##3.2: Pricked On The Wrong Side

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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June: Chanwoo?


June: I am sorry


June: For everything.


June: I really am





iKON's dorm; 10:15 PM
-After practice-


iKON Chatroom


Yunhyeong: I’ve figured it out


Yunhyeong: God, you guys won’t believe it


Donghyuk: Huh? What is it?


Hanbin: What?


Hanbin: Is this about Chanwoo?


Bobby: Tell us what is it


Yunhyeong: Jinhwan hyung is right. He isn’t just angry about June mocking his parents that way


Yunhyeong: and calling him names


Yunhyeong: actually the part calling him names is what this is all about


Donghyuk: what is all about?


Yunhyeong: His anger


Yunhyeong: and surprisingly phobia


Hanbin: What? Phobia?


Bobby: What is this? What’s going on with Chanwoo?


Bobby: What did he tell you, Yunhyeong?


Yunhyeong: He was bullied once when he was in middle school


Yunhyeong: He said he was often being called with names through his class’s telegram and other chatrooms.


Yunhyeong: His classmates called him with thousands of horrible names and even posted his pictures that was edited to the SNS as a way to mock him


Yunhyeong: and one of the names turn out to be ‘fat cheeks’


Donghyuk: Oh God


Bobby: damn


Yunhyeong: Yes. And Chanwoo experienced such things for months until his mother found out about it and she went to see the principal asking for the school to take action.


Yunhyeong: After that everything was fine and Chanwoo wasn’t disturbed anymore through chatrooms by his friends.


Yunhyeong: But the scar is long lasting I swear to you


Hanbin: Oh God what have we done


Donghyuk: That was terrible


Donghyuk: It’s cyberbullying


Donghyuk: And we turn out to become like the horrible friends’ of Chanwoo


Bobby: Is there anything else he told you?


Yunhyeong: Other than the names he was called?


Yunhyeong: ‘Fat cheeks’, ‘Flag pole’, ‘Awkward’, ‘Dark skin’, ‘Nerd’


Donghyuk: Oh my God


Bobby: What the …... no one dare to call my maknae ‘dark skin’


Bobby: So what if he’s a bit dark


Bobby: It doesn’t even matter


Bobby: Besides, he is quite fair!


Donghyuk: Those are just beyond horrible


Donghyuk: Oh my God, Chanwoo yah ……...


Hanbin: Who the hell dare to call him … what? ‘Flag Pole’?!


Hanbin: I’m going to search for that bastard and show him what’s the real flag pole looks like


Hanbin: When they are hanging on them!!!


Yunhyeong: There there, that’s enough. It’s already in the past


Yunhyeong: He said he has already forgot about it.


Yunhyeong: But after yesterday’s case


Donghyuk: It triggered him


Yunhyeong: And he told me he is scared if he has to go through the same things again with us


Yunhyeong: I told him that no such thing would happen. That we will never call him that way


Hanbin: True


Yunhyeong: Nor do bullying him


Bobby: What did he said?


Yunhyeong: Well, he believes me. But I’m not so certain he is convinced.


Yunhyeong: After we came back from the shop this morning, did he talk to any of you during practice?


Donghyuk: No.


Yunhyeong: I guess he is still scared.


Hanbin: But he seemed relaxed a bit.


Hanbin: I know you will figure this out Yunhyeong hyung


Yunhyeong: ^^


Bobby: Btw, where is Jinan hyung?


Bobby: Is he reading this?


Bobby: His favorite lovable maknae was being cyberbullied once.


Bobby: Won’t you say something, Jinan hyung??????


Yunhyeong: Hyung knew it already. I went to see him first before I texted you guys


Donghyuk: Where is Jinhwan hyung right now then?


Yunhyeong: You can find him in the balcony.


Yunhyeong: He’s not doing so well after hearing this


Hanbin: Who wouldn't be


Yunhyeong: Somebody should talk with that hyung


Yunhyeong: He’s so emotional and he keeps saying this is his fault ^^’


Bobby: You are no less emotional as he is too


Yunhyeong: =.=”


Bobby: And Chanwoo? Where is he?


Yunhyeong: He’s taking a shower. Might take long because I told him to take some time for himself


Yunhyeong: Plus, I need to tell you guys this so it buys me some times


Donghyuk: I can’t believe it. How can Chanwoo endure such things. :(


Bobby: Must be so hard on him


Donghyuk: Exactly


Hanbin: Yah


Hanbin: Where the living hell is that bastard Gu Junhoe?


Hanbin: Yah you brat! Are you reading this?!


Hanbin: Thanks to you now all of us are a cyberbullies.


Donghyuk: God, where is June?????





June & Chanwoo


June: Chanwoo yah


June: I—


June: I don


June: I don’t know about that


June: I’m sorry


June: I really am, maknae. I’m so sorry


June: Please forgive me




-2 Hours Later-


June: Chanwoo


June: Have you eaten your dinner?


June: I saw Jinhwan hyung brought you some food earlier to your room


June: Why won’t you come out and eat with us?


June: :(


June: Chanwoo please, I apologize for what I have said to you


June: I know that I am such a brat, an idiot and a total like what Hanbin hyung always said


June: And I do realize that what I said yesterday was truly out of the line


June: I was so rude to you maknae


June: It’s just …. I just want to have a payback for all your pranks on me. That’s why I did that


June: I mean no, not that the one I called you names is what I said as the prank


June: That was not a part of the original plan


June: I have never planned nor having any intention to insult you


June: I don’t even know what got into me yesterday


June: Heh guess what Donghyuk said is true


June: Maybe I am an idiot. I shouldn’t prank on you when I don’t even know how to


June: I am so sorry for saying your cheeks are fat and the part where you should grow up …. Well you know what I said yesterday


June: The truth is, I—


June: I really like your cheeks. It’s not fat but chubby and it looks so soft


June: But wait, chubby is not the same with fat. Fat is fat but chubby is more to … cute. Yes cute! You are cute


June: I do believe that you have the best aegyo in the group rather than Donghyuk


June: Because you are cute


June: And there’s nothing wrong with your height


June: You look cool to me and very handsome too


June: And you got that body like a model so that means you are very handsome


June: Like I said it before, you are the most handsome one in the group. More handsome than Jinhwan hyung


June: So please don’t mind what I said yesterday


June: Because what I’ve wrote up here is the truth


June: I’m not lying so please


June: Can you forgive me?

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