Can We both Win?



Not all things are what we expect them to be. As cliche as it may sound, life is full of surprises.


Jia Li, or you can call her EunJi, came back to Korea to continue her studies in University. She missed Korea, along with her two derp abnormal cousins who seem to make her go nuts, but still hold her sanity.

But above everything, she missed her bestfriend. In fact, she wished they were more, but she didn’t know if he was feeling the same.

So that’s when she decides to come back to regain old friendships, old customs, old life.

And, hopefully, pursue new relationships.

But what if what she was expecting makes a different turn.

What if she falls for her bestfriend’s bestfriend instead?

A man that can easily annoy the hell out of her?



Can she win her bestfriend’s heart? Or can her bestfriend’s bestfriend win hers instead?






Eunji (Jia Li) – She goes by Eunji, her Korean name. She speaks sarcasm, and her tongue has this sharpness everyone wants to get rid off at first, but eventually loves. But genuinely, she cares for certain people. She can be very doubtful with people she barely knows. Physically, she screams attention, with her undeniably stunning looks. In her second year in University.



Kim Myungsoo – The bestfriend’s bestfriend. He’s kicks , he’s badass. He hates s, but he apparently turns out to be one. He speaks arrogance, and he loves pointing out mistakes and shooting insults. This guy got some guts, he speaks when he feel like it. He barely gets interested in people, but when he does, it’s stalking-gone-Myungsoo style. In his second year in University.



Kim Jongin –The bestfriend. He’s the school’s good boy-turned-playboy. Everybody wants him, and by everybody, boys are not exempted. Na-ah. He has this killer smile that immediately transforms knees to jelly and straigh pressed lips to dreamy smiles. He has this deep slurry voice that can lock a girl in a room for decades. He can be really playful and talkative. He gets what he wants. In his second year in University.



Zhang Yi Xing (Lay) – The stubborn, lazy, childish cousin. He loves arguing, it makes him feel superior in a way. He may appear to be really useless, really intimidating, really annoying, but he cares a lot. A lot. In his third year in University.



Wu Yi Fan (Kris) – The other cousin. Well, maybe the mature and responsible one in the gang. But beware, this guy may appear that sharp, but he’s the definition of gullible at its finest. Same as Lay, he cares a lot. A lot. Already working for their family's company.


Note: And oh, let's just assume kai was born in 1992, so he and Myungsoo can appear tobbe as of the same age, okayy? heeehee!


More to appear later in the story.



 Hello guys :>

Suddenly missed Myungsoo, so here it goes, my second fic about him!!

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If you haven’t read my first Myungie Fic, here it is:

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