Just my type (Jiminjeong + Purinz)


Minjeong es nueva y creía que nunca iba a conocer alguien que la desenfoque de sus planes.

Yunjin no quiere aceptar su realidad, ocultándose en su imagen perfecta.


Para ellas no eran polos opuestos, era simplemente su tipo.


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Chapter 37: Oh… amazing chapter!!!

I hope I can see more also Taeny’s story
Chapter 37: Yuri and Yoona... 🫣😅
Yunjin did a lot of good in this chapter, despite what happened to her... Which I think is essential for a lot of realizations...
Being honest with everyone, especially her parents and profess her love for Chaewon.
And then her telling Minjeong to not settle for less and that she loves her too.
Her parents realized what she may be going through.
And then having that honest talk with Karina and vice versa...
I love their turning points.
Congratulations on your new work! ❤️
Chapter 37: Pobre Yunjin todo lo que le paso, por suerte pudo hablar con su mama. Espero que Karina pueda hablar con Minjeong talvez la ayude con todo el lio que tiene ensima.
Gracias por actualizar!
Chapter 36: I'm liking Yunjin more... Maybe because she kinda know what she wanted, although the thing with her parents have not been sorted out(?). But her straightforwardness on telling what's on her mind, of Jimin taking the blow on the break she asked of her boyfriend, and Minjeong being distracted, affected and disappointed.
I wonder what Jimin has decided though. I think them finding Jessica is an eye opener for her, for a lot of things.
Awww... Mr. Kim.... 🥺
Chapter 35: Yunjin's plan is so cute! 😁
I do hope the team wins!
Poor Minjeong... That's a hard thing to decide... When that something she's holding on to stay is unsure... 😢
I think Karina's conversation with Yeseo would make an impact on her, especially her nonchalance about her mom dating a woman, and other things...
The realization of Karina on what if on parallel world Taeyeon and Jessica didn't stop dating, then maybe there will be no Winter...
Awww, the sister finally reunited! 🥹
Great chapter!
Thanks for updating!😉
Chapter 35: Es bueno tener a Jessica de vuelta, espero que Jimin pueda habrirse sobre Minjeong y tomarse en serio su relación.
Gracias po actualizar :)
Chapter 35: Stop… Yoonsic in tags?????
Chapter 35: Algo me dice que Taeyeon va a Seúl por una razón. ¿Ella también está engañando a Fany?
Chapter 34: I would like to see more Taeny and Yoonyul ㅠㅠ

Really sorry about Karina’s mother ㅠㅠ
Chapter 34: Oh my! The revelation in this chapter!
Krystal went through a lot... 😔
I'm glad they had this conversation, nothing was forced, it was all natural...
It's really not too late to start a better relationship now.
Yunjin taking a lot of steps!
Poor Minjeong...
Looking forward to what's going to happen between her and Karina.

I'm glad you're better now!
Thanks for updating! 😉