Chapter 27

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV



I drove away sadly from Minji’s apartment. I arrived at the company before walking inside and seeing Gahyeon looking at me worriedly. I nodded at her.




“Unnie.. Mr. Kim asked for you inside his office” I nodded before going straight to my father’s office.




“Is that you? Yoohyeon?” He asked before turning his chair around and slamming the desk really hard causing me to fully wake up.




“You! You’ve been slacking again lately. I know the girl, Yoohyeon-ah. Aren’t you familiar with what I can do?!” I frowned before narrowing my eyes at him while clenching my fists.




“Don’t you dare” I warned him. 




“What can you do?” He scoffed. 




“Huh?! You’re nothing without me, Yoohyeon. We both know that. You’re stuck here. So leave the girl and nothing will happen” I closed my eyes while biting the inside of my cheeks.




“I’m so ing tired of this! Are you.. are you still my Dad?? Are you..? I’m having such a hard time right now and all you could think about is the company?? I’m not your puppet Dad. I can’t do this anymore. Please..” I hated myself for begging but I’m tired..




I kneeled in front of him, I saw his surprised expression. I started crying helplessly in front of him. 




“Get up. Get up, Kim Yoohyeon” I just cried even louder. 




“Fine.. disown me.. do it.. I don't care anymore. She doesn’t seem to be coming back to me anyways. I’ve nothing to lose anymore” I said before standing up and walking away. 




“Get back here!” I heard him shouted. I looked back.




“From now on, I’m not your daughter. You have no more daughters. You killed them. You.. I hope you’re happy” I said before slamming the door. 




I wiped my tears away while walking and bumping into Taehyung. I glanced at him with no expression before walking past him. 




“Unnie! Wait!” I heard Gahyeon running after me. I ran towards my car and driving to wherever my feet take me.




I parked my car on the side before sitting in front of my mom’s tombstone and crying loudly.




“I miss you Mom..” 




“All I want is to love happily and free.. why.. why can’t I have that?.. why does Dad have to turned out to be like that?? I.. I can’t take it anymore.. I’m sick of it” I sniffed.




“I hurted the person I love the most because of my insecurities and because I’m a ing coward. I let all of that happen when I could’ve done this way earlier. I’m so dumb, Mom. I don’t know what to do.. help me.. I dragged Bora unnie too” I cried even louder, whimpering like there’s no tomorrow.


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