Chapter 23

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



I sighed after hearing about what happened to Yoohyeon and Taehyung. Taehyung told me about it through text. 




How are you, Yoohyeon-ah.. I sighed.




I heard a knock on the door. Is it her.. if it is her, I don’t know if I should open the door.. I sighed before slowly opening the door anyway.




I saw the woman she was kissing at the picture. The hell is she here for? I narrowed my eyes at the woman infront of me.




“Who is it?” I heard Siyeon asked behind me. 




“Peace offering?” The woman said while holding out a paperbag infront of us.




“Can I come in? Please..” I hesitated before looking at Siyeon who’s now glaring at the woman infront of us.




I nodded slowly before letting her in. We all sat together around the the dining table. She introduced herself to us.




“A-assistant? For software engineering right?” I asked. I saw her confused look but she nodded. 




“I’m sorry for what happened, I was the one who asked her to kiss me. It was my fault. I’m sorry. Please forgive her” She said while lowering her head. 




Siyeon was about to jump on her but I stopped her. I sighed before facing Gahyeon again.




“S-she was at the ER yesterday..” I gasped before she could even finished her sentence. I tightened my grip on Siyeon’s hand before asking what for.




She shrugged. I frowned. You’re her assistant you should know.. 




“She seems to be fine now, she got discharged today.. She’ll be taking a week off. I hope you can forgive her” She looked at me apologetically. I sighed.




“I’m really sorry. She told me a lot of times of how much she loves you but I was stubborn and didn’t listen. Please, forgive her..” I looked away.




“I won’t be long.. Please don’t tell her that I went here as she specifically instructed me not to because she wanted to tell you herself but I can’t help it because it was my fault.. once again, I’m very sorry” I nodded before she bowed at us and walking outside.




Siyeon showed me a message on her phone, it was from Yoohyeon. I sighed before reading the message.




Can you please tell me if she’s okay.. also, if she could unblock my number.. thanks. - Yoohyeonie




I sighed.. Siyeon patted my back. I nodded before unblocking Yoohyeon’s number. As soon as I unblocked her number, I immediately received a couple of texts from her. I frowned. Was she waiting for me to unblock her number all these time? Am.. I.. being unfair to her?




I miss you, please can we talk? - Yooh :)




It’ll be quick, please.. - Yooh :) 



I'm very sorry, Minji-ah.. I ed up. Please let me explain. - Yooh :)



Sorry.. You must be studying.. I'll message you later, sorry - Yooh :) S-she knew about my study schedule..?




Siyeon sighed sadly next to me. I felt a tear escaped my eye. 




“You guys should talk.. I know she ed up for not telling you but you also didn’t let her explain so she must be hurting too, Minji-ah..” I sobbed before nodding. I guess..



Ok  - M



I hit sent before hugging Siyeon and crying on her shoulders.



“Sh.. you guys will fix this ok? You still love her right?” I nodded.




I told her to meet me at the park nearby. So, I patiently waited for her. A few minutes later, I saw her car parked on the side. I sighed heavily before looking at her while she’s walking towards me with her head down.




She finally looked up, I narrowed my eyes after seeing the cut on her lip. I narrowed my eyes before frowning and looking away from her. She’s gotten even more skinnier.. I sighed before looking back at her. 


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