Chapter 21

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



I can feel the taxi driver staring at me worriedly over the rear mirror. I sniffed one last time before trying to stop crying. I sighed again.




I took out my phone before dialing Siyeon’s number. A few seconds later she picked up.




“Neh?” She answered.




“Are you still at the apartment?” I asked, hopefully she didn’t hear my hoarse voice.




“Yes.. is everything okay?” Of course.. 




“Hm.. can I stay the night? I’m on my way..”




“Of course, you’re always welcome. Be safe, I’ll wait for you outside” I hummed before hanging up.




The taxi driver pulled up infront of the apartment. I saw Siyeon waiting patiently outside for me. She looked at me worriedly before gasping.




“Your eyes are swollen. Don’t tell me everything’s fine when clearly it’s not. Come, let’s talk inside” I nodded before sniffing.




We sat on the couch before starting.




“Now spill” She said impatiently.




“I..I b-broke up with her” I said while crying uncontrollably. She slowly patted my back.




“What happened?” I looked at her before telling her the full story. I saw her clenching her fists.




“She really did that?? I’m sorry, Minji-ah..” She yelled before apologizing softly. I sobbed harder on her shoulders.




She hugged me before we got interrupted by someone who opened the door to my previous room. I looked at the person. She looks familiar..




“Oh! Minji, this is my girlfriend, Bora. Babe, this is my bestfriend, Minji” I nodded my head before looking at my bestfriend, she looked at me apologetically.




“H-have we met before?” I asked. She looked at my bestfriend before nodding at me.




“That one time at the restaurant..” ah! I remember it now..




I nodded before she excused herself, leaving Siyeon and I alone

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