Descendants of the sun Goowon Couple Love Story


This story takes place after the mess hall kiss. Meyoon Joo is frastated like hell! Dae Young still haven’t make any move to make the rumor come true! She felt like kicking him in the !

It's an one-shot. But I love them so much that I'm willing to write more. I've never felt a love story this pure, this real, this intense! Love them so so much. And my English is bad. Please bare that.


Myeong Joo is really angry with Dae Young. She felt like kicking him in the for making her fastrated like hell. Why won't he go to the final stage of their relationship? Her father has given his blessings. What is he waiting for? Marriage? But he didn’t propose her. Should she propose him? When they met at their regular caffe date, Dae Young felt he is in trouble just seeing Myeong Joo's face. He asked her but she didn’t answer. She just punched at his chest and remain silent. But he knows how to melt her. So he quickly scooped some cream and place it on his lips and pouted and approached her. She was amused by it and finally smiled. She then came nearer and gave him a kiss. She was happy because Dae Young initiated the kiss first. He wasn’t running away but even not coming closer! He is such a gentleman! But she is his girlfriend for God's sake! He can touch her, make love to her but he wasn’t doing anything! Why is he this much gentleman? Hah! Myeong Joo signed. But when they kissed she felt really happy. Then Dae Young asked "Why are you angry? What have I done?" Myeong Joo glared at him and said "You didn’t do anything. That's why i am angry."
Dae Young immediately realised what she was talking about. His mind started thinking hard. He wanted Myeong Joo as much as she wanted him. But he wanted to make it special for her. She waited for him a very long time. He isn’t trying to make her wait anymore but he has his plans. Next week is Myeong Joo's birthday. He wanted to give himself to her as her birthday present. He is planning about that but today seems like he would have to console her and save himself. He make his usual stoic face. And then said "I'm sorry but you have to wait some more time." Then he picked up his phone and sent a text to Si Jin. "Call me now!"
 Myeong joo suddenly felt really sad. "Why? Why are you like that? Don’t you want me? How can you stay like this?" He keeps his face like that and then suddenly his phone rang, he picked up the call. Si Jin said, "What's wrong?" Dae Young replied, "Salute! A mission? I'm on my way!" He hung up the phone and says "I have to go to the barracks. I'll meet you later then standing up he kissed her forehead and run away. Myeong Joo sat there irritated! Dae Young didn’t even touch her beyond her head, sholder, arms or back. Whenever she tried to say something about this, he escaped finding all ways. She knows she's beautiful, she's attractive. It's really hard to resist her when he loves her so much. And she can feel that he wants her as badly she wants him. But she doesn’t understand why is he doing that? Ugh!
And she remembered when she said she was pregnant to her dad - he was terrified. Because they didn’t do anything but she declared that. That was really hilarious! She smiled and said softly, "That fool!"
Dae Young calls Si Jin to help him. He wants to surprise Myeong Joo. So he tells Si Jin about his plan. Si Jin saying "Issh! You are still a fool!" He tells him to shut up and he wants to propose Myeon Joo on the very day as her birthday. And he wants to take her in a beach area to celebrate her birthday but he didn’t want her to know any of these. So he told Si Jin to send her as a solder next week in the area. So that she couldn’t guess anything. He will tell the general and grant the permission and if she wants a leave for her birthday she doesn’t get any. Si Jin as always smirked and but he didn’t say a word and then he went to the general and ask for his permission to marry Myeong Joo in military ritual as soon as possible. The General agreed and said he will start preparing for the wedding. He asked Dae Young if he had proposed his daughter. Dea young then tells him about his plan and request him about Myeong Joo's transfer order. He requests him that he wants the best for her birthday and that's why he doesn’t want her to know anything. Commander agreed and felt his honesty that made him really happy. This gentleman standing in front of him really loves and cares for his daughter. Myeong Joo chose a perfect partner for herself. 
Next day Myeong Joo received her transfer order and felt really disappointed. Because she wanted to plan her 27th birthday with Dae Young. Even thought they are in a relationship about 4 years but ups and downs kept them away and they couldn’t celebrate any birthday. She felt really disappointed but it’s her job. So she started getting ready for her dispatch. She met Dae Young and about being coward to touch her and assured him that he doesn’t have to worry because she won't be around him to seduce him. So he can live happily! Dae Young didn’t reply to that and just hugged her tightly and then kissed her such a way that always melts her. She hugged him back tightly and with her big beautiful eyes she looked at him and said "I don’t feel like going because I wanted to celebrate my birthday with you." He just kissed her forehead with love and said "There's always something better for us. Try to stay safe." Myeong Joo left. Dae Young brought a beautiful ring for her that he was saving for quite some time. He packed her white dress that she wore at their second time she met him. The day he started feeling her beauty and attitude really really attractive. He wants to propose to her in that dress. He met the Commander and sorted some of the preparations and he applied for a leave for both of them of one week. He granted that and said he is truely sorry about his previous unjust transfers. Dea Young bow down and requested him to stop saying that. He said Commander  made him realise how much he actually loves Myeong Joo. The commander couldn’t hold his tears hearing that and he hugged his son-in-law. Then Dae Young flew to the place and booked a really nice but cozy villa for them. Myeong Joo's birthday is tomorrow. He just wants to surprise her at 12 am. Myeong Joo's commander get her leave order but didn’t tell her anything but the whole base was gossiping about that. She had no idea. She received a call from her general at 11 pm to be ready to go somewhere where a solder is badly injured. He said a solder will take her there and will keep connected to the network. She reached there in an hour and she saw a beach house and became suspicious. Why is a wounded solder be in a beach house? But the moment she saw that stoic strong figure standing in front of the house, she just jumped from the car and ran towards him to embrace him tightly but she couldn’t believe it. How is he here? She just can't believe, so she holds his hand, touches his face to believe. The other soldier saluted and told about her 1 week vacation starting today. Myeong joo is shocked again. Then the soldier left with the car and Dae Young took her in his laps and walked into the villa. Myeong Joo's face was blushing so much that she turned almost red. Dae Young then put her in the room and said her to change in the white dress. She saw a suitcase there with all her need. She just giggled and quickly get ready and came out. Deo Young was preparing the cake and he gets mesmerised seeing her. He came to her said "You're so so beautiful! You really are the angel of my life. I'm really lucky to have you." Myeong Joo is surprised hearing his quite boyfriend saying all these lines that was in his mind for a very long time. She kept blushing and hears" Let's cut the cake." They cut the cake and realised that it’s their first time to celebrate something like this. Myeong joo give Dae Young a piece of cake and he did the same for her. She smiled brightly. He kissed her in the check. That made her remind something suddenly! She became grumpy and pushed him away. "But what's the point of this? I'm still a even at my 27 years life! Would anybody believe that? You're my boyfriend for 4 years but you didn’t even dared to give me a kiss in our first year of dating and then a lot happened, I know. But what about now? The rumor that started 4 years ago is still a rumor! You coward! If you can't touch me than don't even dare to kiss me. Understand?" Dae Young just looked at her with a mischivious smile.She asked  "Where's my gift? Aren't you going to give me a gift?" with still an angry look in her face. Dea Young said "I'm your gift. Won't you open your gift?" with a mischievous smile. Myeong joo can't believe her ears What does she heard? Did Dae Young just said... No. He is only teasing her like always! But still she asked "Are you serious?" Dea young said "Yes. But I have something to say, actually to ask." Then he suddenly kneeled down and took out the ring and said "I am the luckiest man in the world to have someone like you. Who is smart, brave, beautiful, feisty and superior in every aspect. Thank you for choosing me, loving me so much. I want to be with you for rest of my life. I will be the luckiest man in world to have you beside me all my life and I am so sorry making you wait like this. Will you marry me?" 
Myeong Joo felt so happy that she couldn’t even speak. But soon she could move and said "Yes! I will be the happiest women with you by my side all my life." Then he smiled brightly and put the ring in her finger and kissed her with such passion that they felt their blood rushing so fast. And Dae Young for the first time kissed her neck and touched her. Every touch from him gave her life. Then she run her fingers through his abs, pecs, biceps and that just made her want more of him. Myeong joo is so happy with his every touch and shy at the same time that her dream is coming true after such long wait. She looked at her loved man who is seeing her with eyes full of admirations. Then she just cling tighter to him and he took her in his laps again and walked towards the bedroom. 
That night was full of love, passion and discovering each other fully. That night was memorable and heavenly. They waited so long for that and it was worth the wait!
Next morning Myeong Joo was sleeping next to him in the bed and Dae Young was watching her beauty with his soft eyes. Myeong Joo really looked like an angle who is sleeping peacefully. When she opened her eyes she saw him softly looking at her and that made her blush and happy at the same time. She touched his face and said "I can't believe you are with me by my side. How many times I wished to be us together but you didn’t come to me. Finally you are by my side! I'm so happy!" 
Dae young's eyes covered with sorrow. He said "I'm really sorry again, Myeong Joo". Myeong joo said "Don’t be sorry, just make me happy, you know how to." with a flirty voice. Dae Young smiled and pulled her closer and kissed her deep and then rediscovered her beauty and perfections again just like last night.

I had promised that I'd try to write in every 3/4 days but that ended up being 7/8 days, because I am dealing with real life hardships & depression. But I didn’t stop. I'll write every 7/8 days. After completing 50th story, I'll stop. Thanks for reading, loving and waiting patiently for my stories.
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