Chapter 31

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV



I felt a nudge coming from my shoulder as I laid down comfortably while hugging whatever I’m hugging right now before opening my eyes to check who the culprit is. It was my beautiful girlfriend, Minji. Smiling at me sweetly. She leaned in, kissing my cheek. I smiled.




“You’re off today?” She softly asked while getting inside the blanket and wrapping her arms around me. I just realized that I was hugging one of our pillows. 




“Hm..” now that I think about it, Where is her nephew? 




“Rei.. where’s rei?” I mumbled with my eyes still closed before putting away the pillow and hugging my girlfriend instead.




“Oh, his parents picked him up just now. Apparently their plan got cancelled due to heavy snow” I open my eyes before smiling and slowly leaning in to kiss her cheek.




Somehow, I’m glad that the kid is not here because that means I get to spend time alone with Minji but, at the same time it was a bit of a bummer since I actually took a day off so I could show them around somewhere and get to know the kid..




“Aw, too bad.. I wanted to play some of my games with him” I pouted while pointing at my dusty PS5. I heard my girlfriend giggled.




“Ok, but you need to get up? It’s 12PM.. what do you want to eat?” She asked while struggling to get me up. I groaned.




“You..” I playfully said before sitting up and hugging her waist. I earned a slap on my arm for it. Not a good idea I guess.. I laughed.




“Serious, Yooh” She warned. I smiled before getting up and giving her a quick peck on her lips before going inside the bathroom to do my morning routine. 




“I’ll have whatever you make, babe” I said from the bathroom. 




“Noted. Come outside when you’re done” She said after placing a towel next to the bathroom sink for me to wipe my face before leaving me to go to the kitchen. 




After a few minutes, I finished my morning routine and head out to the dining area to see that she cooked sautéed vegetables mixed with thinly cut steak. I smiled happily before thanking her and feeding myself.




“Got any plans for today, love?” I asked while reaching for her thighs and caressing it. 




“Hm.. aniyo.. do you?” She tilted her head so cutely I gasped making her look at me confused.




“Wae?” She asked while raising her eyebrows. I smiled before shaking my head.




“The Jiutonin in the morning is so strong, that’s why” I teased. She laughed before smacking my hand away from her thigh.




“You.. you can be so cheesy sometimes” She said while laughing. 




“So.. wanna watch a movie all day while cuddling? That’s actually.. sounds like a good plan” I praised myself for thinking that. She scoffed.





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