jinhwan: yunhyeong ah please 


Yunhyeong: but not at our own face! Not at mine especially. You don't have any right to yell at me when the only thing I'm doing is to get my brother back to being himself


Donghyuk: hyung please....... 


Yunhyeong: you want to go and rot yourself in the studio. You can do it then. Go ahead. Do it


Yunhyeong: but if you think our maknae will be

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Chapter 40: My chanbob heart is alive hahahaahhahahah yassss!!
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Chapter 40: Oh hanbin-ah, why are you so clueless baby :)

Anyway congrats on completing this prompt,
I hope to see more stories from you in near future ;D
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Can you make one with Junhoe, where Chanwoo was giving him a massage on their fansign?
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Chapter 39: n in the last one Chanu said that his hero in iKon is Bobby XD
hows hanbin heart ?¿
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Chapter 38: I guess june is drunk XD
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Chapter 39: kkkke as always maknae on top yaaaa >,< and jealousy hanbin is sooo cute ^^
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Chapter 39: Two update from you authornim Thank youuuu so muchhh .
I LOVE To read Hanbin being jealous ! Chanbin ♡
& the bickering of junchan is so cute !
I dont know if you saw yesterday, at the fanmeeting every junchan moment & this epic moment of chanbob when chanwoo accidentally given him the finger with the glove of thanos their reaction was so cute lool
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Chapter 39: Maknae on top stay winning, bye hanbin XD
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Chapter 39: I'm letting the biggest uwu here! Hanbin being jealous is so cute! I really love Chanbin, they're making me feel giddy!!!
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Chapter 38: Ah this is so cute