Chapter 5

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV


It’s a Saturday, which means I don’t have school and work. It’s a day off. I exhaled loudly before stretching my arms. 



I felt my phone vibrated inside my pocket, I picked it up and looked at the caller ID, dongsaeng~ I sighed before picking up the phone.



“Neh..?” I answered.



“Noona.. how are you?” He sounded sad, I frowned.



“I’m doing fine, how are you guys? How’s Dad?” I asked softly. I heard him sighed before continuing, “I’m not going to keep this call long.. Noona, I’m sorry but do you have an extra cash? I need to pay for my project..” he asked, I can hear the the hesitation in his voice.



I cleared my throat before replying, “uhm.. I don’t have much extra but I’ll send it as soon as I can okay? Don’t worry” I said. 



“Neh.. noona. Thank you” he said before hanging up. I sighed.



I turned off my phone before putting it inside my pocket. I sat on our tiny couch before sighing again and putting my hands covering my face. I felt a hand on my shoulder.



“Are you alright?” I looked behind and saw Siyeon, “My brother called, asking for money.. and my Dad is not in a great condition” I sighed at her.



“Here, take this” she offered me money, I shook my head refusing it.



“I can’t take your money anymore.. I still owed you from last time, Siyeon-ah” I said fighting back my tears. She grabbed my hand before putting the money on my hand and curling my fingers, “Take it please” I lowered my head before sobbing softly.



“I’ll return it immediately after I get paid, Thank you Siyeon-ah” She hugged me while patting my back, “It’s fine, you can return it whenever you can” I sobbed harder wetting her shirt.



“I know it’s hard and I know how hard you’ve been working for you and your family back home but don’t ever hesitate to ask for help okay? I’m here, I’m your bestfriend” I nodded while trying to control my sobs. I pulled away as soon as I felt my phone vibrated inside my pocket.



Hi! Good morning. Have you by any chance told your friend about my peace offering…? - Kim Yoohyeon



I looked at the text before looking back at Siyeon, she raised her eyebrows at me, “it’s the girl from the other night.. Yoohyeon”



“Neh?! You guys text each other now?” She said surprised. I shook my head before saying, “She waited for me last night at work, saying she wanted to make it up to us, she said if it’s okay for her to ask us on a friendly date..” I said.



Siyeon gasped before replying, “she really offered that?” I nodded before saying yes.



“Hm.. maybe she’s not a bad person after all..” She said, I nodded in ag

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