Personal Message

Oh, hello there .

I'm Xenachan , nice to meet you .

So yeah .

I'm totally wasting spaces.

But , meh .

So , what you're reading right now is a waste of time beacause i don't have a thing to write .

Don't waste your precious time reading my profile which was badly written .

I'm sorry .

Please treat me well .

I love you . I'm sorry .

Please ignore my confession earlier . Bye .

About Me

About Me :[WARNING : What you've about to read is full of boredom ]

Yo. Wassup , i'm Sarah . I go by the name Sarah (wtf?), rah or even sar .

I'm a lot more younger than you think so , please treat me well . With mercy i might add .

Ultimate BABY , BBC , UNIQUE , Secret Time and others .

I speak 2 languages and still learning other 2 .

Therefore , my English might not be that good , please excuse me .

I was label as a gangster (at first sight) which is differenate from usual personality/self .

I love my birthdate because it is my most precious date after historical dates .

I'm a bit like goofy and weird but the longer you know me , you know me (WTF R U TALK ABOUT ?)

So , bye . See ya , na mean ? Nam saying ?