Untitled, 2022

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this is 2022, not 2014.


but still, untitled.


Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong

December 2nd 2015


“Thank you for your hard work” she said it, for how many times again? “Thank you for your hard work” how many times she had to bow and repeated the same words again? “Thank you for your hard work” how long will it take to the changing room?


“Unnie…” Seohyun just nudged her elbow making Taeyeon stopped bowing and saying the exact same words to finally focusing her eyes.


Here he was.


Her eyes finally met his.

No words.

Taeyeon wished she could outburst the words.

But she chose to not to.


“Oppa!” Tiffany’s voice finally filled in the awkward silence. “What a great performance! Thank you for your hard work” she continued as she bowed herself.


Which followed by Seohyun. “Thank you for your hard work”


Yet, his eyes still locked in hers.


Whom chose to say no words.


Tiffany was eyeing Seohyun, who also looked back at Tiffany.


“Uhm.. Where is the other?” Tiffany was trying again to live up the awkward moment.


He finally can move his stare “Ah, I don’t know. They kinda slow,” he replied. “Thank you for your hard work,” he finally replied.


“Fanny Fanny Tiffany!!!” ah finally, Tiffany sighed.


“Dae! Long time no see,” Tiffany was still sighing from relief. Finally, a help came when she needed the most. “I did not see you joining our new Bible study series for such a long time. You should join back,”


“Yeah, this comeback makes me a little bit busier, I focused on the youth program at Church first, so I will focus on it first,”


Tiffany just nodded.


Tho the conversation was there.

Her eyes still on his.


“Uhm, unnies, let’s go, shall we?” Seohyun took Taeyeon’s arms as she gave a code to her other unnie to follow. “Oppa, sorry, we need to go back sooner. We’ll see you guys around?”


Or maybe not.

Taeyeon continued…

Silently, to herself.


Tiffany then smiled to the other two senior idols. “We’ll see you soon, Oppa!” she said to Jiyong, or as known as G-Dragon. “Dae, please call me up if anything I could help with the youth group”.


They bowed, and finally walked to their changing room.

They as in, Tiffany and Seohyun.

Because, apparently, their leader still had the clouds in her head.

Clouds that a little bit complicated, but she chose to not to share.


But, don’t you think, the stare, that long strong stare was too obvious?



a short yet loud sound coming from her phone, a second after she finally had it in hand.


from: thatxx


what have I done so I deserve those beautiful eyes of yours locking into mine for that long, Taeyeon-ssi?








Hello guys. OMG i accidentally posted it. I actually was deciding to not publish it because i dont have poster, character's description and all things other than some pages of drafts sitting in my notebook since years ago.

So yeah..

Sorry it doesnt look that good.
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