For the Both of Us




Sometimes, things are better kept to ourseves.

Especially when they are things that we just can't reveal, just because we can't.

So we cling on to secrecy, even though it hurts.

And sometimes, what we keep hidden degrades our whole being. It steps on us, preventing us to be ourselves. 

But are we aware?


Sometimes what we keep hidden must not be hidden after all.





Hi. This is a Luhan one-shot.

I figured I wanted to write something after seeing the prom pictures all over my news feed on facebook, so I did. And who came up on my ever messed up brain? Yup, the deer.



Anyway, hope you will like it.

Chec out my Kai one-shot too!







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Chapter 1: this is sooo sweet~~
cloudprince_deerboy #2
Chapter 1: please make another Luhan story~ well a little school-like theme unlike Unforseen Harmony because they're quite adult there. tehehe please authornim~~~with Cherry-on-top? :)
Chapter 1: Omg I definitely would like to marry you authornim!! Youre just...DAEBAK!!!!
aigoomaboy #4
Chapter 1: omggg this story is too cheesy!!! im dying of cheese suffocation!!! LOL XD
Love it!
Chapter 1: ludeerrrr :> so cheesy lels
RozyBaekHan #6
Chapter 1: LuHan.kill me already...why?why some one as perfect as him exists???
It's not fair omo...
Thanks author nim it was so fluffy and cute awww Hannie!!!
Chapter 1: This story is not cheesy nor too fluffy~
It's just a normal romantic love st.~
It's so cute~
In a unique way :D

Amazing story author-nim <3
Chapter 1: This is so cute and lovely. Yes, lovely :)
Chapter 1: ow ow i keep smiling after reading this ;')