Chapter 30

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Few weeks later..



Yoohyeon’s POV



“Going home early tonight?” My sister asked. I looked back at her before nodding.




“Good. She keeps texting me to release you early” She said before chuckling. I smiled.




“A bit clingy, isn’t she?” I laughed.




“Nah, she told me we have a visitor tonight.. she didn’t tell who though” I replied before grabbing my things on my desk. 




“I still can’t believe Dad let you guys off just like that.. I mean, he never bothered me when I left so.. I’m guessing he’ll leave you guys alone too” I nodded before looking at my watch.




“I hope so. I honestly don’t care, I’ve talked to her about it and she said she’ll never leave me when it comes to it” She gave me a warm smile before nodding.




“Sweet. They really are bestfriends then” I nodded.




“Alright, gotta go. Thanks for the take-out, don’t work too hard without me, ok?” I said before getting out of the restaurant and driving back to the condo. 




I rang the doorbell to my condo while waiting for my girlfriend to open the door for me. A few seconds later, I looked at the kid who opened the door for me.




“Nuguseyo?” This kid is definitely no more than 6 years old. I blinked a couple of time before answering the kid.




“Yoohyeon. Is my girl—“ I saw my girlfriend peeked behind the kid while giving me her sweetest smile. 




“Rei-ah.. this is Yoohyeon-noona. Minji’s girlfriend, ok? Shall we let her in?” I looked at my girlfriend before looking at the little boy.




“Neh..” She told the little boy to go back and watch on the TV before approaching me and wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my cheek.




“Tired?” She asked. I wrapped my arms around her waist tightening my hold on her. I nodded before pecking her lips.




“So.. I’m guessing he’s our guest?” She smiled before nodding.




“Sorry, he’s my baby cousin and his parents are away for a week.. can he.. stay with us?” She gave me an apologetic smile. I smiled before putting my hands on her cheeks.




“He can stay whenever, babe. What’s his name?” I asked again after giving her a kiss on her nose. 




“Rei, he’s 6 and uh.. he’s a little bit of a tough shell but once he’s comfortable around you he’s really a nice kid” I smiled before grabbing her hand and guiding her to the dining area and putting my to-go’s on the table.




“Cute. I’ll go talk to him later, Bora-unnie packed these for you” I said after putting the foods on the table. 




“Aw, I’ll text her later.. how was work, love?” She asked before grabbing a chopsticks and started eating.




“It’s fin

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