Chapter 20

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



I don’t know what I’m sad for, is it because this is my fifth drama and it’s the last episode.. is it because I’ve been waiting for Yoohyeon since 4PM and it’s already 10PM or is it because of the fact that she forgot that today is our fourth monthsarry? I sighed before wiping the single tear that had escaped my eye. 




I can’t help but to regret moving in with her this early in our relationship, I love her, I do. But if I knew she’ll be leaving me in this condo alone most of the times, I shouldn’t have agreed to move in with her at all.




I sighed before wiping few more tears that had escaped my eyes. I checked my phone and saw a message from Taehyung.





You shouldn’t be dating a cheater. - Taeh




I frowned before calling him.




“Do not say things about her”  I said firmly, I heard him scoffed.





“I knew it. I’m way better than her. Do you need proof? ‘cuz I have it” I narrowed my eyes before replying,





“There’s nothing to prove, Taeh” I dismissed. I heard him scoffed once again.





“She’s a cheater and a liar” I’m getting angry so I ended the call. I opened the text he sent me and found Yoohyeon’s picture kissing someone. 




This.. this can’t be.. I zoomed in to make sure it’s recent, and it is.. I remember her wearing that outfit today. My tears started making their way out and they started dropping endlessly fast.





I turned off my phone before grabbing my knees and bawling my eyes out. Why.. h-how.. can she do that.. Doesn't she know that I'm alone here waiting for her?? 




I heard the door opened, it’s her.. she’s holding a paperbag, she looked at me before hurriedly coming towards me and hugging me. 





I scoffed as soon as she pulled away. She looked at me worriedly, she must’ve noticed my now puffy eyes from crying and the fact that I’m still sobbing because these tears won’t stop falling.


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