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HELLO THERE! Welcome to luluhandeer's profile 


If you're here to recommend/advertise your stories, go on. I wont be mean and ask you to leave. Just DONT
ADVERTISE ROLEPLAYING stuff. I read Romance and Comedy the most so, yeah. and are okay (I'm
underage but it's okay, I guess). Luhan, Sehun and Kai are my bias so, most of the stories I read are about them. I
wont be reading ALL stories that will be advertised here, tho. I'm a bit choosy when I choose stories to read.  




If you want to be friends with me, I will gladly accept it. Talk to me please, I dont bite. I want to meet new people. 



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Name: Shin Hyerin

Birthdate: April 29

Kpopper since 2009. I became a Kpop stan because of 2ne1, SNSD and Super Junior. Later on, my interest in kpop grew and I started to like the other idol/groups, too. I started RPing in facebook but stopped because I at that. I also started "unliking" kpop in year 2012 (idk why). When I stopped my interest in kpop, I became a Directioner (yes, I love One Direction and I dont care if you dont). In 2013, my friends "introduced" me to EXO and I was like "No way! I am so over kpop" But  they just cant stop blabbing about EXO and other kpop stuff. My friend brought me here in Asianfanfics and recommended a story. The first story that she recommended was really nice and I loved it (I even cried ;u;) so , I asked my friend to recommend more stories until I fell in love with the character (specifically, Luhan) After that, I searched more about the group. I'm back being a Kpopper because of EXO, Thanks to Asianfanfics and my Friends. :*
It has only been half a year since I started again my kpop addiction and I have no plans on stopping ^_~

Bias List:

{EXO} Luhan, Sehun and Kai
{SNSD} Yuri
{Super Junior} Yesung
{2ne1} Dara
{Bigbang} TOP
{BTS} V , Jungkook and Jin
{BAP} Daehyun
{Girls Day} Yura
{Rainbow} Woori and Jisook
{2PM} Wooyoung
{4minute} Hyunah and Jihyun
{T-ara} Hyomin
{A-Pink} Eunji and Naeun
{F(x)} Krystal and Amber
{B1a4} Sandeul
{CNblue} Minhyuk
{Beast} Kikwang
{Miss A} Suzy
{MBLAQ} Thunder
{DBSK} Changmin
{SECRET} Sunhwa
{Sistar} Dasom
{U-KISS} Kiseop

I know this is not Asian-thingy related, but I also love One Direction <3

I'm an EXOstan-Directioner