His Uncanny Wife


Others would say my life is a living mess. A stupid, ed up reality that I could not escape.

It's bitterweet. It's lonely. It's a cage.

Still, I don't have any problems with it.


When you grow up eating business talks as your meals, having mergers as your parties, financial documents as your story books, and tycoon gossip as your bedtime snacks, you would know what I mean.

I know that someday, one way or the other, I'd be part of the business.

I'd be married off to some heir to another company my parents think is suitable for the company.


It's just that it will happen, and I'm not running away.

But the issue goes to who I'm gonna marry.

..... Damn that .

Why does he have to be so good looking?


He gaped at her. “How can you be so fine with this?”

“Look,” She sighed and took a step closer. “I grew up eating business talks for my meals, okay? I know how my life is bound to be donated to the business in one way or another. I believe you know that, too. You live the same life as I do.”

It took him some seconds to react. “Don’t you even want to say no?”

“And go through all the troubles of conflict and drama? No. That cliché is not for me.”




Life has always been great for Sera. Endowed with her great sarcasm and temperemental attitude, she's rolling with life. She's rich, and not too ambitious. It has always been enough. For her, contentment and satisfaction already coincides with her teenage life. She just has to live it her way before she gets married off.

Everything was already okay, but life decided to take a leap and showered her with rainbows and unicorns all of a sudden. Well, at least that's what her parents think. 


Here comes Jungkook. Handsome, adorable, and overly shy. He never really gave his family's business a thought, but damn, next thing he knows he's getting engaged. 

And that's not all.

He just did not understand his soon-to-be-wife.

She was unusual for him. But it wasn't that bad.

They can even be friends. They have the cliche situation of being arranged, and agreeing to just be companions to each other until they can break it off someday.


But that life of cliche isn't always about just being friends, right?



Or is it?




(photos not mine, credit to the owners)


Hello lovely people. I'm back with an arranged marriage fic.

Hehehehhe and it's my first time writing BTS.

I hope you like it.

Golden Maknae is here to make you feel all the fluff! lol



Anyway, that's all. Bye. 





Special thanks to pathless for the posters used in this story! 







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