Chapter 11

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV


I’ve been staring at my phone for more than an hour now. I can’t take it anymore, I want to see her. I wanna hear her voice and I want to be with her. 



I grabbed my phone before searching for Minji’s number, I was about to tap the call button when my phone rings.




Minji :) calling…




I smiled as huge as the sky and immediately picked up the phone.




“Hey” She’s mad? She sounded cold. 




“Can we meet? Please” It sounded more like a demand. 




“Yea, why? what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.




“I’ll tell you when we meet. Since you know where I am. Let’s meet here” She said in a sarcastic tone. I’m confused..




“Wait.. I don’t know what you mean.. where are you?” I asked honestly, I heard her scoffed.




“At the hospital. Meet me here, I’ll wait outside” she said before hanging up. Ah.. I know what this is all about.. I sighed.




After a few minutes of driving, I’ve arrived at the hospital. I saw her outside, sitting by the bench. I approached her slowly, she noticed me then she put her arms together before crossing them and staring at me intensely. She looked a little mad..




“I know it was you, Kim Yoohyeon” She pointed firmly at me. I narrowed my eyes trying to act like I don’t know what she’s talking about.




“What is it?” I asked, she scoffed.




“Cancel it” she said firmly again. She sounded really mad right now. 




“W-what do you mean?? Cancel what?” Act. Act, Yoohyeon-ah.




“Stop playing with me! How can you even afford it?? That time when we eat out at that fancy restaurant, we ate worth of my monthly paycheck. Who are you exactly?! Did you lie to us about your background? Why?? How?” She snapped at me, which made me back away from her outburst. 




“Jiu-yah.. calm down please..I—“ She cuts me off, “just.. cancel it. Yoohyeon” she said, I can hear the tiredness from her voice. I frowned.




“Ok.. yea, you’re right. It was me. Please listen to me first I—“ 




“No. Please leave now. And please cancel the payment” she dismissed me. 




“Please, Jiu-yah.. don’t be selfish. It’s for your Dad, please ju

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