For the Both of Us

For the Both of Us



Unwanted. Neglected. Alone.


She looked at the shiny pumps her mother urged her to wear. She didn't protest; it was stunning on her feet. But the more she looked at it, the more she thought that it was only her and her mother who thought it pretty on her.


It was only her and her mother who thought her pretty.


But now she already didn't, and it was only her mother alone.


She closed her eyes for a brief moment, letting, the cool crisp wind relax the tangled thoughts streaming on her head. She could hear the sweet love songs playing inside the hall, and it made her despise herself even more.

Just because of what happened a week ago, she felt like .


The cool wind blew her hair as she lightly took each step towards her next class. The hall was buzzing with news and excitement for prom, and well she... She didn't care. She liked the thought of getting pretty and everything, but what for? For everybody to see? Her brows arched at the thought. If she was to be pretty, she wanted to be pretty for herself. She wanted to dress up for herself. She wanted to be beautiful just because she wanted to. Not because she wanted everybody's eyes to be on her.

And unfortunately, prom was about that. It was about looking hot in a body-con dress that would assure ogling eyes following a girl around. For her classmates, it was like that.

She hated it, and therefore, she didn't give prom a thought.


She turned around, looking at the only person in school who acknowledged her; the only one in school who could make her smile.

"Hi," He smiled that adorable crooked smile, and she swore she wanted to die. "I was thinking... Since prom is coming..." He started, taking small little steps towards her.

Inhee bit her lower lip. She could feel her heart beating violently against her ribcage. Could he be asking her to be his date? It can't be. But it can be... Right?

She tried to avoid his melting gaze on her. "So, what's up? Prom?" She chuckled, hoping she could put up a cool facade, but hell she was jittery.

Luhan touched his head and looked down. "Well... I was thinking..."

She looked up and finally their eyes met. He was going to ask her; she was sure of it. With those innocent beautiful brown orbs staring back at her, she was sure.


"Lulu! Dear lulu!"


Well maybe, not so.


Luhan broke their eye contact and turned around to meet Sekyung, smiling at him. He glanced at Inhee and then back at Sekyung.

"What are you doing? I thought we had a little appointment together?" Sekyung raised a perfectly shaped brow, shooting Inhee one dangerous look. Luhan chuckled nervously and again, glanced at her. "Oh yeah, that..."

"Let's go, Lulu. I can't wait. You know how ecstatic I am at our little meetings." She winked, flipping her hair and showing off her bare neck. Luhan exhaled and nodded.

"I'll... See you around, Hee." He smiled at her hurriedly and walked away with Sekyung clinging on to his hand.


Who knows where they went that time? Maybe they hit it off in the janitor's closet?

Thoughts like this filled her head whenever she was reminded of that shattering moment; which was almost every minute. She hated herself for even thinking that he'd ask her out on prom. He was the hottest and most gorgeous guy on school; surely he wouldn't ask a prick like her.

She exhaled and kicked her heels off her feet. It ached, and she didn't care anymore. Why did she even come without a date? Oh right. She was hoping he was going to be alone.

Well .


"It's chilly in here."

She froze. It was him. No doubt.

"Why are you here?" She whispered, unmoving and still facing the view. Luhan chuckled lightly; it was indeed music to her, but she didn't want to think about it. It crushed her even more.

"Prom's not your thing, I see." He spoke warmly, and she could feel something being draped over her shoulders. She could smell the faint cologne on his coat, and a small smile lingered on her lips. "Thanks, but I'm really fine."

"You'll break my heart if you take that off, so keep it there." He warned when she tried to remove the coat. She grinned and shook her head. "Cheesy."

"Is it?" He mumbled, sitting beside her on the balcony. "Why are you alone here, Hee?"

She sighed. Did she forget to mention he was her only friend too? The only one she could tell everything?

"I... Don't know. I think I like the quiet more. You? Shouldn't you be with Sekyung?" She finally met his eyes, and man did he look dashing with his bowtie and styled hair. He gave her an incredulous look.

"What? Why would I be with her?"

She looked down. "Aren't you like... An item?"

She heard him snicker. "Your words disgust me, lady."

"What?" She looked up with a questioning look.

He moved closer to her and raised his brows. "What 'what'?"

"I'm not fooling around, Han. Go inside."

He narrowed his eyes. "If you tell me," He whispered and leaned closer. "That you want me to stay here with you, I will." His lips brushed lightly against her cheek, that it made her heart explode with euphoria.

"W-why would I?"

He didn't move away, instead he was already dangerously close to her, that their lips were a centimeter away. "You keep on breaking my heart, Hee."

"You player." She managed to croak. "Get away."

"Stop." He whispered.

"Just go, Luhan. I'm sure Sekyung's waiting for you inside."

Luhan finally moved away, agitated. "Can't you see? There's no me and Sekyung! Why do you keep on saying that?!"

She blinked, a little surprised with his outburst. "But you-"

"It's only her, Hee. I don't like that girl. I was forced to partner with her in this ty History project that I need to go with her in meetings and stuff. She's annoys me to death."

She looked at his creased forehead, arched brows and balled fists. She did it again; she pissed him off.

Slowly, she held his hand and opened it, massaging his palm. He looked at her and immediately it felt right. It always felt right.

"I'm sorry."

"No, it's fine. I misunderstood you." She muttered.

He bit his lip, preventing a smile. "Were you jealous?"

He felt her freeze, and she immediately let go of his hand. "No. Why would I be?"

"I don't know." He smiled. "But it makes me happy."

"Ya, Luhan." She faced him with a frown. "I am not jealous."

"Can you pretend to be? Please?" He blinked, and there again, they were staring at each other for whatever reason. He looked down on her lips, and her eyes faltered.

"Just for a moment... Can you..." He whispered, leaning closer to her. She didn't move, instead she moved closer too. He interlaced their fingers together and pulled her even more closer that his other arm was enclosed on her waist. "Pretend that you like me?" He whispered on her ear. "Just once, Hee. Just now."

She closed her eyes. "I can't."

"Please, I beg you." He whispered, tracing kisses on her cheek to the side of her lips.

She shook her head. "I can't. I..."

"Please. I'll leave you alone after, I promise."

It hurt. Him leaving.

"Really? You... Would?"

"Yes. Then pretend."

"I can't, Luhan. I can't pretend." She sighed.

How can she pretend when everything was already so real?

He turned her head to face him, his eyes expectant. "Perhaps... Do you..."

She meekly nodded, blood rushing to her cheeks. He smiled. "Feel the same way?"

Again, she nodded and looked down. He grinned and cupper her cheeks. He couldn't explain how he felt, but it sure was euphoria. She too felt the same way. In fact it felt like they were feeling the same way ever since. Two hearts beating as one.

"Can I say something?"

She stared back without saying anything.

"You look beautiful. Not just tonight, but every single day."

With that he closed the space between them, his lips finally meeting hers.


That moment she knew one thing for sure.


She wanted to be pretty, not just for herself, but for him too.






So that's it. Sorry it took long, I kinda forgot about it. Silly me.

Blame... school? Lol



Anyway, please check out my new fic. Hihi It has Lay, Sehun, And Kai.


Thanks. :>





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