Chapter 28

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV


As soon as I get off work and arrived home. I quickly took a shower before grabbing my phone and dialing Yoohyeon’s number. It’s 11PM so she’s most likely still awake.




“N-neh?” She answered after the first ring. She must’ve been waiting for this call..




“Are you at the condo?” I asked. 




“Yea.. I am..” She replied before continuing,




“Is there something wrong?” I heard the panic in her voice.




“No.. nothing’s wrong. I just wanna check on you. That’s all” I said honestly. There was a moment of silence before I heard her whispered.




“I.. I miss you so much..” If I hadn’t paid attention, I wouldn’t have heard it but I did and honestly.. it broke my heart hearing her say it with so much fear. 




“I miss you too, Yooh” I said firmly. A lot. A whole lot, Yoohyeon-ah.




I heard her sobbing softly over the phone. I frowned before sighing.




“Stop. I won’t call if you’re like this” My voice cracked because I’m also sobbing now. She stopped sobbing but it got quiet.








“M-Minji.. can.. you.. nevermind” I sighed disappointingly.




“What is it..” I asked her softly.




“It’s nothing.. sorry” She replied shortly.




“Tell me. You’re doing it again, Yoohyeon-ah” I replied tiredly.




“Sorry.. can we talk.. like for the last time?” I narrowed my eyes. What last time..




“That’s fine, where?” I asked.




“Hm.. I can drive over there, we could talk in my car..” She said hesitantly.




“Now?” I asked.




“If that’s fine..” 




“Ok.. that’s fine, I guess” I said. 




“I’ll end the call, I’ll be there in a few” She said before ending the call immediately after saying that.




End of Jiu’s POV





Yoohyeon’s POV



I parked across their street and seeing Minji walking towards the car. Why am I suddenly so nervous? She opened the door before getting in. I looked at her before giving her a small smile. She looked taken a back but smiled back at me.




“I.. Can we drive us somewhere private? It’s nearby..” I asked. She nodded so I drove nearby where city lights are visible and there’s not a lot of cars just enough.




I put the car on parked before turning the heater on, It’s winter right now anyways.




“I’m really sorry for my actions. I know I promised to treat you right but I did the complete opposite of that. I lied and lied. I don’t know if you’re still going to give me another chance to fix this, hell I don’t even know where to start but I will do my best to change and to fix this if you give me one last chance” I said before continuing, 




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